Top 8 Safety Monitoring System of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

Recognized for its innovative approach to advancing safety, quality, and operational efficiency, SafetyCulture offers one of the best safety monitoring systems that safeguard lone and mobile workers from serious harm. With the help of check-in systems, GPS trackers, and panic alerts, site supervisors can track employees in the field or remote locations and provide immediate assistance in emergencies. Its full-featured suite also includes customizable checklists that enable front liners to accomplish their daily tasks according to safety protocols and procedures, sensors that alert personnel for maintenance work, and automated report generation for compliance.


  • Provide lone and remote workers with the means to communicate with their managers via the lone worker app, enabling them to check in, report their status, and request assistance.
  • Streamline safety procedures, such as equipment inspections, PPE checks, and housekeeping, with the help of digital checklists, then convert these into compliance reports to share with stakeholders and regulatory agencies.
  • Ensure equipment, vehicles, and other machines are in optimal working condition by installing GPS and other sensors into assets across the company’s sites.
  • Identify trends and patterns that indicate emergency risks by reviewing and analyzing incidents and daily activities.
  • Promote a proactive approach to safety management by empowering workers to report issues so relevant personnel can address them promptly.

Why use BIS SafeTapp?

Primarily a safety training solution, BIS Trainer ensures compliance with industry standards and protects the entire workforce by empowering employees to learn and perfect skills needed for their tasks. One of their newest offers is the SafeTapp app, a lone worker feature that helps front liners do their job with peace of mind.


  • Check-In Schedules and Notifications
  • Supervisor Alerts
  • Mobile Training Records and Certificates

Why use WHS Monitor?

Founded in 2010, WHS Monitor is a health and safety management system that caters to a diverse customer base, including construction, mining, and healthcare. With end-to-end management features, companies can easily and efficiently monitor activities on the floor or in the field and successfully secure their people and resources.


  • Audits and Inspections
  • Incident and Risk Management
  • Fleet and Asset Management

Why use IsoMetrix Aurora?

Primarily an integrated risk management platform, Isometrix Aurora has helped large enterprises achieve operational excellence, sustainability, and more importantly, safety at the workplace. Its EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) module, with numerous monitoring tools, enables companies to manage risks in various operational areas.


  • Real-Time EHS Situation Assessment
  • Streamlined Report Generation
  • Notification and Escalation

Why use EHS Hero?

BLR, an EHS management solutions provider with four decades of experience, is offering one of the best safety monitoring systems—EHS Hero. Used by some of the most recognizable names in the industry, it facilitates prompt incident reporting, investigation, and corrective action tracking, helping companies reduce recurrence and maintain workplace safety.


  • Incident Tracking
  • Risk Management
  • Training and Education

Why use Workhub?

Utilized by world-renowned conglomerates across industries, Workhub is a cloud-based safety management platform that does more than just ensure compliance with OSHA and similar regulatory agencies. With its 24/7 monitoring systems, employee certification tracking, and automated inspections and audits, organizations can build a culture of safety that will last.


  • Behavior Observations
  • Incident and Hazard Reporting
  • Onboarding for Worker & Contractor Compliance

Why use Xenia?

Founded in 2016, Xenia has proven to be one of the most innovative platforms despite its simplicity. With its comprehensive safety monitoring tools, companies can quickly generate incident reports, accurately investigate, and promptly resolve issues. With Xenia, organizations improve not just operational efficiency but also accountability.


  • Live Progress Tracking
  • Incident Reports
  • QR Codes for Assets and Locations

Why use Weever?

Primarily connected worker solutions for front liners, Weever helps companies digitize processes, from equipment maintenance to product quality checks. Its mobile app enables field workers to capture safety data (e.g., photos, videos, and signatures), especially unsafe behaviors, facilitating problem-solving and issue resolution and fostering accountability.


  • Real-Time Data Capture
  • Behavior-Based Safety Observations
  • Action Assignment with Follow-Throughs

What is a Safety Monitoring System?

A Safety Monitoring System (SMS) is a digital solution that monitors, analyzes, and manages safety-related aspects within an organization, particularly those in high-risk industries. It ensures the safety of employees, assets, and the environment they operate in by continuously tracking vital parameters to detect potential hazards and respond to incidents promptly and efficiently.


Establishing a safety management system is crucial, especially for those that operate in high-risk industries (e.g., construction, manufacturing, aviation, energy, and mining). The complexities and inherent dangers make the job challenging, especially when done manually. Utilizing real-time monitoring tools simplifies the task, securing the well-being of the front-liners and company resources.

  • Real-Time Hazard Detection – With the help of surveillance cameras and cutting-edge sensors, managers can observe activities on the floor, employee behavior (e.g., proper PPE use), and other safety parameters on the spot. When safety breaches and anomalies are detected, they can intervene immediately, preventing serious damage or injuries.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making – Built-in analytics can evaluate large volumes of data collected over time. It facilitates Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) reviews so managers can improve safety protocols, maintenance schedules, and resource allocation.
  • Enhanced Safety Compliance – Aside from the functionalities mentioned, the software also has automated reporting, record-keeping, and document sharing. These help department heads and compliance managers prepare documentation required by regulatory agencies, demonstrating their adherence to laws and industry standards.

Companies like roofing giant Tremco and logistics leader DB Schenker have protected lone and mobile workers in their ranks by utilizing a top-rated software solution that significantly reduced safety incident rates and improved overall productivity. Give any workplace safety monitoring system a try and promote a far-reaching safety culture that will benefit everyone in the organization.

Key Features

Comprehensive safety management platforms usually include real-time tracking and observation tools. For companies that require a stand-alone solution due to current needs or budgetary constraints, here are some must-haves to ensure extensive employee safety monitoring:

Selecting the Right Safety Monitoring System

Any of the options described can help companies effectively monitor the day-to-day activities on the floor or out in the field and safeguard their workers from harm. Before deciding on one, take another look at the top 8 systems below:

Safety Monitoring System Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
BIS SafeTapp Yes $1.50/user/month (minimum of 50 users) Yes
WHS Monitor No Contact for pricing Yes
IsoMetrix Aurora No Contact for pricing Yes**
EHS Hero No Contact for pricing Yes
Workhub Yes $3/user/month* (minimum of 3 users) No
Xenia Yes $79/month* (up to 15 users) Yes
Weever No Contact for pricing No

* billed annually
** iOS only

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