Top 9 Utility Management Software of 2024

Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture, one of the most flexible digital platforms today, is the perfect solution for managing common utilities, from monitoring the company’s water and electricity consumption to preparing documentation for regulatory compliance. Whether you’re a property owner running a few rental homes or a resource manager handling the utility needs of a construction site or manufacturing factory, this software will be an asset to your organization. 


  • Ensure thorough asset and resource utilization assessments during walk-through inspections or detailed audits using relevant checklists and templates from the Public Library.
  • Promptly address issues, such as equipment defects, leaking water pipes, and failing air conditioners by delegating corrective actions to relevant personnel and scheduling maintenance work ahead of time. 
  • Save up on costs by optimizing temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions with sensors in facility HVACs and other equipment or enable seamless data transfer by integrating the company’s existing utility monitoring system with the platform.
  • Ensure your organization’s compliance with regulations by generating environmental assessment reports and digitally organizing mandated submissions for regulatory agencies. 
  • Facilitate better decision-making by gaining insights into utility data and predicting industry trends that could impact current consumption.

Why use EcoStruxure?

Arguably one of the most comprehensive platforms that drive efficient energy utilization, Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure platform is the perfect partner for any business—from the automotive industry to the retail sector—that aims to increase operational efficiency, minimize costs, and meet its sustainability goals.  


  • AI-based solutions (e.g., data visualization, machine learning, and dependability modeling)
  • EcoStruxure asset advisor
  • Virtual academy for data privacy

Why use Sensus?

With over 20 offices, assembly lines, and R&D sites across the globe, Sensus offers smart devices remotely managed through monitoring and analytics applications. With the platform, companies can optimize their utilities by generating the accurate data required for better decision-making.  


  • Advanced metering infrastructure
  • Conservation voltage reduction
  • Data analytics

Why use Itron?

Backed by two decades of expertise in utility services, Itron provides an end-to-end software solution that modernizes the utility infrastructure so that companies can effectively streamline their operations and drive resource efficiency programs.  


  • Distribution Automation
  • Meter Data Management
  • Industrial IoT Solutions

Why use AclaraONE?

This comprehensive digital platform employs a full suite of features that utilizes automated data collection and analysis and emerging technology such as IIoT sensors so that utility providers can deliver a more effective and dependable service to their customers. 


  • Distributed generation
  • Fault detection and outage management 
  • Load monitoring, control, and demand response

Why use Oracle Utilities?

Made specifically for utility providers but also helpful for companies that prioritize sustainability, this specialized digital solution from Oracle helps companies increase energy efficiency, manage their assets more effectively, and deliver top-notch services to their clients and communities.


  • Utility asset management 
  • Real-time network modeling, monitoring, and control 
  • Field service optimization

Why use ABB Ability?

A Swedish and Swiss multinational corporation specializing in electrification and automation, ABB offers the Ability solution that empowers companies in the power generation industry with real-time data for smarter decision-making, enhanced operational efficiency, and ensured sustainability. 


  • Energy and asset manager
  • Efficiency AI
  • Remote insights

Why use Landis+Gyr?

A multinational Swiss corporation that services over 30 countries worldwide, Landis+Gyr aims to create a greener future through its smart infrastructure technology. With the help of its robust and full-featured digital solution, companies can distribute power more efficiently and ensure reliable customer service in the continuously evolving landscape of the industry. 


  • Asset management 
  • Demand response
  • Utility Internet of Things

Why use Eaton Brightlayer Experience Hub?

Widely known for its long-term sustainability vision, technical proficiency, and helpful insights, Eaton offers one of the most innovative digital solutions—the Brightlayer Experience Hub—that creates value for utility providers and, more importantly, their customers and stakeholders.  


  • Edge enablement
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Data science and analytics

What is Utility Management Software?

Utility management software is a specialized digital tool that helps organizations efficiently manage their utility services and resources, such as electricity, water, gas, telecommunications, and similar services required for their operations. The software tracks utility usage, computes billing and invoicing, and optimizes resource utilization to minimize costs and meet sustainability and compliance efforts.


Although it is difficult to estimate how much a company would spend on their utility until they start to pay, this expenditure could amount to 10 to 20% of the total operating costs. Given that this represents a significant amount, property managers, business accountants, and utility companies are always finding ways to optimize these resources better. And this is where the software solution can help..    

  • Enhances resource allocation and utilization Robust data analytics help companies identify sources of wastage, predict peak usage times, and forecast rising prices. The software also aids in monitoring the asset conditions with maintenance alerts since malfunctioning equipment uses more electricity.  
  • Saves up on costsAutomation is proven to streamline various administrative tasks, including tracking the company’s monthly usage and reviewing bills to calculate expenses. Aside from equipment monitoring for preventive and predictive maintenance, some systems also incorporate sensors that help reduce consumption, like occupancy detectors for HVACs and lighting and automatic shut-off valves for increased water flow.     
  • Promotes environmental sustainability – Excessive use of energy and natural resources negatively impacts the environment. This digital solution does not just help companies reduce consumption, minimize waste, and adopt eco-friendly practices; it also aligns with environmental regulations set to reduce their carbon footprint

Key Features

Applications for utility management have unique features that cater to the specific needs of organizations dealing with utility resources. When shopping for this software solution, make sure it has the following to ensure the precise tracking, analysis, and optimization of resources while ensuring adherence to industry-specific regulations.

Choosing the Right Utility Management Software

Aside from carefully reviewing the features offered by the platforms discussed above and determining which suits your needs best, ascertain that your final pick fits the budget the company has set. Take another look at your options below.    

Utility Management Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
EcoStruxure No $60/device/year Yes
Sensus No Contact for pricing Yes
Itron No Contact for pricing Yes
AclaraONE No Contact for pricing Yes
Oracle Utilities Yes Contact for pricing Yes
ABB Ability No Contact for pricing Yes
Landis+Gyr No Contact for pricing Yes
Eaton Brightlayer Experience Hub No $1,290 for 15 UPS or rack PDU nodes + $48 subscription fee per year Yes

*billed annually

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