Where we came from

The SafetyCulture journey started with a simple question:
how do we keep people in the workplace safe?

Back in 2004, we were a small team working out of a garage in regional Australia. Our first business solution? Humble safety documents. But as technology reshaped how the world interacted, founder Luke Anear was quick to meet customers where they were.

And so, iAuditor was born, the first iteration of a digital platform that revolutionized inspections globally. It’s now the world’s largest checklist app — and that’s just the beginning.

At the heart of it, we build products for our customers; to drive their business forward and support working teams. As the world of work evolves, so do we.

Today, our technology includes sensors, issue reports, data capture, analytics, risk mitigation and award-winning mobile training. We power 600 million checks per year, approximately 50,000 lessons per day and millions of corrective actions. Our flagship products, iAuditor and EdApp, are used by over 28,000 organizations — ranging from Coles to NASA and the United Nations.

Across industries, SafetyCulture is the leading digital operations platform which helps organizations get better everyday

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SafetyCulture’s valuation doubles to $2.2 billion

Global technology company’s valuation soars after $96 million funding round led by US growth equity investor Insight Partners  May 3, 2021 – SafetyCulture, the global digital operations platform which empowers working teams to drive improvements in the workplace, has today announced a $2.2 billion valuation, smashing past its previous unicorn status from April 2020.  The …

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EdApp to host free virtual summit “Rewrite the Playbook,” with Magic Johnson, Netflix’s Chief Talent Officer Patty McCord, and iconic soccer manager Arsène Wenger

Digital training platform, EdApp, today announced its upcoming free virtual summit Rewrite the Playbook, to be presented on April 29, headlined by NBA superstar Magic Johnson, Netflix’s Chief Talent Officer Patty McCord, and iconic football/soccer manager Arsène Wenger. This completely free virtual conference is part of EdApp’s continued focus to democratise learning. The summit will deliver practical …

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SafetyCulture appoints new chief financial officer as business continues to rapidly grow

Former Goldman Sachs executive director, John Blake, responsible for global business expansion. Global technology company, SafetyCulture, today announced the appointment of former Goldman Sachs executive director, John Blake, as its new chief financial officer who will be responsible for leading the company’s continued growth across Australia, the UK and the US.   Blake brings to the …

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SafetyCulture announces new headquarters in Surry Hills tech district to open next year

Office will accommodate 30% more employees, as company eyes impressive growth  Australian unicorn SafetyCulture is delivering a boost to Surry Hills’ emerging tech district, with its relocation to a custom-built headquarters in 2021. The $38m ultra-modern office build and fit out will be designed to drive greater collaboration, innovation and culture for its team. Meanwhile …

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Captain “Sully” Sullenberger, Erin Brockovich and John McAvoy help business to prepare for success in a post-pandemic world

Stories of resiliency, innovation, and adaptation through adversity: SafetyCulture Summit 2020 2020 was a year of survival for many industries as COVID-19 impacted organizations of all sizes. To help businesses prepare for 2021, global technology company SafetyCulture is bringing together some of the sharpest and innovative minds for a virtual event: SafetyCulture Summit 2020: From Surviving to …

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SafetyCulture and QBE announce joint venture aimed at disrupting the SME insurance market

Global workplace safety technology platform, SafetyCulture has joined forces with QBE Insurance Australia (QBE), to launch a new insurance market entrant, Mitti, aimed at reimagining the traditional relationship between businesses and insurance. Mitti is a technology-first insurance company aiming to challenge the traditional insurance model for small to medium businesses (SMEs), with a key focus …

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“iAuditor on mobile devices has been really user friendly for the people who carry out all our flight checks. They can add pictures, easily record any issues, and identify insights immediately.”

- Deaky Wong Line Maintenance Engineer, Cathay Pacific

“We have visibility into everything we do because of the data we capture using iAuditor. If there’s a threshold exception or a process that needs to be improved, all we have to do is drill down, and we’ll find it.”

- Sofia Dias, Food Safety & Quality Assurance Manager,

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"What we’re doing is we’re closing that gap of ‘I think’. It’s ‘I’ve photographed, I have a report, we all talk the same language, so how do we resolve this and go forward?"

- Kelly Vos, General Manager at Waldorf Astoria Boca Raton

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"iAuditor empowers us to give the customers a shop that they can trust. It also gives us the ease and simplicity to let stores really get ahead of the game to deliver on opportunities to improve."

