Take 5 for Safety Checklist

Take 5 Safety Checklists are a quick and easy way to identify any health, safety and environmental hazards before starting a job. A take 5 for safety asks the question “Am I safe to work?” and provides a clear checklist format, which takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Mining organisations such as Rio Tinto and Imerys have been using Take 5 checklists as part of their approach to workplace safety with positive results. The use of a Take 5 checklist in the workplace reminds us to stop and take five minutes to assess our work environment so we can get the job done safely.

How to Complete a Take 5 for Safety

  1. Stop think about the potential dangers associated with the job
  2. Look identify any hazards
  3. Assess the risk. Consider any possible threats of damage or injury
  4. Manage controls. Implement suitable control measures to reduce risk.
  5. Safely complete the task

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Create checklists on any device, conduct an audit from anywhere, send off an instant signed report and analyse that data with your team.