The Best Safety Hazard Reporting Software of 2024

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Why Use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is an award-winning safety hazard reporting software used by over 1 million workers across various industries. It streamlines the reporting process for safety hazards and empowers safety officers and staff to proactively resolve issues on the ground using a robust suite of digital tools.

Field workers can fill out the easy-to-use digital forms as soon as they spot hazards on the field. Through this app, provide a detailed description of the situation and upload media files such as photos of broken equipment and non-compliant work areas easily. Moreover, they can escalate these issues to the appropriate personnel through the app’s Action feature, allowing immediate corrective action to avoid future accidents and risks.


  • Simplify the hazard reporting process through OSHA-compliant hazard forms and inspection checklists from the Public Library.
  • Add custom fields on the reporting forms to report safety risks in detail.
  • Capture photos and videos of unsafe worksites or equipment using a mobile device.
  • Track the location of incidents in real-time using the app’s geotagging feature.
  • Alert managers of worksite hazards requiring swift corrective action, including a brief description, priority level, and the designated staff member.
  • Generate OSHA 300 and 301 reports for safety compliance in Web, PDF, and Word formats.
  • Monitor frequency, location, and patterns in safety hazards for long-term prevention through the analytics dashboard.
  • Navigate the app quickly through its intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Why Use ProcessMAP?

ProcessMAP allows safety officers to record, track, and address safety hazards and incidents in the field. With this safety hazard reporting software, workers can log operational risks, report incidents, and notify relevant stakeholders accordingly through their mobile phones. This tool also provides them with real-time metrics to keep track of their safety performance in one place.


  • Safety hazards catalog
  • Incident dashboards
  • Detailed incident recording
  • Real-time safety metrics
  • Corrective and preventive actions
  • Near-miss reporting

Why Use A1 Tracker?

A1 Tracker is a web-based safety hazard reporting software that equips safety officers with tools to handle hazards coming from worksites. Workers can submit safety hazard forms via the web portal and alert their managers of any hazards, incidents, or near-misses while doing their job. All data collected goes into a centralized database to track safety metrics and performance.


  • Web-based safety hazard and incident portal
  • Automated incident notification
  • Safety and incident report workflows
  • Web-based database repository


SHEQSY by SafetyCulture is a safety hazard reporting software designed for lone workers in remote fields. It’s packed with features to easily track, manage, and report safety hazards on lone worker activities and help managers stay connected with their remote teams. Using this app, field workers can quickly notify their managers about safety hazards on the premises and coordinate with the right people for immediate response.


  • QuickPanic widget for sending emergency and hazard alerts
  • Real-time location with activity timers
  • Custom job types, durations, and check-in intervals
  • Job history tracking
  • Calendar and scheduling app integrations
  • 24/7, A1-graded monitoring center

Why Use AlertMedia?

AlertMedia combines robust solutions for monitoring and protecting employees against safety hazards in real-time. Instantly notify managers of safety hazards near the premises on a mobile device. Share the exact location, add a detailed description of the situation, and connect with safety teams easily using this safety hazard reporting software.


  • Monitoring sessions for alerting hazards in real-time
  • Location-sharing capabilities
  • Signal button in times of emergencies
  • Reliable expert support

Why Use Sofvie?

Sofvie also works as a safety hazard reporting software for mining companies. Record hazards in real-time and capture photos to clarify reports from the get-go using a mobile device. Keep tabs on the status of resolving hazards, coordinate with the appropriate teams for hazard corrections, and promote proactive solutions to workplace safety hazards using this software.


  • Live field insights and alerts for safety hazards
  • Collaborative intelligence tools
  • Offline usage functionality
  • Integrations with existing software programs

Why Use Wellsite Report?

Wellsite Report covers site hazard safety across all workstreams in construction companies. The software replaces paper-based forms with digital reports to capture incident data easily. After filling out the incident type, location, and description, the information is forwarded to the management for proper resolution. Guarantee safety from worksite hazards using this safety hazard reporting software.


  • Intuitive workflow
  • Quick and easy report generation
  • Electronic archive of hazard reports
  • Safety observations for preventative safety
  • Real-time notifications

Why Use MEG?

MEG, a safety hazard reporting software and app for the healthcare sector, puts frontline workers at the forefront of hazard prevention. It allows them to swiftly report serious safety hazards in the hospital, complete with documents, signatures, test results, and more. Improve visibility of incident activities across multiple hospitals and make under-reporting a thing of the past with this software.


  • Mobile-friendly incident reporting forms
  • Configurable workflows
  • Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) tool for following up on actions
  • Email alerts and smart notifications

Why Use Konexus?

Konexus offers smart, user-friendly safety hazard reporting solutions for public agencies. It enhances safety response efforts by integrating emergency notification and incident management capabilities. Replace response plans with actionable task lists for a simplified approach to safety hazards.


