The 10 Best HSE App Picks for 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor)?

SafetyCulture acts as an organization’s HSE compliance software along with its capability to be deployed as a mobile application. As a safety management system, SafetyCulture’s comprehensive features, scalability, and flexible solutions, allow businesses to rest easy knowing that compliance, risk management, and worker safety are of utmost importance and priority.


Why use Synergi Life Connect?

Synergi Life Connect by DNV is an HSE risk management and incident reporting mobile app. As a comprehensive business solution helping businesses take their HSE issues handling to the next level, this HSE app empowers workers to take charge of their role as the eyes and ears on the field.


  • Photo uploads and voice recording
  • Configurable to customer needs
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Online and offline capabilities
  • Mobile incident reporting on-the-go

Why use Lighthouse?

Made for easier and more streamlined remote reporting, Lighthouse is a web-based, cloud service that provides instant access to HSE information from anywhere. Even when workers are in remote locations and there’s no available internet connection, the Lighthouse app is reliable for offline data entry.


  • Online and offline access
  • Photo capturing and uploading
  • PDF reports
  • Custom dashboards
  • Mobile app for remote reporting

Why use Mango?

Created to help businesses integrate their compliance and HSE management systems in one solution, Mango is meant to be used with the platform’s software counterpart. Acting as a 24/7 compliance manager, this HSE app makes it simple for workers, managers, and HSE inspectors to report information on-the-go.


  • Audits and inspections
  • Charts and dashboards
  • Integration capabilities
  • Hazardous materials management
  • Online and offline access

Why use Novade?

Empowering organizations to drive occupational safety and health performance on job sites, Novade is designed as a construction software for HSE management. Managing all HSE processes in one digital platform is possible with Novade’s comprehensive features meant to address small- to large-scale projects.


  • Permits to work management
  • Inspections and actions
  • Observations and incidents reporting
  • Safety forms and checklists
  • Personnel safety records management

Why use Ultimo Go+?

Built to support organizations in managing HSE risks, Ultimo Go+ makes it possible to have one integrated solution for all HSE processes and safety guidelines. This platform also simplifies how businesses demonstrate compliance with legislation and quality standards.


  • Up-to-date mobile reports
  • Smart images
  • Shift handover
  • GPS integration
  • Lockout tagout

Why use SHEQSY?

SHEQSY by SafetyCulture is a safety app built to enable organizations to protect employees in the workplace, focusing on those that work alone out on the field. Using this HSE app for employees, you’ll be able to maintain safety compliance with lone work legislation, avoid workplace hazards, achieve peace of mind, and make it easy for everyone to monitor and record safety alerts.


  • Location tracking
  • Management dashboard for reports, historical information, and escalation processes
  • Calendars and scheduling platforms integration
  • 24/7, A1-graded monitoring center
  • Ease of use across smartphones

Why use HSEQ Manager?

A smart and adaptable compliance system, HSEQ Manager is a straightforward solution with its web-based software and mobile app capabilities. Specifically designed for handheld device reporting, this HSE app provides a secure and seamless way to record, build, and manage workplace HSE reports.


  • Capturing and sharing of reports and actions
  • Action management and integration
  • Business intelligence data
  • Quality and HSE reports in PDF
  • Electronic signatures

Why use HSE Connect?

HSE Connect is an easy-to-use, intuitive app and software that allows businesses to align with WorkSafe health and safety standards. Enabling businesses to experience a simple, cost-efficient, and timely HSE management system, this platform empowers workers to create a safety culture in the workplace.

HSE Connect features:

  • Instant and easy reporting and reminders
  • Hazard and incident guides
  • Snapshot training modules
  • Seamless access anywhere, anytime
  • Safety updates and alerts

Why use Official HSE Health & Safety?

Even if this HSE app isn’t recommended for those looking for in-depth information on health and safety law, the Official HSE Health & Safety mobile app is designed to ensure that guidance on HSE practices are available and accessible in various formats that businesses can easily use.


