Jurassic Fibre

Discover how Jurassic Fibre upped their safety game from the frontline to management with SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor).

Jurassic Fibre 

Discover how Jurassic Fibre upped their safety game all the way from the frontline to management with SafetyCulture platform

Founded in 2019, Jurassic Fibre operates in the telecommunications industry and has experienced rapid and unprecedented growth. Their business now stands at 300 people strong and continues to expand. By the nature, they operate in high-risk environments, often reliant on small teams carrying out work in isolated locations. 

As with any start-up business, they’ve been progressively working to build stringent processes and protocols. SHEQ manager Gillian Huppler has played a critical role in the company-wide rollout of SafetyCulture platform to support this. 

Fitting the bill 

When joining the business, Gillian was on the hunt for a tool to increase visibility, develop on site safety audits and keep tabs on quality. Aware of a company that had used SafetyCulture platform before, Gillian put forward a recommendation and Jurassic Fibre started trialing it in March 2020 for their health and safety audits. 

They quickly realized how intuitive and easy it was, and identified opportunities for wider use and adoption. “SafetyCulture platform just fitted the bill right from the start,” explains Gillian.

“It was a game changer in making Jurassic Fibre’s auditing more user friendly, so we reached out to the SafetyCulture team to discover what more we could do with the tool.”

Landing and expanding 

Jurassic Fibre began using SafetyCulture platform for safety auditing among their civil teams, who work in remote locations. Team members can now capture photos and contextual evidence, allowing management to monitor their movements in real-time from afar. The two-way dialogue this creates allows management to support their workforce, and workers to easily flag anything that isn’t quite right. 

To encourage adoption, Gillian got the front-line involved in the roll-out. They also got their supervisors out in the field to coach their teams on how to use the tool correctly. “We want to build a more open and honest culture when it comes to workplace safety,” explains Gillian. 

Following a successful pilot of the tool, the business started exploring other ways they could begin using SafetyCulture platform. They’ve since expanded their use cases to include surveying, planning, fleet management and warehousing. Within Jurassic Fibre “SafetyCulture platform has created a buzz in the business and helped us achieve meaningful audits, as opposed to tick box exercises of old” testifies Gillian.

It’s not just about the front-line 

Jurassic Fibre has also started utilizing SafetyCulture platform to encourage behavioral change within the business. Now, management completes compliance and internal auditing to look for better ways of working and how they can help their teams close the loop on failed items. 

Analytics enables Jurassic Fibre to spot any drops in performance or areas for improvement. The result is a cultural shift to almost everyone, including the CEO and sales teams, now embracing and using SafetyCulture platform. 

Next up in their SafetyCulture journey, Jurassic Fibre are set to introduce the Power BI integration to create a sophisticated and intuitive dashboard for all their reporting needs.

“Employees really see the value in SafetyCulture platform. It provides them with visibility, comfort and reliability, all vital for the safe day-to-day running of Jurassic Fibre.”

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