Looking for a Typeform Alternative?

Typeform is generally used to create forms for surveys, research, and feedback. While having an intuitive design and user-friendly interface, it falls short in offline capabilities and complex data collection. This software comparison of SafetyCulture and Typerform is a great way to help you determine which platform best suits your specific needs and goals.

SafetyCulture is the platform of choice

Trusted by over 75,000 customers – ranging from local businesses to NASA and the United Nations.

How SafetyCulture helps businesses

SafetyCulture is a mobile-first operations platform that supports businesses across various industries in creating highly customizable forms, checklists, and templates for inspections, audits, compliance monitoring, and many more. Our digital solution streamlines the elements of your operations to help you efficiently collect data and generate actionable insights.

Typeform vs SafetyCulture

Here’s a feature comparison at a glance between Typeform and SafetyCulture

Typeform SafetyCulture
Customizable Templates, Forms, Checklists Allows you to create forms using a drag and drop template builder Allows you to customize templates and/or create from scratch using our drag and drop template builder
Mobile Accessibility Available on mobile (iOS and Android) Available on mobile (iOS and Android)
Data Reporting and Analysis Data is collected via forms and can be viewed in the user dashboard. The user can customize filters and download responses for further insights. A report can be generated and exported in various formats. Data is collected via forms in your account. Frequently flagged items, performance scores, completion rates, and other indicators are displayed real-time in a dashboard. Analytic reports can be exported in various formats.
Integrations Typeform allows app integration to aid with form creation, survey, lead generation, and insights such as Google Forms, Google Sheets, Notion, Mailchimp,, and Microsoft Teams. Visualize and blend your operational data and connect to a wide selection of BI tools and other industry-leading systems to simplify workflows and automatically sync SafetyCulture inspections with your projects.
User Interface and Ease of Use Easy to use and customize. Simple and easy-to-deploy app. No coding knowledge needed.
Customer Support Typeform Live Chat is only available for Business and Enterprise plans. SafetyCulture support is available 24 hours (with limited support on weekends) via phone, email and live chat
Help Center Yes, with articles, tutorials, and videos Yes, with articles, tutorials, and videos
Security and Compliance Typeform is designed to meet security and compliance standards, including ISO 27001, ISO 27701, SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR. Typeform has a comprehensive set of information security policies to ensure that employees and contractors are making the right security decisions. SafetyCulture’s platform is designed to meet various security and compliance standards, including SOC2 Type II, ISO 27001 and HIPAA. We use industry-standard encryption to protect data in transit and at rest, and we perform regular security audits and penetration testing to identify and address vulnerabilities.
Pricing Basic plans start at $29/mo with only 1 user and 100 responses/mo included Basic plan is free, paid plans start at $24/month. Billing options are monthly or annual. Custom pricing available for enterprise.

What makes SafetyCulture a great alternative?

A feature-packed operations platform at the best value

SafetyCulture lets you get more value with its extensive features that doesn’t limit the users to just forms or surveys. Typeform is focused on making forms with intuitive design but at a higher cost.

Additionally, SafetyCulture streamlines your business workflow from start to finish of your audits, inspections, and other applications. On the other hand, Typeform gives you insights based on the responses and only limits to that purpose even with the help of integrations.

Easy onboarding, with optional assisted onboarding

Typeform has a simple onboarding process to help users get familiar with the form builder. However, the majority of their resources rely on tutorial videos and articles on how to create and use their forms.

SafetyCulture, on the other hand, offers a straightforward onboarding process with an option to have assistance from Customer Success Manager onboarding. Our team is dedicated to seeing your projects run smoothly.

World-class technical support, 
when you need it

When it comes to technical support, SafetyCulture stands out as a clear leader when compared to Typeform. 

Many online reviews of Typeform have reported delays in support tickets being resolved, especially when live chat is only available for business and enterprise customers. These can be a major drawback for organizations that rely on the software to manage their daily operations.

SafetyCulture, on the other hand offers a reliable and responsive support team that is dedicated to helping customers quickly and efficiently resolve any issues they may encounter.

Both SafetyCulture and Typeform are digital solutions that provide customizable forms but for different purposes. One is mainly used by industries that require a platform to keep their workplace safe and meet compliances, while the other is made for generating leads, research, and general form usage. Both products have capabilities that can integrate other softwares to enhance their functionality. 

Ultimately, the decision between these two will depend on your organization’s needs. It is advisable to try out demos or free trials so you can figure out what works for your business.

Why customers choose us

“For the cost, this program has been more than adequate in helping me generate reports for inspections. I appreciate what the team has done to constantly improve the program. Thank you.”

By Fury0ftheNorth

“This app makes life soo much easier. Thank you !”

By Udevel

“Fantastic application that continues to become more and more useful”

By Javier Moreno

*All reviews are from the Google Play & App Store

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Yes, there are plenty of alternatives to Typeform that offers similar functionalities : 

  • Google Forms
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Microsoft Forms
  • CRM Forms
  • JotForm
  • Formstack
  • Wufoo

These alternatives are built to deliver for the purpose of surveys, leads generation, quizzes, and other general form usage.

Yes, SafetyCulture is highly customizable to fit your business requirements across a wide range of industries.

Yes! We have a feature called Actions, which allows users to track, assign and manage follow-up activities from the forms that are filled out, like: 

  • creating and assigning tasks; 
  • setting due dates, tracking progress; and 
  • receiving notifications when tasks are completed.

It also allows you to set up escalations for overdue tasks and ensure accountability for all tasks.

Yes, SafetyCulture’s Heads Up feature lets you create engaging messages with images, videos, or documents in seconds. This feature is already available in-app and does not need an integration.

SafetyCulture’s customizable checklists and reporting features help businesses ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards. We offer a Public Library with thousands of user-generated templates that are built to adhere with these regulations as a practice.