Top 7 Cleaning Scheduling Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

This cloud-based digital solution is considered one of the best cleaning services software, thanks to its numerous features that streamline the task and client assignments to workers. With the help of SafetyCulture, companies can better plan daily to-do lists, assign workers to specific locations, allocate resources, and ensure the completion of projects with the help of various cleaning checklists. Aside from meeting their clients’ requests, businesses using this software can be confident that they work at par with the industry’s best standards.


  • Ensure that cleaners receive project assignments for the day, including specific tasks requested by clients, equipment and materials they should bring, and the number of hours to spend on the work.
  • Customize cleaning templates as needed or use the detailed checklists available for download from the Public Library.
  • Carefully monitor the assigned cleaners, apprising managers of issues that arise and allowing them to recommend the appropriate action.
  • Validate work completion, ensure high-quality results, and guarantee compliance with industry regulations through comprehensive reporting, including pre-and post-work photos and videos.
  • Send route directions, additional cleaning instructions, and other urgent notifications in real-time via Heads Up.

Why use Swept?

This cleaning scheduling app organizes teams and tasks better, facilitates team collaboration, provides real-time visibility, and allows one-on-one messages with clients. By integrating Swept into your current system, the business can accept more jobs and ensure customer loyalty.


  • Scheduling
  • Instructions and checklists
  • Reporting and metrics

Why use Janitorial Manager?

Designed by cleaners and janitors with decades of field experience, this cloud-based platform helps companies get detailed information from their customers regarding cleaning and track and document the activities done by their employees. This is used by cleaning services and in-house janitorial teams of public offices, schools, and health care facilities.


  • Pre- and post-work inspections
  • Scan4Clean™ QR code scanner
  • Mobile clock-in and clock-out

Why use CleanTelligent?

This cleaning scheduling app improves communication among teams and with clients, ensuring the work order request is accomplished. Cleantelligent also enables managers to analyze their service delivery using data collected, create reports that inform clients of work progress, and ensure quality control through digital inspections.


  • Job scheduling
  • Work orders
  • Pre-work and post-work inspections

Why use CleanMaint?

With this digital solution’s comprehensive listing of functionalities, cleaning companies and in-house janitorial teams can better manage the usually detailed requests of their clients and the sanitization and safety requirements of facilities.


  • Workforce scheduling
  • Inventory control
  • Reporting history

Why use CleanCloud?

This scheduling software made specifically for laundry and dry cleaning businesses facilitates various tasks including pick-up, delivery, and even customer payment. CleanCloud is highly favored as it increases staff productivity, boosts customer satisfaction, and increases company revenues.


  • Automatic routing and scheduling
  • SMS and email notifications
  • Online booking and payment

Why use CleanGuru?

While this digital solution is primarily designed to help businesses create detailed proposals and get the advantage to win cleaning bids, their scheduling module is the most favored application. With the calendar dashboard, users can create work tickets, assign them to teams, and specify the tasks requested for the project.


  • Task assignment with ticketing
  • Timekeeping
  • Reporting

What is Cleaning Scheduling Software?

Cleaning scheduling software is a digital tool that helps businesses streamline the scheduling of cleaning tasks and project delegation to their employees to deliver the service their clients request. The system incorporates automated scheduling, real-time task assignment, instant notifications, live monitoring, and documentation capabilities. Although the software is used primarily for in-house cleaning and third-party janitorial services, this will also be beneficial to property management companies, hotels and inns, and restaurant and food service businesses.  


In cleaning companies, acquiring detailed information about the work to be accomplished is a must. Cleaning service scheduling software provides this and more. Here are specific reasons for utilizing this:  

  • Enhances efficiency – Clients will be satisfied with the job by providing the results they desire. Workers can ensure the timely completion of tasks and high-quality outcomes when complete instructions are given through digital checklists that they can check on their mobile phones.   
  • Improves resource allocation – The software allows businesses to track three vital resources (specifically the workforce, equipment, and cleaning materials) so they can allot these properly and provide optimal service to their clients. 
  • Strengthens collaboration – Teamwork, a must-have in cleaning companies, is guaranteed by opening communication lines among teams. Managers can give reminders and new instructions to their workers in real time with the help of the software. They can also ensure work quality and their workers’ safety with the software.  

Key Features

Companies can choose comprehensive platforms like facility management, janitorial service management, and property management solutions that offer this as a module or a stand-alone application. Whichever you go for, make sure it has these specifications: 

Selecting the Right Cleaning Scheduling Software

Before you make your final choice, take another look at the digital solutions detailed by reviewing the chart below: 

Cleaning Scheduling Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $19/user/month* Yes
Swept No Custom quote Yes
Janitorial Manager No Custom quote Yes
CleanTelligent No $175/month* Yes
CleanMaint No $33/user/month Yes
CleanCloud No $33/store/month* Yes
CleanGuru Yes $49/month for up to 10 cleaners Yes

* billed annually

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