- Simon McBurney, Senior Delivery Analyst

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"The person that’s filling it out doesn't even realise that it's completely customised itself to ask the right questions to get the relevant information that we need"

- John Bailey, Head of Production,

“The behaviour is definitely more proactive, with the ability to monitor actions placed upon users/contractors, we’re able to ensure that problems on site are being dealt with in a timely manner."

- Adam, Project Engineer,

Scott Cam on why talk is cheap when it comes to safety in the workplace

Scott Cam, SafetyCulture ambassador, shares his wake-up call and why one incident in the workplace is one too many. It seems strange to say this now but safety wasn’t a big priority when I started out in the carpentry game back in the 1970s. There were no OHS guidelines and safety managers cracking down in …

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What makes our Manchester office one of the best workplaces in the UK?

Our Manchester office has a lot to celebrate! They’ve scooped up an award listing with Great Place to Work UK and 3-star accreditation with Best Companies. These awards recognize the efforts of our team after a crazy year – not just working hard and smart, but showing resilience and supporting each other like never before through a prolonged …

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The science behind the checklist

Adam Turner, SafetyCulture guest contributor, former deputy editor of the Sydney Morning Herald’s IT section,has been writing about the technological challenges facing Australian businesses for more than 20 years. Breaking down daunting projects or processes into bite-sized tasks, then ticking them off your checklist, is the key to staying productive when faced with an overwhelming …

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A note from our CTO: Choosing to challenge in engineering

A Note From James Simpson, CTO, SafetyCulture As International Women’s Day approaches, conversations often turn to how we can shape a more diverse and inclusive space in the Australian tech industry. Women have long been underrepresented in the engineering talent pipeline — and it’s important that we take the time to recognise and discuss this. …

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Striking the right balance between synchronous and asynchronous communication

Adam Turner, SafetyCulture guest contributor, former deputy editor of the Sydney Morning Herald’s IT section,has been writing about the technological challenges facing Australian businesses for more than 20 years. We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to communicating with colleagues, but you’ll never get any work done if you’re constantly interrupting each other over things …

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The Future of Work: New Tech For Post-Pandemic Businesses

Rae Johnston, SafetyCulture guest contributor, multi-award-winning STEM Journalist, TV and Radio Presenter, and Host of technology podcast Queens of the Drone Age. The groundbreaking journalist explores new smart tools for businesses in a post-pandemic environment. As the COVID-19 vaccine begins its rollout across the country – and the world – it’s tempting to imagine getting back to …

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4 vital ways hotels can encourage customer safety moving forward

As the U.S. edges further into the summer months, Bob Butler, Americas General Manager at SafetyCulture, outlines how hotels can encourage consumer confidence in the aftermath of the pandemic.

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5 tips to help supply chain leaders get safely back to business

Here are five tips to help companies safely navigate reopening.  

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Are workplace communication tools spreading your data too thin?

When WhatsApp announced modifications to its privacy policy, it sparked an exodus from the platform and ignited fresh concerns about big tech whittling away user privacy. The news was a wake-up call, and companies that were sleeping on the risks of using consumer software for business purposes are now wide awake.

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Australia can create a world-class startup culture, but it must act now

Luke Anear, the founder and CEO of SafetyCulture, was invited to speak at the Australian Financial Technology and Regulatory Technology Select Committee. The inquiry examines how Australia can better foster startup culture and further its growth. This is Luke’s opening address on how to support the technology industry in Australia.

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Building back after lockdown

Dan Joyce, General Manager EMEA of SafetyCulture, discusses the common pitfalls businesses should avoid when building back after lockdown.

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How hospitality businesses can plate up 5-star safety

Hospitality is undoubtedly one of the toughest industries and has been heavily impacted by COVID-19. SafetyCulture Head of Brand and Communications, Hayley Kerrigan, speaks to how there’s an opportunity to be found in offering stellar safety.

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The customer is always right? Maybe not at the moment…

Dan Joyce, EMEA General Manager at SafetyCulture, explains how breaking hospitality’s golden rule can help the industry pull pints and raise safety standards.

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The new high street: navigating tomorrow’s retail landscape with tech

Dan Joyce, EMEA General Manager at SafetyCulture, explains how retail can tap into tech to pave a path to reopening.

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