The 6 Best Take 5 Safety Checklists

Ensure compliance with requirements before starting work

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A take 5 safety checklist is a tool used to identify health and safety hazards before starting work in a site. Performing health and safety checks using the take 5 procedure (Stop, Look, Assess, Control, and Monitor) helps workers and contractors mitigate exposure to hazards and health risks.

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  1. Stop and think about the potential dangers associated with the job.
  2. Look and identify any hazards.
  3. Assess the risk; consider any possible threats of damage or injury.
  4. Control hazards by implementing suitable control measures to reduce risk.
  5. Monitor hazards to successfully mitigate likelihood of injuries or damages.

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Top 6 Take 5 Safety Templates

1. Take 5 Pre-Task Risk Assessment

A take 5 pre-task risk assessment is designed to help workers and contractors identify and control hazards before starting work. Take no longer than 5 minutes to complete this checklist by following the points below:

  1. Stop and answer the required questions before proceeding with the task.
  2. Identify hazards and take or attach photo evidence. Assess the risk level and provide the control measures required to reduce the risk.
  3. Assess if all identified hazards are controlled or removed.
  4. Add notes or comments where necessary.
  5. Sign off with digital signatures.

2. Take 5 Safety Checklist

This digital Take 5 pre-start safety checklist is designed to help workers and contractors minimize health and safety risks and hazards. It should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. Stop and answer the questions in the template before proceeding with your work. The checklist asks the user to confirm they have received training, are aware of safety processes and have actively identified hazards and risks. Complete the Take 5 by providing a digital signature.

3. Take 5 Group Safety Checklist

Use this Take 5 Group Safety Checklist when performing Take 5 pre-starts with a group of attendees. Ask the group all safety, process and hazard identification questions before starting work. Confirm Yes/ No for all responses, document all reasons for any No responses. Have everyone provide their digital signature at the end of the Take 5 including the supervisor in charge. Automatically sync your completed reports in the cloud, access all documents online from your computer using the iAuditor web app.

4. Take 5 Risk Assessment

This Take 5 Risk Assessment should be completed before commencing a task. STOP for 5 minutes to think about the task and answer the questions. Identify hazards have been adequately controlled. Use the iAuditor app to take photo evidence of any identified hazards.

5. Take 5 Construction Checklist

This Take 5 Construction Safety template can be used to take note and raise awareness for construction workers of hazards and assess risk on the construction site. Focus on the critical risk activities, document SWMS references use and assess risks identified. Generate digital PDF reports on your mobile using the iAuditor app and securely save all your reports in the cloud.

6. Toolbox Talk Template

A toolbox talk is an effective pre-start exercise to have your workers gather to identify high-risk tasks and hazards before each shift. Use this general toolbox talk template to record all concerns discussed and raised by the team. Record all attendees and have them provide their digital signature on the iAuditor mobile app. Save all your reports securely in the cloud.