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Employee evaluation forms are used by HR teams to record employee performance, accomplishments and areas for improvement. They are an important tool in any organization and are designed to:

  1. Align expectations between employers and employees of the job's requirements;
  2. Assist with developmental training plans; and
  3. Serve as a documented employee interaction to support key HR decisions.

Types of Employee Evaluation Forms

An effective employee evaluation should include 360 degree feedback from leaders, peers and the individual employee. Employee evaluation forms can cover the following:

  • Top-Down Evaluations - performed by immediate an supervisor with a focus on productivity, objectives, behaviour and values;
  • Peer Evaluations - performed by co-workers to assess skills, quality of work and teamwork; and
  • Self-Assessments - self-critique on strengths, areas of improvement and goals

The Problem: Paper Employee Evaluation Forms

Paper-based employee evaluation forms are time consuming to complete, require duplicative work and unproductive scanning of signatured documents. Paper trails are hard to track and recover and are at a high risk of getting lost.

Important HR decisions like firing, remediation and promotions rely on signed evidence of employee evaluations. Losing track of these documents can put your organization and brand at risk and lead to disgruntled employees.

The Solution: Digital Employee Evaluation Forms with iAuditor

iAuditor is the world’s most powerful form building app which allows you to digitize and streamline your employee evaluation process. Convert your employee evaluation forms into powerful mobile apps which allow you to capture electronic signatures and generate instant reports. All your employee evaluation forms are securely saved in the cloud and easily accessible via the web. Never lose a paper trail again.

To help you get started, we have prepared 4 best practice employee evaluation templates you can download and customize for free. Try these digital employee evaluation forms using the iAuditor app on your mobile device. Edit and build your own employee evaluation forms - no programming skills required.

4 Best Practice Employee Evaluation Forms

1. General Employee Evaluation Form

This general employee evaluation form converted using iAuditor can be used to document employee performance, accomplishments, and areas for improvement. Assess employee’s job knowledge, quality of work, attendance, and productivity. Record employee’s strongest and weakest points and cite your recommendations.

2. Top-Down Employee Evaluation Form

Supervisors can use this top-down evaluation form to evaluate their subordinate employees. Use this template to help assess an employee’s behavior, productivity, strengths and areas for development. Affix digital signatures using the mobile app to verify the 1:1 evaluation took place.

3. Peer Employee Evaluation Form

Use this peer employee evaluation form to record coworker feedback of an employee. Have the peer coworker evaluate the employee's skills, quality of work and collaboration amongst the team. Assess if the employee possesses a positive impact towards the work environment and takes responsibility for their mistakes. Provide observations and recommendations to help assist with HR decisions.

4. Self-Assessment Employee Evaluation Form

This self-assessment employee evaluation form can be used by employees to reflect and evaluate on their own performance over-time. Digital signatures fields are used to validate the discussion with the supervisor.

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