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Published March 26th, 2020

What is an employee onboarding process?

An employee onboarding process refers to a protocol designed by a company’s HR and training department in order to prepare new hires for work. It aims to acclimate new hires to the company’s culture, orient them about its history and mission, set job expectations for their respective roles, and provide basic training. An employee onboarding checklist is typically used to verify the collection of required documents from the new employee, and to confirm the complete administration of onboarding processes.

This article will briefly discuss: 1) what an employee onboarding process and an employee onboarding checklist is; 2) what a new hire onboarding plan includes; 3) Importance of a good employee onboarding process; 4) mobile app to conduct, verify, and record employee onboarding process.

What does a new hire onboarding plan include?

An effective new hire onboarding plan must ensure that new hires have everything they need to perform their daily work tasks. A typical new hire onboarding plan generally covers the following areas:

  • Preparing new employee’s workstation, company email, and office supplies
  • Collection of new hire employment records such as letter of contracts and tax certificates
  • Orientation the company’s history, culture, and mission
  • Introduction to teammates, supervisor, and manager
  • General and role-specific training

Mobile App to perform and document new employee onboarding

A good onboarding process can lift employee engagement, collaboration and retention. As businesses grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a high-level onboarding process. Using an onboarding process checklist from iAuditor can help HR personnel deliver a streamline their orientation process and provide a consistent, high-quality onboarding experience.

Use your mobile onboarding checklists anytime, anywhere

  • Use new hire onboarding checklists on your phone or tablet, even while offline
  • Ensure compliance with standard onboarding practices
  • Take pictures of required documents as evidence and save them via unlimited cloud storage

Instantly generate and share onboarding templates and reports

  • Create new onboarding templates or convert paper templates to our digital format and share them with colleagues
  • Share completed reports with supervisors and managers for greater visibility
  • Export reports in a variety of formats including PDF, DOC, and CSV

Manage teams better

  • Assign and track corrective actions to personnel in real-time for faster issue resolution
  • World-class 24/5 customer support to assist you with your iAuditor queries


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