Best 10 Productivity Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture a mobile-first all-in-one platform that you can use to increase and maintain productivity in any workplace and industry. Create a checklist with SafetyCulture to manage tasks, track their status and completion, and if they meet your company’s quality standards. Alternatively, you can use a premade checklist template from the Public Library to help you save time. 

Afterward, you can store all your checklists, newly made and completed, in the cloud for easy access anytime and anywhere, as is available on the web and mobile. This allows you to save time from sorting through paper trails and instead use your time for other tasks, empowering you and your staff to create more high-quality work more efficiently. 

The app also works with EdApp by SafetyCulture, a learning management system you can use to improve productivity. EdApp comes with many courses on productivity, and also allows you to create one on your own that will suit the needs of your organization and staff. 


  • Automate problem-solving practices by raising Issues in-app and assigning Actions to them to address them 
  • Improve communication among team members by raising Heads Up announcements
  • Access checklists quickly by creating and using QR codes to get started on accomplishing checklists
  • Integrate SafetyCulture with other workflow and productivity tools such as Microsoft Excel, Power BI, Okta, Zapier, Tableau, and more

Why use LibreOffice?

For managing and creating documents, consider using LibreOffice. This open-source productivity software allows you to create official documents such as word-processed documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and presentations in one place. 


  • Compatible with most document formats
  • Templates for government use available 
  • Downloadable plugins for language translations and grammar tools

Why use Slack?

Slack is a productivity software focused on project management and communication. Businesses use Slack as their primary communication and collaboration platform because it allows them to onboard new hires, conduct calls, share screens for easier understanding, and review message history to look back on past conversations and agreements. 


  • Shows time zones of staff
  • Schedule messages to send any time of the day
  • Integrates with Google Drive, Calendar, and other bots

Why use Grammarly?

Improve your writing skills at work with the help of Grammarly. This productivity software checks your writing on different websites and documentation software. Use Grammarly to write better documents, chats, and more as you see fit with its suggestions and proofreading. 


  • Available as a browser extension, software, and mobile keyboard
  • Can check for tone, clarity, delivery, and citation style
  • Ability to create a style guide available for business users

Why use Miro?

Miro is an online whiteboard platform and productivity software that allows teams to share their ideas in one place. You can use Miro to create flowcharts with your team in real time, along with mind maps, diagrams, brainstorming visuals, and more. 


  • Templates for specific use cases such as business models and mind maps
  • Files and images can be added to a group or personal whiteboards for additional reference 
  • Handwritten sticky notes can be digitized by being captured as a photo and then added to a whiteboard

Why use Volley?

Capture feedback on websites and their design elements using Volley. With this productivity software, you and your team can easily leave and collect feedback from each design aspect of your site. 


  • All collective feedback is saved in a collaborative workspace
  • Different markup tools available 
  • Multiple project dashboards available

Why use Monitask?

Monitask is a time monitoring tool that also works as a business productivity software. By knowing what projects and tasks employees spend more time on, employers can adjust their workload or give help to them accordingly. 


  • App tracking features available
  • Remote employee attendance tracking 
  • Track employee statistics and project handling at a glance

Why use Backlog?

Manage your projects, codes, and bug tracking initiatives with a productivity software called Backlog by Nulab. Backlog allows you to manage all your tasks in one place while collaborating, making it easier to share information and address issues together. 


  • Built-in wiki creator, Gantt charts, kanban boards, and IP address control
  • Task hierarchy sorter available 
  • Integrations with Jira and other software by Nulab

Why use Canva?

Canva is a web-based graphic design tool that designers use to improve productivity. With its integrations with different workflow software, this productivity software motivates designers to create different artworks, ready for sharing across various platforms. 


  • Allows for collaborative editing in real-time
  • Free elements available for business use
  • Different project sizes and export formats

Why use Todoist?

A productivity software both businesses and individuals can use to track their tasks for the day is Todoist. This software helps users create, manage, and complete to-do lists any time and anywhere while also managing goals and plans. 


  • Sort tasks into subtasks and projects
  • Share tasks with others
  • Integrate with Google Calendar

What is Productivity Software?

Productivity software is software used in both business and personal settings to increase and manage productivity. For business cases, in particular, productivity software helps workers produce work essentials such as documents, databases, graphs, and presentations. This kind of software can also help facilitate communication between workers so they can do their jobs more efficiently.

Why Do Companies Use Online Collaborative Productivity Software?

Productivity software, especially collaborative ones, is slowly becoming more and more important in the business world today. In a time when many companies are working with employees far from each other, having a digital tool such as productivity software can be a great help in managing tasks, records, and more. This will then boost productivity and efficiency, ensuring quality work is done anytime and anywhere.

Using productivity software has also saved many businesses time, effort, and money, as certain tasks that used to take a lot of resources to accomplish are now done quickly and efficiently. In particular, digitizing processes has improved communication and sped up different workflows, leaving more time to do more essential tasks. In the process, this has also helped improve client satisfaction ratings. 

Which Productivity Software is the Best for You?

Below is a comparison of the best 10 productivity software:

Productivity Software Best For Free Version? Pricing 
SafetyCulture All industries and use cases Yes, for teams with ten members or less Starts at $19 a month with a free 30 day trial
LibreOffice Creating and managing business documents  Yes Free
Slack Communication  Yes, but with limitations Starts at $7.25 per user per month
Grammarly  Improving writing  Yes, but with limitations Starts at $12.00 per month
Miro Collaborating with a team for projects and meetings Yes, but with limitations Starts at $8 per member per month
Volley Those working with websites and design  Yes, but with limitations Starts at $23 per month*
Monitask Tracking employee productivity Free trial available Starts at $4.99 per user per month*
Backlog by Nulab Project management  Yes, for teams with ten members or less Starts at $35 per month with a free trial
Canva Graphic designing  Yes, but with limitations Starts at $12.99 per user per month
Todoist Creating and managing to-do lists  Yes, but with limitations Starts at $4 per month for solo users, and $6 per user per month for teams*

*billed annually

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