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Explore how South African-based fleet services and management company TaaSA have reaped the benefits and grown a ‘safety culture’ through SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor).

42 depots

1,225 service inspections per month

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TaaSA, a South African-based fleet services and management company, operates across the entirety of South Africa offering trailers as a service for clients. They first started using SafetyCulture platform for safety purposes but realized endless benefits by rolling it out across their 42 depots, enabling them to complete 1,225 service inspections per month across the tool. We spoke to Jan Berning and Wynand Minnaar in TaaSA fleet management to understand how the business has grown from its use of SafetyCulture platform.

The drive to go digital

The biggest challenge for TaaSA was heavily paper-based processes, such as job-card systems. The management team didn’t have immediate access to the condition of trucks or trailers, leading to delays in undertaking preventative actions to keep their fleet running. Their 9 site regional managers also had little visibility over vehicle inspections and critical failures, and paper inspections in the past had resulted in reports being lost.

TaaSA has simplified and digitalized this process with SafetyCulture platform. Now, the team has access to real-time inspections across their entire fleet. With that data at their fingertips and thanks to the digitizing their approach, they’re able to:

  • Send automatic notifications and actions to team leaders
  • Allocate parts used during service, repair, or breakdowns to specific trailers and trucks
  • Manage time effectively: management can monitor time taken to complete a job card
  • Monitor failed items and non-compliance, filtering within SafetyCulture platform to find non-compliance questions and photo evidence

These changes mean the team can immediately flag issues with the vehicles, raise actions fast, and reduce vehicle downtime.

TaaSA staff using SafetyCulture

“Now documents can never disappear, and there is no requirement for complex paperwork storage or filing! In SafetyCulture platform, inspections and data are stored on a cloud based system and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.”

Jan Berning
Fleet Management, TaaSA

Less downtime, more go time

TaaSA is seeing cost savings through their use of SafetyCulture platform by eliminating the expense of site management travelling to depots. Management can track inspections and analytics remotely.

“SafetyCulture platform brings the physical condition of the trailer or truck into your office, wherever you are.” 

— Jan Berning, Fleet Management, TaaSA 

The team is also generating additional income from their use of SafetyCulture platform. Damaged vehicles are now processed through the inspection process efficiently and quickly. As a result, failures are flagged in real-time and management can identify actions for repair.

This improves the client service by quoting for and carrying out repair work faster. Ultimately, this reduces TaaSA lead times and subsequent customer vehicle downtime.

Trends and Training 

Perhaps one of TaaSA’s favorite elements of SafetyCulture platform is analytics. The tool enables management to spot trends, fixating on possible issues in their supply chain, and identifying areas for employee training. They can spot issues spanning recurring part failure through to potential driver abuse and more. Using SafetyCulture platform means they can eliminate these risks.

Through analytics, they have also focused on productivity and kept their business agile. Identifying if inspections haven’t been done or are taking too long highlights possible shortcuts taken by employees. By filtering by daily, weekly, monthly and more, the team can also identify seasonal trends and flex their resources up and down accordingly, including purchasing to achieve cost savings.  

A Team Effort

TaaSA’s frontline employees love SafetyCulture platform! Its user-friendly interface makes it simple to ‘pick up and play’, and new digital processes cut down admin and time-consuming paperwork. Introducing the app has sparked a change in culture for the TaaSA team. Now we press one or two buttons and everything is there,” says Jan.

The SafetyCulture customer success team has supported TaaSA at every stage of their journey, including helping them to create automated critical alerts. This relieves the pressure and reliance on busy technicians reporting failures in person.

Want to find out more about how SafetyCulture platform can help you improve productivity and simplify processes? Visit our dedicated SafetyCulture page or get in touch today!

“SafetyCulture platform is a world-class app, that can be integrated within any company in the world. We are benefitting more than we could’ve imagined from SafetyCulture platform..this is on a national scale!”

Wynand Minnaar
National Fleet Manager, TaaSA

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