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There were a few issues for Donald in his previous auditing process. It was slow, it was inefficient, and there were always the inherent dangers of having to carry extra items with him when working at heights. When working at heights, as Donald does frequently, it’s crucial to focus on the environment and your own task, rather than unnecessary equipment like a clipboard. Previously, Donald carried a notepad and pen while he ran through several preventative maintenance checklists, scrawling notes and taking photos with his camera. This invariably proved time consuming and clunky.

This process of collecting his data on site with his notepad and pen led to even more work as Donald had to continuously come home to type up the client’s report, then insert the photos taken on his camera. All of this extra time was simply unpaid work, and less time spent with his family. Not only did Donald digitize his checklists, but because he no longer had to worry about lugging a physical document around with him, he expanded the checklist from one page to fourteen pages that is much more comprehensive.

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“SafetyCulture is the best app I have ever downloaded. It saves a heap of time on site and then when I am at home, the task is already done; no more sitting at the computer writing out reports.”

Donald Kempf
Owner of Sunshine Crane Repairs

The real difference between using SafetyCulture compared to handwritten notes is the features and functionality that Donald needs to conduct his audits. He remembers, “I used to carry a camera on me and take photos and it was time consuming. SafetyCulture is just so flexible; you can take photos, you can pinpoint your location with the GPS, it’s just amazing what you can do with it.” The ease of use for Donald translates to higher quality service for his clients. Now that inspections are done on site, he can share reports immediately and track progress for clients. Reporting on a single audit, thanks to manual data entry, formatting, and attaching photos, used to take two hours, and it’s now done in minutes.

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