Our Product, Engineering, and Design teams are building extraordinary products.

About our Build teams


When we say we are a product-led business, we aren’t just using buzz words. We mean it. The Product team is at the core of everything SafetyCulture does and the impact you’ll have is profound.


Our engineers aspire to be the best at delivering practical solutions to customers that exceed their expectations in terms of quality, speed and user experience. Their thinking is organised into five pillars - People, Simplicity, Productivity, Excellence and Community.

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The Design team is made up of passionate product, experience and visual Designers. They empower all teams within SafetyCulture to be able to truly empathise with the end-user to create experiences that are meaningful and delightful.

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Other Teams


Be a champion for our customers in our Sales, Success, Marketing, Support, or Internal Analytics teams.


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Operating a “scale-up” is hard work. Our People, Finance, Operations, and Legal teams help us crush our goals.

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