Top 10 Employee Experience Platform of 2024

Why use SafetyCulture?

When it comes to versatility, scalability, and immense mobile capabilities, very few can rival SafetyCulture. This exceptional Employee Experience Platform (EXP) empowers the workforce by offering the tools necessary to accomplish tasks, collaborate with teams, and maintain a favorable work-life balance. In addition, it streamlines various activities for HR teams, such as developing a curriculum for training, planning employee timetables, and evaluating their work performance. With SafetyCulture’s EXP, companies can fully commit to enhancing engagement and productivity within the organization. 


  • Enhance employee skills and knowledge and foster a culture of continuous learning and development by providing personalized training programs across departments. 
  • Ensure consistency and accuracy when conducting routine assessments such as performance evaluations, work environment questionnaires, and engagement surveys with the help of digital templates from the Public Library.
  • Improve task management and reduce confusion and conflicts by planning schedules, assigning specific tasks, and tracking the progress of the activities in real time. 
  • Gain actionable insights for improved decision-making by generating comprehensive reports, keeping a secure audit trail, and reviewing these with the help of analytics. 
  • Boost employee engagement and cooperation among teams by utilizing robust communication tools to send notifications, alerts, and other messages in real time.

Why use CultureMonkey?

One of the best employee experience platforms today, CultureMonkey strengthens company culture by allowing open communication between top managers and frontline workers. With tools for pulse surveys, feedback collection, and recognition and rewards programs, organizations can effectively increase retention rates.  


  • Template Library for Employee Surveys
  • Pulse Survey Tool 
  • Employee Life Cycle

Why use Culture Amp?

Driving impact at some of the most innovative companies across the globe, Culture Amp focuses on employee engagement and culture enhancement by providing actionable insights into employee sentiment and engagement and fostering a culture of improvement through continuous feedback. 


  • Employee Engagement 
  • Performance Management 
  • Focus Areas and Action Planning 

Why use Officevibe?

Utilized by small to medium-sized businesses, Officevibe is an employee experience management platform perfect for companies that want to create a positive workplace culture. With simple tools that drive performance and recognition, HR teams can improve employee engagement and align values for the success of the organization. 


  • Automated Pulse Surveys 
  • Anonymous Feedback and Messaging 
  • Good Vibes Recognition

Why use Workvivo?

Great for organizations of all sizes, particularly those with remote or distributed teams across industries, Workvivo strengthens employee connections and collaboration, improves communication and transparency, and fosters a sense of belonging that boosts employee morale and satisfaction. 


  • Critical Communications with Chat and Push Notifications 
  • Surveys and Polls
  • Badges and Awards

Why use TINYpulse?

Considered one of the most effective employee experience management software, TINYpulse helps companies recruit, grow, and retain employees to ensure organizational success. This full-featured platform encourages open and honest feedback that motivates the workforce and improves morale for increased productivity.  


  • Cross Team Communication 
  • Anonymous Responses 
  • One-on-one Coaching and Agendas

Why use Kallidus?

A comprehensive employee experience platform, Kallidus helps companies with various aspects of talent management, including learning, performance, and engagement. Used by both small start-ups and large enterprises across sectors, this full-featured software solution aligns individual goals and performance with overall business objectives, ensuring that every employee contributes to the company’s success. 


  • Learning Management System 
  • HRIS (Human Resources Information System) 
  • Performance Management System

Why use Enboarder?

Primarily an employee onboarding solution, Enboarder has broadened its efforts to improve the workforce’s employee experience. By providing digital tools from the first day of onboarding, companies can be sure that the workers accomplish their tasks with the main goal in mind and according to their ethics and culture.


  • Employee Profiles 
  • Learning and Development Engagement 
  • eNPS (Employee Feedback Tracker)

Why use Simpplr?

By simplifying, personalizing, and unifying various digital tools, Simpplr has revolutionized the employee experience, ensuring every worker can flourish. Not only is it one of the most effective intranet communication solutions that drives collaboration, but it also enhances knowledge sharing, improves performance evaluations, and strengthens a culture of continuous engagement.  


  • Simpplr Personalization AI 
  • People Analytics
  • Recognition and Celebrations

Why use Workday Peakon Employee Voice?

One of the most comprehensive employee experience platforms, Workday offers Peakon Employee Voice that helps companies take better action to engage their employees for productivity and sustained success. With tools that collect regular feedback, performance metrics, and employee resource requirements, organizations can take proactive steps for higher morale, motivation, and retention. 


  • Employee Engagement 
  • Leadership Development 
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

What is an Employee Experience Platform?

An Employee Experience Platform (EXP) is a comprehensive software solution that streamlines the function and enhances the well-being of workers within an organization. It focuses on improving various aspects of the employee’s journey, from onboarding through continuous engagement and personal development, and once they conclude their exit interview. With this platform, companies can create a more positive, efficient, and productive environment for the employees, resulting in the organization’s success.


Enhancing employee experience is vital in companies as it creates more engaged and productive employees, attracts and retains top talent, and fosters a strong workplace culture. However, building this from scratch is not easy, requiring more than just the usual human resources management tools. Utilizing an employee experience management platform does help. Here are some of its benefits:


  • Centralized Communication – One of the key functionalities of the platform is to provide a centralized dashboard that all members of the workforce can access. By streamlining task assignment and communication, employees can stay connected and collaborate more effectively. 
  • Automated Workflows for Personalized Experience – Routine administrative tasks such as scheduling onboardings, evaluating performance, collecting feedback, and even granting leaves can take long, particularly for enterprises. By automating these workflows, managers enhance their productivity and efficiency and promptly provide what their employees need for their work life. 
  • Culture of Improvement and Appreciation – Continuous feedback and recognition are a must-have for creating a positive work environment. By streamlining this,  the company effectively fosters a sense of ownership and appreciation among employees.

Key Features

Finding an all-inclusive employee experience software can be difficult. Some companies use a combination of applications and integrations to help them accomplish most of the related tasks. There are a few full-featured ones that have these essentials:

Choosing the Right Employee Experience Platform

Administrative teams, human resources personnel, and operations managers will find it easier to improve the skills and knowledge of their employees through intensive coaching while nurturing their physical and mental health with any of the employee experience solutions detailed above. 

Take another look at all the options in the summary below:

Employee Experience Platform Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
CultureMonkey No Contact for pricing No
Culture Amp No Custom quote No
Officevibe Yes $3.50/person/month* No
Workvivo No Contact for pricing Yes
TINYpulse No Contact for pricing Yes
Kallidus  No Contact for pricing No
Enboarder  No Contact for pricing No
Simpplr  No Contact for pricing Yes
Workday Peakon No Contact for pricing Yes

* billed annually

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