Environmental Sustainability

Ensure your enterprise can protect your environment by implementing sustainable practices. Use a digital solution to streamline your efforts and be assured of quantifiable results.

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Track and quantify effective sustainability efforts

Monitor, track, and quantify your environmental sustainability efforts to better understand what’s effective and what isn’t. Ensure all practices are environment-first with the right audit documents and practices, and record the changes they bring to create and implement the right best practices suited to your goals.

Ensure compliance with environmental standards

Manage and ensure your enterprise’s compliance with environmental standards with regular inspections, assessments, and observations. Collate all instances of noncompliance, address these gaps, and implement sustainable operational processes based on data—all in one place.

Keep workers and the environment safe

Put safety at the heart of all sustainability efforts by identifying all risks to workers and environments and recording them for transparency. Determine existing practices that endanger worker safety, affect nature negatively, and waste energy to develop better, streamlined, and smarter solutions.

Reduce waste to operations and the environment

Improve environmental sustainability efforts by reducing wastes in existing processes. Digitize paper-based tasks, encourage employees to raise environmental issues using a seamless reporting system, and devise solutions with the help of the right people.

Ensure environmental sustainability with help from a digital solution

Ethical Business Practices

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Risk Management

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Sustainability Reporting & Analytics

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Waste Management and Reduction

Quality Assurance and Management

Climate Change and Monitoring

Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA)

Research and Development (R&D)

Energy Efficiency

Change Communication & Management

Sustainability Audits & Inspections

Predictive Analytics

Green Business Practices

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Create powerful workflows

Automate manual tasks and get the most out of your operational data by integrating your current systems within our platform. Connect with BI tools like Power BI and Tableau, and virtually any cloud or on-premise system with our Integration Builder.

Actively involve employees in environmental sustainability efforts

Keep everyone in your enterprise in the loop by effectively and easily cascade announcements with Heads Up and instant notifications. Ensure all employees are aware of and understand their role in your environmental sustainability efforts by deploying training courses on the importance of environmental protection and following standards such as ISO 14001.

Identify and address environmental risks

Identify threats to your workplace’s environmental conditions with real-time monitoring sensors, carbon reporting checklists, and regular site checks. Analyze your findings with customizable analytical dashboards and use these insights to discover and implement the best routes of action and achieve your sustainability goals.

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Get up and running fast with dedicated onboarding support to meet your unique business needs. Our team of experts will help you navigate complex challenges and enhance operational efficiency with ongoing success support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The main purpose of promoting environmental sustainability is for businesses to achieve their goals without compromising or hurting the world around them. It helps promote a safer environment while achieving business goals.

Some ways enterprises can maintain environmental sustainability are the following:

  • Conducting regular audits on existing environmental sustainability plans to assess their effectiveness
  • Communicating sustainability efforts effectively to ensure all stakeholders and employees are aware of them
  • Providing regular training sessions on how to properly carry out sustainability plans
  • Creating a system to report issues and problems with practices that allow them to be easily solved

Enterprises have many factors to consider when creating and implementing environmentally sustainable plans. Some of these are the following:

  • Their business goals
  • The unique characteristics of their environment
  • Their stakeholders’ needs
  • Their budget and schedules to conduct assessments
  • The available green resources on hand
  • The standards of their local area and the industry they are associated with

The most common practices done by enterprises to support environment sustainability are:

  • Recycling programs
  • Energy and water conservation and efficiency programs
  • Renewable energy programs
  • Waste reduction and management programs
  • Community engagement programs with employees

Yes, enterprises should conduct regular assessments of their environmental sustainability practices to monitor them. Regular monitoring ensures all tasks are proceeding as intended. It also helps enterprises stay informed about changes and risks in their immediate environment, making it easier to anticipate potential risks and make timely strategic decisions.

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