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Lowe's saves nearly $1 million per year thanks to improvements in loss prevention auditing.

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Audits in
Loss prevention
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Delivery operations
Compliance procedures

Lowe’s, a Fortune 500 company, is a home improvement and appliance store serving North America. They use iAuditor in loss prevention, business operations and to audit the guest shopping experience.

Enrique Espinoza started at Lowe’s as an Area Operations Manager and was responsible for tracking everything from sales operations to delivery processes. The company initially used printed Excel sheets but when Enrique was promoted to Process Improvement Manager, he started seeking more advanced means of tracking audits. For a position that focuses in enhancing efficiency, paper checklists were too cumbersome. That’s when he discovered iAuditor.

Lowe's retail checklist

Enrique needed the ability to score each audit, see how each location was performing, and a comprehensive dashboard that he could always refer to. He bought iPads for his team and auditors began using iAuditor for loss prevention. After stores saw huge returns in the investment for iAuditor, saving nearly $1 million in 2016, he started thinking about how to replicate this process in other areas.

Enrique’s team of 10 auditors conducted 2,500 audits in just the last half of 2016. They use iAuditor to track everything from guest experience audits to delivery processes, sales operations to compliance procedures.

“iAuditor is our home now,” Enrique says. Reports are shared with directors and they’re able to gain instant insight into what’s happening within each store.

"A formalized process with iAuditor has been a big part of my success here at Lowe’s.”

Enrique Espinoza, Process Improvement Manager for Lowe’s

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