Introducing a better way of working

Discover what’s new in the SafetyCulture platform today

The SafetyCulture workplace operations platform

All the features you love – plus some game-changing new ones – are available in one platform. Convenient, easy, and downright useful. It’s never been easier to better connect with your teams, get deeper insight into your business, and unlock a better way of working.

The next chapter for SafetyCulture

Luke Anear, CEO and Founder, SafetyCulture

Luke unveils a new era for SafetyCulture. What started as a checklist app is now so much more. An operations platform driving improvements for quality, efficiency, and safety in organizations around the world. The voice of our customers is pivotal in driving product improvements, and is what steered us into delivering our new features aimed at boosting workplace confidence, business visibility, risk mitigation, training, and connectivity.

Here’s what’s new


A smarter way to onboard, instruct, and upskill your teams

Perfect for digitizing work instructions and equipment manuals, and creating training on the go.

Mobile-first and accessible on any device, available for all plans.

Choose from 1,000+ ready-made industry-specific courses or use AI to create a course in minutes – not days or weeks.

Make training a part of how your team mitigates risk every day.


Gain total visibility across your equipment

Keep track of your company’s physical assets, from coffee makers to vehicles, and essential machinery.

Conveniently integrate with other features – link Inspections and Actions to an Asset to keep a complete audit trail.

Access vital data, like vehicle telematics, both historically and in real-time via QR-code access.

See how our early adopter, M-Sport World Rally team, uses Assets to drive high performance for each race.

SafetyCulture Care

An interesting new way to do business insurance

Insurance that rewards your business for prioritizing risk management.

Combining risk management, insurance, and insights from our platform to help mitigate risk, and allow you to run better, safer businesses.

Hear how Davies Chocolates uses our solution to benefit their business.


A convenient way to shop. It’s work gear, reimagined.

A one-stop shop for workwear and supplies, integrated into the SafetyCulture platform.

In partnership with over 120 renowned brands and leading suppliers, such as 3M and PIP Global.

Allows anyone in your business to access the gear they need quickly – from fall protection to hardware and PPE – so you can order stock before it’s too late.

Simplify procurement by enabling product catalogs, spending limits, and one-click ordering for efficient team purchases.

The SafetyCulture platform

One platform for a better way of working

Giving your teams the tools, knowledge, and confidence to work safely, meet higher standards, and improve every day.

Bringing together all of our features as a workplace operations platform.

Exciting new features coming soon, including lone worker protection, incident management, and contractor management.

Lite seats

Pay as you grow

Giving the power of collaboration and training to your wider workforce.

A more affordable and collaborative way to get the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

Available for all paid plans.

Discover the new SafetyCulture platform today

Go paperless • Boost productivity • Reduce incidents • Accelerate onboarding • Mitigate risks

But wait, there’s more…

The existing features you know and love have had a facelift. Browse through the rest of the 70+ updates we’ve released.


  • Speed up template creation with AI using a prompt, image or PDF.
  • Apply logic and formulas instantly with calculations within Inspections.
  • Easily access and organize using folders on web and mobile.
  • Draft and publish new versions for easy collaboration.
  • Revert changes to the most recent published version.


  • Calendar and board views in a way that makes sense to you.
  • Easily identify actions with task labels.
  • Request evidence as a required field.
  • Track and schedule recurring actions.
  • Priority-based due dates to help your team prioritize.
  • Fully integrated: create Actions off the back of Inspections, Assets, and Issues.


  • Enable silent override and critical alerts to receive alerts even if your phone is on silent, sleep mode, or do not disturb.
  • Create multiple QR codes specific to categories, with pre-filled site and category details.
  • Now supporting unlimited categories.
  • Register view to stay on top of your workplace issues.

New Analytics

  • Build your dashboard using templates or customize with data, filters, and chart types.
  • Share dashboards with your team, while maintaining permission levels.
  • Add customizable charts for the perfect data visualization.
  • Keep an eye on your progress at all times by setting goals.


  • Dynamic readings for round-the-clock visibility.
  • Alert escalations gives you the confidence to handle any situation when your first line of defence is unresponsive.
  • Create Actions from your Sensors alerts to notify the right people before it’s too late.
  • New Sensor types: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, air quality, door open/close to protect your teams.


  • New-look reports for consistency and ease.
  • Conveniently bulk export up to 100 inspections reports in PDF and Word formats, or up to 1,000 reports in Excel format.
  • Export reports to US letter format.
  • Now with Georgian language support.
  • Stay true to your brand with custom cover pages.

Simplified experience

  • Access all features on the new home screen.
  • Global search to easily find anything on the platform.
  • Jump to a different feature with a tap on your mobile.

Managing teams

  • Support your team of tens to thousands.
  • Switch between multiple organizations with one login and a simple account selector.
  • Group the types of access your team members need by creating permission sets and apply that in bulk.
  • Choose to share your templates with other organizations you frequently work with on the shared library.

Unlock a better way of working

Put the power of improvement in the hands of every team member with SafetyCulture. So you know what’s working, what’s not, and what to do about it. All from one platform.

Let’s continue the conversation

We look forward to hearing what you think as you start to put the new platform to work. Please hit us up with any feedback or questions.