Adapt fast or disappear

A report for operations leaders to navigate the seas of opportunity, accelerate change, and build resiliency beyond COVID-19

Sharks have arrived in the business world: organizations who are snapping up the hearts and minds of their customers with a different approach to solving their problems. 

Operations leaders need speed and resilience to navigate these waters. It’s not enough to simply survive — we dare you to out-swim them. Examine stories of business sharks who’ve led the charge in their industries and equip your team with the tools to innovate fast.

Retailers, unlock the secrets to customer-centric operations that giants like Amazon and Sephora use stay the course even when global consumer demand wanes.

Hospitality operators, learn how to innovate when service is no longer a priority value driver, using tactics from 5-star establishments like Hilton and fast-casual chain Chipotle.

Manufacturers, move beyond Lean and Six Sigma and put the focus back on the customer in order to drive quality initiatives like 3M.

Logistics operators, learn the big lessons from the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020, and accelerate customer value through supply chain excellence like Aldi.

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