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A competency assessment is the process used to identify an employee’s suitability for a given role. It helps measure an employee’s skills, knowledge, and performance against pre-defined benchmarks and job requirements.

Competency assessments are commonly confused with performance appraisals and employee evaluations. Competency assessments focus on an employee’s suitability for a given role, while performance evaluations measure the work performance of someone who has already been deemed suitable for the role.

This article discusses: 1) why it is important to perform competency assessments, 2) what is a competency template and 3 key categories to assess an employee’s capability, 3) technology to help streamline competency assessments, and 4) free competency assessment tools to download immediately.

Competency assessments are used to help identify gaps between an organization’s strategic plans and its existing employee competencies. They can assist with evaluating how employees use their knowledge and skills in on-job situations. Conducting competency assessments help prioritize areas for further development and support focused on hiring decisions to fill those gaps.

A competency assessment template is a tool used to systematically measure skills gaps for specific roles across an organization. An effective competency assessment template should cover three key competency categories when assessing an employee’s capability:

  1. Technical: specific skills and knowledge required for the given role
  2. Behavioural: behavior, problem-solving and cultural values
  3. Organizational: leadership, career motivation, and teamwork

Paper-based competency assessments take long to complete and are difficult to gather actionable insights. Finding the right software and tool can help HR teams rapidly rollout competency assessments, gather consistent data and help business leaders make strategic hiring and development decisions.

iAuditor is the world’s most powerful form building app that lets you digitize your paper-based forms to be used both online and on mobile applications. HR teams can rapidly roll out and perform competency assessments, gather key data and uncover key competency gaps.

To save you time, we have created these 3 sample competency assessment templates which you can download for free and customize for your given roles. Perform paperless competency assessments using iAuditor on your computer or using the iAuditor app on your tablet and mobile device. iAuditor is free to use for small teams and offers advanced features for premium subscriptions - view pricing and features.

3 Featured Competency Assessment Templates

1. General Competency Assessment Template

A competency assessment template or competency evaluation form is used to evaluate if candidates have met the expectations for a given role. Assess general factors like productivity, work quality, attitude, and punctuality. End assessment by providing recommendations and overall competency assessment rating. This template is 100% customizable and you can modify it according to your workplace needs. Also, we’ve created a competency assessment sample pdf to preview.

2. Leadership Competency Evaluation Form

Use this competency assessment template to evaluate if potential leaders have the ability to lead and support their subordinates. Evaluate if a candidate can engage and motivate individuals while maintaining professionalism. Provide an overall competency assessment rating if the candidate is suitable for the job based on the total score accumulated.

3. Customer Representative Competency Assessment Template

This customer representative competency assessment template is used to measure a candidate’s suitability for a customer representative role. It helps measure the technical, behavioral, and organizational background of a candidate, checking if the candidate meets the criteria set by the company.

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