Team management

Work towards a common goal

High Quality Service with Audit Management Software

Share templates and schedule inspections

Share new or updated inspection templates instantly, no versioning or reprint necessary, to keep your whole team up to speed. You can also schedule and assign recurring inspections, and see immediately what has been missed over a selected timeframe.

Add teammates and work together from the start

Add as many users as you need straight from the app, no calls or conversations necessary. You can create groups of people and set permissions and sharing for the whole collection, making configuration quick and painless.

Internal audit software - Recorded Data

Enhanced admin controls for security and peace of mind

Use group permissions to protect company confidentiality by giving inspection and report access to authorized personnel only.

"Getting SafetyCulture (iAuditor) out to 760+ shops, with so many employees was surprisingly easy. It's not often you get that in a roll out of this magnitude. We rolled it out in a matter of weeks."

Simon McBurney, Operations Manager - Supermarkets IT

Learn how to use team management

Visit our team management resources in the Knowledge Library and start collaborating with your team.