Digital Pump Maintenance Checklists

Proactively capture and correct pump system defects and issues

Powerful inspection tool for pump maintenance anytime anywhere

Pump maintenance checklists are used during pump inspections to ensure that they are in good working condition. Engineers or pump technicians identify operational and safety issues to prevent unforeseen pump breakdowns, malfunctions, or production cessation. Regular pump inspections should be conducted with safety practices in mind and in compliance with Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) management system standards such as ISO 45001.

This article will briefly discuss (1) safety tips before routine pump maintenance checks, (2) handy technology for effective pump maintenance inspections, and (3) digital pump maintenance checklists that inspectors can use anytime, anywhere.

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While it is important to proactively perform scheduled pump inspections and keep pumps in good working condition to maintain uninterrupted operation, it is vital to first ensure that the inspectors are safe. Please prepare the following before performing pump maintenance checks:

#1. Inspection Tools

Make sure to have the right pump maintenance checklists, manuals, and inspection tools for the corresponding pumps that will be checked.

#2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Wear the right PPE to mitigate workplace risks like slips & falls and prevent loose or unrecommended clothing from getting snagged by machinery.

#3. Go Signal to Proceed

Do not perform pump maintenance checks without receiving the go signal to proceed. Maintenance checks may require machines and valves to be shut off or proper clearance before inspectors can enter premises (tool box talk, lockout tagout, permit to work).

Also always immediately report any missing machine guards or pump shields should you observe these during inspections.

Handy technology can help pump maintenance technicians and engineers conduct effective pump inspections by proactively capturing issues and taking immediate action to mitigate problems. iAuditor, the world’s most powerful mobile inspection app, can help accomplish the following:

Proactive maintenance inspections

- Schedule routine inspections to maintain the good working order of pumps

- Be aware if a scheduled pump inspection is missed

- Assign immediate action for urgent issues found during pump maintenance checks


- Take photos of issues using your mobile device during inspections

- Make notes to better describe the nature of the issue

- Conduct mobile inspections even in spots that do not have reception

Automated recordkeeping

- Automatically organized cloud-based recordkeeping of pump inspections

- Inspection reports can be submitted via weblink or PDF document


- Use customized scoring to measure inspection results and watch out for recurring issues

- Geotagged inspections help identify sites of inspection results

Streamline pump maintenance

- Assign pump inspections, gather reports, collect photo evidence, analyze trends, and integrate iAuditor with other platforms and systems used in your organization to streamline routine pump maintenance checks.

Pump Maintenance Inspection Tool
Pump Maintenance Inspection report

Best 5 Pump Maintenance Checklists

1. Pump Maintenance Checklist (Pump Station Inspection)

A pump maintenance checklist is a tool used by pump technicians or engineers when conducting pump inspections. Pump inspection checklists guide inspectors during pump inspections to help ensure that the pumps are in good working condition. Inspectors can use this digitized checklist to help prevent unscheduled disruptions by inspecting pumps and pump stations. Using the iAuditor mobile inspection app, you can:

  1. Take photos and make notes of issues found.
  2. Assign tasks to immediately correct urgent issues.
  3. Select Safe, At Risk, or Not Applicable as appropriate.
  4. Submit reports via weblink or PDF document.

2. Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps (both ends supported)

Engineers and safety officers can use this pump maintenance checklist to periodically inspect horizontal centrifugal pumps on the 3rd month, 1st year, and 2nd year. Begin by selecting the dropdown to prompt the corresponding checklist for the periodic check. This customized iAuditor checklist can be further edited to suit the needs of your pump inspections.

3. Submersible Pumps Maintenance Checklist

Submersible pumps maintenance checklist is used to conduct scheduled inspections of submersible pumps. Select the dropdown to prompt the corresponding checklist. Use IAuditor to assign and schedule pump inspections.

4. LOTO - Lockout Tagout Checklist

Use this LOTO procedures template before servicing industrial equipment. Record the nature of work, hazardous energy sources and the employees involved in the procedure. Do a site walkthrough to ensure that the area is cleared from unnecessary tools and check if employees are trained and notified about the procedure. Next check the quality and efficiency of LOTO devices being used. Evaluate if the step-by-step procedure was followed when applying and removing LOTO devices. Lastly, rate the overall LOTO process and provide recommendations.

5. Permit to Work Template

Use this checklist to cover the entire permit to work system. Record job details, tools, equipment, and other work that can affect the task at hand. Complete the permit to work by confirming that processes are rolled out and it is safe to carry out work such as pump maintenance. After the task is accomplished hand back the permit to work to the authorizing personnel for confirmation.

Bonus! ISO 45001 Checklist

This ISO 45001:2018 readiness checklist can be used to identify gaps in the organization’s current OH&S MS and in achieving ISO 45001:2018 certification. Select “Ready”, “Nearly Ready,” or “More Work” to assess preparedness and track your overall score.