  • Task lists
  • Mobile-based incident guide
  • Multi-channel alerting functions
  • Basic reporting features
  • Roles and permissions
  • API integrations
  • Simple, modern interface

Why Use Camms.Risk?

Camms.Risk replaced manual processes with cloud-based solutions for reporting near misses and safety hazard incidents in real-time. Capture safety risks as they happen using a handheld device and adhere to industry-standard best practices using the software’s pre-made hazard management forms. Lastly, keep track of all reported incidents and assigned corrections in the incident dashboard.


  • Safety hazard and incident reporting portal
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Incident investigations
  • Dashboard and reporting
  • Integrated workflows

What is a Safety Hazard Reporting Software?

A safety hazard reporting software is a digital inspection tool used in workplaces that are vulnerable to risks. It aims to provide real-time data on incident reports that can improve and maintain the overall safety of workers and people within the vicinity.

Why Should You Use a Safety Hazard Reporting Software?

A safety hazard reporting software aims to provide workers and safety officers with an easier way to conduct and collect inspection reports. This software enables the people in the organization to:

Keep Every Report on Record

Workers know they must do inspections regularly, but are all those inspections recorded? If not, this could lead to missed hazards and, consequently, to otherwise avoidable incidents.

Improve your worksite awareness and increase the accuracy of hazard reporting with a digital platform. This tool automatically saves every inspection conducted to the cloud and works even when employees are out of signal coverage. It also features mobile notifications for safety hazards and other issues that need immediate attention.

Take Appropriate Action and Be Accountable

One of the main challenges in reporting safety hazards and incidents is the extra paperwork required which also adds to the waiting time for repairs. A software solution will eliminate the hassle of paper-based safety hazard reports and lessen the time it takes to get approval.

Consequently, it also empowers employees to report hazards immediately and promotes a culture of safety within the organization.

Prevent Incidents

Lessen future safety risks by regularly conducting hazard inspections with a dedicated software program. It contains thousands of customizable templates that your organization can use for incident reporting and prevention, equipment maintenance, workplace safety, and more.

Mitigate Risks

Along with preventing risk, it’s also important to address safety hazards by the moment they are reported. A safety hazard reporting software allows users to accurately describe the threat or situation using notes, location, time, and photos. Conveniently, failed items are displayed at the top of the inspection report so workers can quickly take action.

Adhere to Field Safety Protocols

Lastly, hazard reporting is a crucial component of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Field Safety and Health Management System (SHMS). OSHA requires employers to document and submit hazard reports to their respective Regional Safety and Health Committee, along with a list of corrective actions taken to resolve the issues.

A safety hazard reporting software streamlines this process using easy-to-use, OSHA-compliant hazard reporting forms.


Paper-based forms have been the standard when keeping track of hazard reports for many industries. But with the rise of innovative technologies, companies are now digitizing this process to make reporting quicker and more efficient for their field workers.

Nowadays, many mobile applications and software include an array of enticing features for streamlining safety processes. Here are the top features to look for when selecting the best safety hazard reporting software for your company.

  • Smart hazard and incident reporting forms
  • Real-time monitoring tools
  • Collaborative corrective and preventive actions
  • OSHA-compliant hazard reports
  • Safety alerts and notifications
  • Insights and analytics
  • Workflow automation
  • Integrations with existing software programs

Choosing the Right Software

Hazard reporting in the workplace becomes easier with the right platform, as they will provide you with the best tools that fit your safety requirements. To help you decide, here are our ten best safety hazard reporting software:

  • Best for all industries: SafetyCulture
  • Best for emerging companies: ProcessMAP
  • Best for large enterprises: A1 Tracker
  • Best for lone workers: SHEQSY by SafetyCulture
  • Best for high-risk industries: AlertMedia
  • Best for mining companies: Sofvie
  • Best for construction workstreams: Wellsite Report
  • Best for healthcare organizations: MEG
  • Best for public agencies: Konexus
  • Best for complex incident reporting and investigation capabilities: Camms.Risk

The table below shows a more in-depth comparison of our top safety hazard reporting software.

App/Software Best For Free Version Lowest Paid Plan Monthly Price Free Trial Web Mobile
SafetyCulture All industries Yes $19* Yes, 30 days Yes Yes
ProcessMAP Emerging companies No Not available Yes** Yes Yes
A1 Tracker Large enterprises No Not available No Yes No
SHEQSY by SafetyCulture Lone workers Yes*** $10* Yes, 30 days Yes Yes
AlertMedia High-risk industries No Custom pricing  Yes** Yes Yes
Sofvie Mining companies No $149***  No Yes Yes
Wellsite Report Construction workstreams No $3 No Yes Yes
MEG Healthcare organizations No Custom pricing No Yes Yes
Konexus Public agencies No Custom pricing No Yes Yes
Camms.Risk Complex incident reporting and investigation capabilities No Custom pricing No Yes Yes

* price per user, per month
** no range specified on the website
*** up to 5 users

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