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Why Perform Generator Maintenance Inspections?

Diesel generators are equipment used in different establishments to ensure that alternative power supply is available in case of power outages. Generator maintenance is performed by in-house engineers or generator dealers to ensure the following:

  1. Reliability: ensure that the battery and engine are in peak working condition at all times
  2. Efficiency: maintain the generator’s optimum performance
  3. Lower operating costs: early detection of defects and damages before they get worse

Using Generator Maintenance Checklist

Generator maintenance inspections are regularly performed to prevent irregularities in case of utility outages. A generator maintenance checklist typically includes:

  1. Physical and visual checks of the diesel generator;
  2. Leakage checks of engine, exhaust, cooling, fuel, and DC electrical systems;
  3. Oil and lubrication services;
  4. Battery testing;
  5. Overall condition assessment; and
  6. Signature, date, and time of inspection.

How Can Technology Improve your Generator Maintenance Inspections?

Paper-based generator maintenance checklists and logs are burdensome for businesses. Missing audit reports and documentation logs can be a hassle and difficult to track for engineers. Losing portions of the generator’s history of readings, parameters, damages, and repairs can cause inconvenience. Replacing paper-based maintenance checklist with a reliable digital mobile inspection app like iAuditor can maximize the potential of your diesel generators.

iAuditor, the world’s #1 mobile inspection app, can replace your entire paper trail with one online platform. Perform paperless generator maintenance inspections, take photo evidence of damaged items or equipment, and automatically secure all records in cloud-storage. iAuditor can also help you schedule your generator maintenance and send reminders so you’ll never miss another scheduled inspection again.

To save you time, we have built 3 Generator Maintenance Checklist Templates that are 100% customizable and you can download for free!

3 Featured Digital Generator Maintenance Checklist

1. Basic Diesel Generator Maintenance Checklist

A basic diesel generator maintenance checklist is used to ensure diesel generators provide good power quality. Engineers and operators can follow this template as a guide when performing the following during inspections:

  1. Perform physical and visual inspection of diesel generator
  2. Take photo evidence of leakage, damage, and defects
  3. Check the battery, oil, and fuel condition
  4. Provide overall condition assessment of diesel generator
  5. Conclude the inspection with a digital signature and timestamp

Below is an example of diesel generator maintenance report that can be generated using the iAuditor mobile app.

2. Diesel Generator Maintenance and Testing Checklist

A diesel generator maintenance and testing checklist is used to ensure that the generator is in good working condition and that power supply tests are conducted. It is used by engineers to log defects and record electricity tests. Perform the following when completing the form:

  1. Collect general Information provided by the manufacturer of the diesel generator
  2. Check the condition of equipment, engine, and control system
  3. Perform electrical testing
  4. Record findings and provide recommendations
  5. Affix engineer/operator digital signature to validate the test

3. Generator Inspection Checklist

A generator inspection checklist is used to evaluate engineers/operators performance when conducting generator maintenance. This template can be used by supervisors to ensure maintenance procedures are followed. Perform these steps when completing the form:

  1. Check the working condition of the diesel generator before and after starting it
  2. Record recommendations and overall condition assessment
  3. Capture electronic signature of engineer/operator and countersigned by the supervisor

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