Digital ISO 45001 Audit Checklists

Digitize your ISO 45001 recordkeeping.

Streamline ISO reporting and compliance.

ISO 45001:2018 is an international standard for the Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) management system. It serves as a framework in establishing, implementing, maintaining, and improving an occupational health and safety management system for organizations. Failure to comply can lead to workplace accidents and diseases, lawsuits, and cost overruns.

This article briefly discusses: 1) 5 steps to prepare for ISO 45001:2018; 2) free downloadable ISO 45001:2018 templates, and 3) technology to help you streamline ISO reporting and compliance.

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  1. Obtain a copy of ISO 45001:2018.
  2. Identify gaps in the existing OH&S Management System by conducting a gap analysis or readiness test to meet ISO 45001:2018 requirements
  3. Develop an implementation plan using the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle
  4. Define your organization’s competency and training requirements for ISO 45001:2018
  5. Ensure competence needs are met and that all parties involved are kept in the loop.

Paper-based audits can be burdensome and time-consuming. Time spent on documentation and manual filing of records can be better spent addressing the actual hazards found during audits. iAuditor, the world’s most powerful mobile inspection app, can help organizations comply with regulatory requirements and eliminate workplace dependence on paper checklists. iAuditor lets you:

  • Create mobile-ready ISO checklists
  • Empower teams to conduct efficient monitoring procedures and analysis using a smartphone or tablet
  • Save hours in report writing with a mobile app that generates comprehensive reports as you finish an audit
  • Save all reports online and automatically share it with members of your organization. Preview a sample report here.
  • Use for free with small teams. Unlimited reports and storage for premium accounts

Here is a collection of our carefully prepared workplace safety checklists you can browse and use as part of achieving ISO 45001 certification and ongoing compliance.

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ISO 45001 Templates

1. ISO 45001:2018 Audit Checklist

This ISO 45001:2018 readiness checklist can be used by businesses to perform self-assessments and identify gaps in achieving ISO 45001:2018 certification. This checklist breaks down each of the key ISO 45001 clauses into sections:

  • 4) Context of the organization;
  • 5) Leadership;
  • 6) Planning;
  • 7) Support;
  • 8) Operation;
  • 9) Performance Evaluation;
  • 10) Improvement.

Each section assesses your organizations preparedness in implementing a certified OH&S Management System. Respond with “Ready”, “Nearly Ready,” or “More Work” to assess preparedness and track your overall % score. The ISO 45001:2018 readiness checklist is the first step in determining and prioritizing what aspects of your business to focus on next. The digital safety checklists below can assist with your overall compliance and streamline the burdensome ISO reporting requirements. This document has been adapted from SGS’s ISO 45001 readiness checklist into a digital iAuditor template.

2. ISO 45001 Safety Plan Template

An ISO 45001 Safety Plan Template can be used by organizations to create plans to monitor, measure, analyze and evaluate safety hazards. To achieve ISO 45001 certification, an organization must plan, document and evaluate their performance against stated safety objectives. This template is designed to capture the following information:

  • Safety Hazard: description of the safety hazard and stated objective
  • Risk Level: the level of risk severity this hazard poses
  • Monitoring: type of monitoring activity/ planned inspection process
  • Analysis: key insights and trends to examine from monitoring records
  • Evaluation: what to do in order to improve safety performance
  • Supporting Photos: ability to attach supporting photos to this template

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3. ISO 45001 PDCA Template - Planning

This template is based on the “PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT” cycle. Use this template to establish OH&S objectives by identifying hazards and determining legal and other requirements. Create implementation plans to achieve continuous improvement in your OH&S management system.

4. ISO 45001 - Hazard Identification Checklist

Use this hazard identification checklist to help assess potential risks (e.g noise, manual handling, excavation, etc.) at the worksite. Capture photo evidence of hazards found and assign urgent tasks to immediately address more pressing issues even while a site check is ongoing. Complete the assessment by including some comments and providing the overall rating. Analyze data collected to create better safety plans and strategies for your organization.

5. ISO 45001 - Incident Report Form

This incident report template can be used to help conduct a root cause analysis following an incident or near miss at a workplace. Record facts surrounding the event and capture relevant environmental, equipment, system, and people factors that may have led to the incident. Reports are easy to generate anytime anywhere using the iAuditor mobile app.

6. ISO 45001 - Job Hazard Analysis Template

This OSHA Job Hazard Analysis Template converted using iAuditor can be used as a safety planning guide or log. List the tasks and identify the hazards associated with the tasks then describe the possible consequences if those hazards are not properly addressed. Next, record the preventive measures and controls to reduce, control, or eliminate the hazards. Provide comments on next steps or actions plans. All logs are secured in iAuditor’s cloud-storage and can be accessed for future reference.