  • Exclusive video guides from an HSE inspector
  • Easy browsing of key HSE topics, publications, and products
  • Comprehensive HSE guidance to prevent safety risks

What is an HSE App?

An HSE app is a digital tool built and designed to help businesses, organizations, and individuals ensure standard compliance with established HSE guidelines and protocols. Also known as an HSE management system software or HSE audit software, it’s designed to empower workers and organizations alike to be more proactive in ensuring a safety culture in the workplace.


Providing a safe and healthy workplace is a key priority for any organization to avoid any unwanted workplace incidents that can lead to injuries, illnesses, or fatalities. Through a powerful mobile HSE app (also known as an EHS software), companies acquire a solution that can help them provide their workers with a place that meets international health and safety standards, most especially in establishing a successful HSE management system.

Here are 5 ways an HSE app can transform mobile devices into powerful tools that can help improve workplace safety:

  • Helps encourage a proactive safety cultureTurning mobile devices into innovative solutions that your workers can use to raise timely issues, report health hazards, and create corrective actions can help contribute to your organization’s overall efforts in continuous improvement.
  • Saves precious time and effort – With an HSE app, workers can easily raise issues and report incidents in real-time, letting managers or supervisors conduct appropriate and timely actions.
  • Improves compliance confidence – An HSE app is responsible for empowering each and every team member to do their part in ensuring all regulatory requirements and industry standards are being followed for workplace safety and operational quality.
  • Makes it easier to standardize HSE management – With everyone on board with your centralized system of HSE management using a mobile app and software, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are easily enforced.
  • Provides a bird’s eye view of the company’s HSE performance – As all relevant insights and data are located in one secure place, organizations can ensure that everything they need to assess how their HSE guidelines and practices are going is available and accessible.


Top HSE software solutions must have these features:

  • Digital Checklists and Templates
  • Inspection Scheduling
  • App Integrations
  • Report Generation
  • Analytics and Dashboards

Choosing the Best HSE App

For a quick overview of which HSE app or software is best suited for your needs, here’s a roundup of our best 10:

  • Best Overall: SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor)
  • Best for Organizations Regardless of Size and Industry: Synergi Life Connect
  • Best for Small to Medium-sized Businesses: Lighthouse
  • Best for a Highly Scalable Solution: Mango
  • Best for Construction Health and Safety: Novade
  • Best for HSE Risk Management: Ultimo Go+
  • Best for Lone Worker Safety: SHEQSY by SafetyCulture
  • Best for Small Businesses: HSEQ Manager
  • Best for Startups and Small Businesses: HSE Connect
  • Best for Workplaces in Great Britain: Official HSE Health and Safety

You may also use this table for the comparison of free version availability, pricing of paid plan, and web-based software capability:

HSE App Free Version Paid Plan Web-based Software
SafetyCulture Yes $19/month/10 users Yes
Synergi Life Connect None Details upon request Yes
Lighthouse None $300/month/10 users Yes
Mango None Details upon request Yes
Novade None Details upon request Yes
Ultimo Go+ None £25 (~$31 USD)/month/5 users Yes
SHEQSY by SafetyCulture Yes $6.95/month/unli users Yes
HSEQ Manager None $10/month/10 users Yes
HSE Connect None $58/month/3 users Yes
Official HSE Health & Safety N/A £0.99 (~$1.20 USD) to download the iOS app None

Customer Success

Learn how BOS Solutions, a liquid solids separation organization in the oil and gas industry, utilizes SafetyCulture:

“SafetyCulture is the life-blood of our quality and safety management systems. We are using it to report on everything—from QHSE [Quality Health Safety Environment] field audits, PPE [Personal Protective Equipment] inspections, contractor onboarding, equipment service and repair templates, asset tracking— along with all of our permits to work.” – Gary Bonnett, Quality, Health and Safety Environment (QHSE) Director

Below are some of the related checklists and templates you can use in SafetyCulture:

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