Inspection Templates for Mining

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Paperless Inspection Templates for Mine Sites and Mining Operations

Improve the safety of your mine site and mining operations with our collection of digital inspection templates.

Create Free Inspection Checklists For Your Mining Project

Manage your mining operation with ease by conducting regular site, facility and workplace health and safety inspections with a mobile inspection app – iAuditor by SafetyCulture.

Why checklists are critical for the mining industry

Most of us expect to go our whole lives without a safety incident. The reality is, accidents happen everyday. In fact, each day 150 workers around the world suffer from a fatal incident. The mining industry is notorious for safety incidents, given it’s one of the most dangerous industries to work in. Checklists are there to lighten the cognitive load and free up attention from tedious tasks to focus on high level problems, situations or tough judgment calls. They also are a huge catalyst for empowering the individual and enhancing team accountability.

Goldcorp, the world’s leading gold producer uses iAuditor

With a total of 11 mines across north, central and South America, Goldcorp is a leader in gold production, with an expected 50% increase of output. The hazards are real and ever-present in the mining industry with workers exposed to a variety of risks from cave-ins to explosions, vehicle collisions and more. TO ensure their safety, Goldcorp uses iAuditor for 1,000 inspections per day. Instead of taking four hours to write a report, it now takes them minutes.

“The real time hazard recognition capability across our operations wouldn’t exist if we didn’t have iAuditor. It means more people are going to go home safe,” Andrew Johnson, Goldcorp Safety Officer.

Think mobile forms for safety inspections

Roll out safety programs and conduct audits from a mobile device with access to instant reports and analytics. iAuditor works underground and in remote locations offline and syncs inspection data to your SafetyCulture account when you come back into cellular coverage.

Signatures for accountability

Multiple signatures are required for particular project milestones. iAuditor makes it easy to digitally sign off on toolbox meetings, site walk throughs, site inductions and safety inspections.

Detailed images

Capture high quality images throughout your project to ensure information is being conveyed correctly. By embedding images in your reports, you can increase the level of detail and accuracy. iAuditor allows project teams to capture high resolution images throughout your site. Simply take a photo and mark it up using the annotation feature. Add arrows and circles to quickly deliver your message and break through any site language barriers. Read more about how image annotation can improve your reports.

Instant reports

Share instant reports with managers and across teams with customizable report options. iAuditor is versatile and flexible enough to handle everything from pre-task assessment to employee induction checklists. Create templates online, share with workers and see the data collected in real-time.

Easy safety compliance

Identify safety issues long before they become incidents. Streamline safety tasks with iAuditor and use it for powerful safety analysis. Identify safety hazards and take corrective action on them immediately. Conduct audits in a fraction of the time and make informed decisions. By conducting daily and weekly inspections using iAuditor, you can work out the risk factors at various stages and determine how you can reduce their impact.

Standardized data collection

Create standard company wide checklist templates so all your contractors, workers and subcontractors are on the same page. By sharing templates with your team, you can have a centralized system of data collection. One of the best ways to collect uniform data is to use multiple choice fields for your questions. See more about how to do that here.

Cloud-based inspection analytics

Accuracy and quality of data is critical when you are using that information to make decisions and take the right actions. As your workers conduct audits you can work better knowing the data is being collected in real-time and backed up securely in the cloud.

Digital record of inspections

You will never lose a report or your data again. iAuditor automatically syncs to the cloud so you can access your inspection data from anywhere.