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Ash Hepburn, a risk analyst with Cricket Australia, is responsible for the risk management at each cricket match under CA’s control. He needs to be across all manner of risks – everything from player safety to temporary structures and fan zones. He used to conduct multiple safety inspections each day using paper.

Ash & Carissa on iAuditor outside the MCG

Ash and Cricket Australia’s event delivery team had to carry around stacks of checklists in their suitcases as they travelled all across Australia hosting matches. They had to remember to print all these paper checklists either at hotels or hunt down a printer at the stadium.

Even once the team printed paper, it could’ve been the wrong checklist version. Sometimes people don’t see new versions in time to print them, or were accidentally left out of an email chain. Ash says this created a bit of a mental barrier to using checks at all.

"You have people start to think ‘I don’t want to carry this around, I probably won’t find anywhere to print it, and I don’t even know if this is the right version, I just won’t use a checklist and I’ll try remember everything." - Ash Hepburn, Risk Analyst

Ash began working alongside an event safety consultancy who were engaged by Cricket Australia, they introduced him to iAuditor. The event safety consultancy developed safety protocols and checklists to assist with the management of fireworks and shared their own safety practices with digital checklists.

“Once we saw what iAuditor could do for pyrotechnic safety, we started rolling it out to all the other safety checks we perform. Then our events team saw the efficiency gains and rolled it out to their department as well.” Ash Hepburn, Risk Analyst with Cricket Australia

Mobile checklists mean no one needs to print audits on paper. Managing audit templates in the cloud and pushing any updates directly to mobile devices means that no one uses outdated audits. It also means that each saved audit is searchable and organised on the iAuditor desktop platform. Each time a team completes an audit, they can send an email report to Ash.

Carissa Harris (Events Director – International Cricket), keeps each match running smoothly. Everything from sponsorship signage to medical plans fall under her domain. She used to laminate checklists that she distributed to each team or individual on a particular day. Carissa even has her own checklist which is a sort of master checklist of the checks of all the other teams. Once she saw how Ash had implemented iAuditor for risk management, she began exploring how to apply it to her own event management checks.

“What I love about iAuditor is that all my information is directly in the app in real-time. I can see exactly what’s been done and what hasn’t but I don’t have to be chained to my desk staring at my laptop. It’s on my iPad or iPhone so I can go about my day but check as needed.” Carissa Harris, Event Director - International Cricket

iAuditor has become so ingrained in Cricket Australia’s operations. Ash conducts safety audits in accordance with International Cricket standards, but he also works with others in each stadium location. Ash uses iAuditor to communicate the relevant safety standards for each team. Ash says, “We need a formal checklist so we know everything is getting done, but it has to be easy to use because we don’t have time to train people every single match.”

“We travel all around the country and all the stakeholders need to have the same experience match to match. iAuditor helps us standardise that experience for everyone.” Carissa Harris, Event Director - International Cricket

Ash says that digital auditing has not only made safety checks easier, but it’s brought safety and quality standards to the forefront of each employee’s mind. “We’ve had massively positive feedback from the organisation. Risk management and safety is still a newer concept for sports. Mining, construction, food production, they’re used to the idea of workplace health and safety. But because the sporting world is still new to it, we worked hard to create formal checks and get everyone on board. Having iAuditor has made it easier to sell the message.” Carissa and Ash both appreciate that they can pull up historical data on audits with a quick search, and they can easily demonstrate their compliance with International Cricket standards.

Each cricket match is pulled off thanks to a complex system off the pitch; one that involves Cricket Australia as the governing body, but also representatives from each stadium, and the teams that they represent.

“One safety audit we have employees perform is a pre-match check. Now instead of requesting an onerous, paper-based task, I can give them a slick app where they can add information like date and time, and photos automatically. It prompts them to complete tasks they wouldn’t have otherwise wanted to do.” Ash Hepburn, Risk Analyst with Cricket Australia

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