Raise safety and quality standards with an intuitive HSE App.

iAuditor as HSE App for Workplace Safety

Empower Your Workers to be Your Eyes in the Field

iAuditor is a Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) App that can help your people immediately report safety issues from the field. With this information, you get greater visibility and insights that will help you raise safety and quality standards across your organisation, improving your compliance confidence in the long run.

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Make workplace safety inspections more user-friendly with smart and interactive checklists

Use the iAuditor HSE mobile app’s intuitive template builder to convert existing paper forms to digital in a matter of minutes and enable your workers to quickly raise safety issues right from the palm of their hands. iAuditor’s smart checklists and health and safety software can help your workers produce more data-rich reports, thus giving you better insights for improving workplace safety.

Streamline your HSE reporting process—from identification of critical safety issues to monitoring status of corrective actions

Knowing about critical safety issues and immediately acting upon them are both crucial in HSE reporting. With the iAuditor HSE mobile app and software, you can immediately see red flags gathered from safety reports, assign actions to responsible personnel, and monitor their progress.

Improve operational insights with powerful analytics

Data gathered from your workers’ safety reports are pushed and organized to your centralised iAuditor dashboard to give you a quick overview of critical areas. Use this powerful feature to identify areas for improvement and make decisions when—and where—it matters most.

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Elevate Your Workplace to International HSE Standards

Providing a safe and healthy workplace is a key priority for any organization. Through a powerful mobile HSE app, companies acquire a solution that can help them provide their workers a place that meets international health and safety standards. Here are 5 ways an HSE app can transform mobile devices into powerful tools that can help improve workplace safety.

  1. It helps encourage a proactive safety culture
    Mobile devices, combined with a dynamic HSE app, encourage workers to report hazards, even when they are busy at work. All they have to do is bring out their mobile device, fill out a digital form by putting in the details of the hazard, take photos (if possible), and click a button to complete the report. They can even work offline, and data will automatically sync once connected. Information then is quickly relayed to management, enabling them to create corrective actions on the spot.
    By enabling everyone in the workplace to quickly identify and act on critical hazards without sacrificing much of their time and effort, they are empowered to take part in building a safety culture that focuses on implementing proactive measures—not one that waits until a safety incident or accident occurs.
  2. It saves precious time and effort
    With an HSE app (also known as EHS software), there’s no need for people to go through the struggle of collating photos and manual data entry when finalizing a professional safety report. They only need their mobile device, and the HSE app ensures that inspection data reaches the right decision-makers.
    For Mike Gimpel, an environmental safety and health specialist at the engineering company AECOM, an HSE app like iAuditor helped him and his team achieve operational efficiency. Mike says, “Previously, supervisors would visit the field, check out the job site, then get stuck behind the computer at the end of the day trying to put together their audits and report them into a confusing database. We’ve provided more than 90 supervisors with the iAuditor system, which has decreased time spent at their desks while increasing the number of audits we’re able to complete.
    Additionally, management teams can save time by automating routine tasks, such as generation of CEO-ready reports, scheduling of regular inspections, and sharing of findings to key people.
  3. It improves compliance confidence
    Occupational health and safety management standards (such as ISO 45001) and legislations (such as RIDDOR) help provide a structure to the maintenance of safe and healthy workplaces. Companies who aim to be certified for occupational safety standards can utilize an HSE app to help demonstrate their organization’s compliance. The HSE App can help monitor incidents, audits, risk assessments, environmental risk management, and performance across multiple workplaces.
  4. It makes it easier to standardize HSE management
    The process of updating and printing HSE paper checklists and putting them into multiple hands for review and distribution takes a lot of time. Staff at different locations may also be using outdated paper checklists, which make standardization across your company highly challenging. With a digital solution like an HSE app, companies can easily build and update digital checklists and easily share them to everyone in the organisation—all within a few taps.
  5. It provides a bird’s eye view of the company’s HSE performance
    An HSE app provides senior management teams a quick pulse of what’s happening in their workplaces and their people. Through a powerful business intelligence dashboard, they can easily view comprehensive performance reports, track the most critical safety data, uncover areas for improvement, and access historical data at any time.

Experience All These Benefits and More With the iAuditor HSE App

iAuditor, the world’s leading mobile inspection app, empowers workplaces to transform their Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) management system. By offering an intuitive and user-friendly experience, iAuditor helps encourage everyone in the workplace to actively participate in building a proactive safety culture. Discover more of what the iAuditor HSE App can offer below.

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