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Generator Maintenance Checklists

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What is generator maintenance?

Generator maintenance is the process of sustaining a generator’s peak condition through regular inspections, repairs, and monitoring. They are typically performed by in-house engineers and generator dealers to ensure a unit’s:

  1. Reliability – ensure that the battery and engine are in peak working condition at all times
  2. Efficiency – maintain optimum performance
  3. Lower operating costs – early detection of defects and damage before they worsen

Why Perform Generator Maintenance Inspections?

Establishments rely on diesel generators when unplanned power outages occur. Depending on the nature of the business, an unexpected power outage could range from a simple inconvenience (a shopping mall) to downright fatalities (intensive care units). It is important that generator maintenance inspections are regularly performed in order to avoid such problems from occurring.

Using Generator Maintenance Checklist

A generator maintenance checklist typically includes:

  1. Physical and visual checks of the diesel generator;
  2. Leakage checks of engine, exhaust, cooling, fuel, and DC electrical systems;
  3. Oil and lubrication services;
  4. Battery testing;
  5. Overall condition assessment; and
  6. Signature, date, and time of inspection.

DIY Diesel Generator Maintenance Tips

In-house engineers and professionals may not always be available to perform generator maintenance tasks. Here are some easy diesel generator maintenance tips for non-experts:

  1. Run the generator every 3 to 6 months – Diesel fuel degrades if it sits idle, which is why it’s ideal to run the generator for a few minutes every 3 to 6 months to keep it from corroding. This also gives assurance that the generator is in good working condition.
  2. Check for signs of damage – Observe the case, fuel system, exhaust system, and engine for holes, cracks, and fuel or oil leaks. It is essential that leaks are spotted immediately before they turn into a fire hazard.
  3. Clean the generator regularly – Remove visible dirt, mud, dust, and other irregularities from your generator on a regular basis. This can help ensure that external elements do not affect the generator’s operation.

Mobile app for efficient generator maintenance inspections

Missing audit reports and documentation logs are just some of the issues you’re susceptible to by relying on paper-based inspections. Losing a generator’s history of readings, parameters and damages can be problematic, leading to double the work. Replacing your paper checklist with a reliable mobile inspection app like iAuditor can maximize your diesel generator’s usability.

iAuditor, the world’s #1 mobile inspection app, can replace your entire paper trail with one online platform. Perform paperless generator maintenance inspections, take photo evidence of damaged items or equipment, and automatically secure all records via unlimited cloud-storage.

iAuditor can also help you schedule your generator maintenance and send reminders so you’ll never miss another inspection again. To save you time, we have built 3 Generator Maintenance Checklist Templates that are 100% customizable and you can download for free!


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