SafetyCulture uses sub-processors to process personal data on behalf of its customers. SafetyCulture ensures that each sub-processor implements appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure such processing meets the requirements of applicable data privacy legislation, and to protect the rights of data subjects.

SafetyCulture evaluates each sub-processor initially and on a regular (at least annual) basis. We also adopt supplementary measures to protect such personal data. The supplementary measures are described at

When we engage a new sub-processor, or remove a sub-processor, we will update this page. You can subscribe to receive notifications of such changes by entering your details in the form below. If you have questions or concerns about a new sub-processor, we are happy to help. Please contact us at

SafetyCulture sub-processors

Name of sub-processor
Description of processing
Location of sub-processor (entity)Website
Transfer mechanism
Amazon Web ServicesData hosting; transmission and recording of callsUnited States
ApprovalMaxApproval workflow toolUnited Kingdomhttps://www.approvalmax.comAdequacy Decision
AtlassianIntranet and ticket trackingUnited States
AvalaraSales tax reportingUnited States
BrazeCustomer communicationsUnited States
ChargifyCustomer invoicingUnited States
CloudflareInternet securityUnited States
DocuSignElectronic signaturesUnited States
eWayCredit card paymentsAustralia
GoogleInternal company infrastructureUnited States
KustomerCustomer supportUnited States
ImpartnerCustomer relationship managementUnited Stateshttps://impartner.comSCCs
Marketo (an Adobe company)Marketing automationUnited States
MicrosoftWorkplace operations toolsUnited States
NetsuiteFinancial managementUnited States
OktaCustomer identity managementUnited States
OpenAIContent creation and automationUnited States
OutreachCustomer relationship managementUnited States
PaddlePayment processing and trackingUnited States
SafetyCulture affiliatesSupport services and product featuresUnited Kingdom; United States; Philippines; Amsterdam; Adequacy Decision
SegmentUser analyticsUnited States
SendGridEmail service providerUnited States
SFDC Australia Pty Ltd trading as SalesforceCustomer relationship management; analyticsAustralia
SlackChat communicationsUnited States
SnowflakeData warehouseUnited States
StripePayment processorUnited States
TesorioAccounts receivable managementUnited States
TwilioTransactional mail service providerUnited States
VitallyCustomer success management platformUnited States
WorkatoPlatform integration productUnited States
XeroFinancial managementNew Zealand Decision
ZoomVideo and audio communicationsUnited States

EdApp sub-processors

Data current as of September 2022

Name of sub-processorDescription of processingLocation of sub-processor (entity)
Amazon Web ServicesData storage and processingUSA
AtlassianWorkflow and content distributionUSA
CiscoCorporate network hardwareUSA
CloudinaryMedia transformationUSA
DatadogProduct usageUSA
ElasticemailEmail sendingCanada
FormIOContent creationUSA
Google LLCContent creationUSA
Hevo DataData transformationUSA
HubspotCustomer relationship managementUSA
KnockEmail sendingUSA
MailgunEmail sendingUSA
Mailchimp (Mandrill)Email sendingUSA
Microsoft CorporationContent creationUSA
Mongo AtlasData storageUSA
NetSuiteFinancial managementUSA
OktaIdentity ProviderUSA
PandaDocDocument managementUSA
SlackCorporate chatUSA
SnowflakeData storageUSA
StitchData transformationUSA
TesorioCustomer financial managementUSA
TwilioEmail sendingUSA
ZapierIntegration servicesUSA

SHEQSY sub-processors

Data current as of November 2022

Name of sub-processorDescription of processingLocation of sub-processor (entity)
Amazon Web Services (AWS)Primary web and cloud hosting for SHEQSYUSA
ART Security24×7 monitoring center response to duress alerts generated from SHEQSY in Australia and New ZealandAustralia
ChargifyCustomer invoicingUSA
ClicksendSend SMS and email notifications from SHEQSYAustralia
DocusignElectronic signaturesUSA
FreshdeskCustomer supportUSA
Google SuiteCorporate email and content creationUSA
KustomerCustomer supportUSA
LeadChatWebsite chatAustralia
MarketoLead IdentificationAustralia
MicrosoftContent creation and collaborationUSA
NetSuiteFinancial managementUSA
OktaIdentity ProviderUSA
SalesforceCustomer Relationship ManagementUSA
SlackCorporate messagingUSA
StripeCredit card paymentsUSA
TwilioSend SMS, email and automated phone call notifications. Also used for SMS from SHEQSY app when employee phone has no mobile data for check-in or duress alarmUSA
XEROFinancial managementNew Zealand