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Goldcorp ensures miners go home safely at the end of the day thanks to iAuditor.


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Goldcorp, based in Canada, is one of the world’s leading gold producers. In order to maintain large volumes of growth combined with safe production to ensure their workers go home safe every day, they turn to iAuditor for safety and quality inspections.

Mining is one of the world’s most dangerous occupations. The hazards are real and ever-present with workers exposed to a variety of risks from cave-ins to explosions, vehicle collisions, crush injuries, and electrocution. It’s a high risk, high reward line of work. Andrew Johnston, Goldcorp Safety Officer says, “The most important thing to go down the mine every day is the miner, and the most important thing to come out of the mine is the miner. The softest thing that goes underground is you, that’s literally it. Everything else is rock and steel.” In order to manage these risks, Goldcorp knew they had to ditch their paper-based system.

Goldcorp employees begin their day in the mines.

Coordinating thousands of workers across multiple countries is a challenge. Goldcorp’s workforce hasn’t grown up with smartphones and tablets; their teams are often work in remote, dirty conditions thousands of feet below the earth’s surface.

Before digitizing inspections, Goldcorp struggled to conduct enough meaningful inspections with and reporting key findings to stakeholders in the organization. Goldcorp previously had auditors carry paper checklists, take photos on a camera, then return to the office where they spent hours drafting a report. It took time, many man-hours were lost, and fewer inspections were completed as a result. That process doesn’t exist anymore. Goldcorp now conducts over 1,000 inspections per day.  Management can see what’s occurring below ground in real-time.

Goldcorp conducts digital audits in the mine on mobile devices.

With that saved time, and those safety processes in place and inspections signed off, the workers can now focus on the task at hand and make it home safely to their families every day.

Safety managers at Goldcorp can also customize all their templates for each task, team, and location, meaning workers in the field don’t spend any extra time filling out questions that are not relevant to them. Because iAuditor is designed to be mobile-first and with the user in mind, workers can use it with minimal training. The audit templates are centralized and through the iAuditor platform ensuring that each site and employee has the correct audit and everyone is conducting the standardized inspections.

“The real time hazard recognition capability across our operations wouldn’t exist if we didn’t have iAuditor. It means more people are going to go home safe.”

Andrew Johnston, Goldcorp Safety Officer

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