Build a culture of root-cause problem-solving through effective 5 whys analysis

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Get to the Heart of Workplace Issues With a 5 Whys Software Designed for Teams

A 5 whys software is a digital tool used by managers and their teams in conducting a 5 whys analysis to solve problems. The iAuditor 5 Whys Software is a web and mobile application that enables your team to use free customizable templates. With our 5 Whys Software, you can facilitate effective analysis sessions, foster team collaboration better, and follow-through on corrective actions immediately.

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Why Choose iAuditor's 5 Whys Inspection Software?

iAuditor by SafetyCulture is more than just a mobile inspection app or checklist creator; it is a digital tool that will help your business streamline workflows, standardize processes, and solve logistics problems by doing away with paper inspection records and saving your data in the cloud. You can do all this and more using a single mobile app.

Effective 5 Whys Analysis Facilitation

Get to the root of the problem with the help of the iAuditor 5 Whys Software. With intuitive templates that guide your team through a 5 whys analysis, you can make sure that the root cause is clearly identified. Even when offline, data collected in the iAuditor 5 Whys Software is automatically saved, and eventually secured in the cloud when online. You can also customize your templates with mandatory items, digital signatures, and more for improved effectiveness and accountability.

Better Collaboration and Follow-through

As a 5 whys software available on web browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc.) and downloadable in iOS (Apple App Store) and Android (Google Play Store), iAuditor empowers teams to work better together, anytime and anywhere. With collaborative actions, you can easily assign corrective actions with a priority level and due date, and with actions analytics, you can view to do, in progress, complete, and even can’t do tasks in one glance.

Organized 5 Whys Data in a Single Platform

The iAuditor 5 Whys Software allows you to automatically attach photos, PDFs, and other media in professional reports. With just one tap of a finger, beautifully auto-generated 5 whys results can be shared with your team. You can also easily set up your report preferences, where 5 whys information can be customized with a company logo, a section for corrective actions, and more. Apply flexible filters in iAuditor analytics to efficiently locate specific data displayed in charts and tables which can be exported as images and CSV or Excel files.

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The Importance of 5 Whys Done Right

5 Whys is a problem-solving tool for identifying and rectifying the root of the problem—when it is done right. An effective 5 whys analysis is crucial to ensuring that the root cause, not just another symptom, of the problem is detected as early as possible and solved for good.

A 5 whys software such as iAuditor by SafetyCulture can help save time, effort, and resources from solving recurring problems. Listed below are 3 of the best benefits your team can experience from a 5 whys analysis that’s done right:

Applications of a 5 Whys Software

Building a culture of root-cause problem-solving can seem to be a daunting task at first, but with the right tools like a 5 whys software, your team can efficiently get started. Here are 10 different ways to make the most out of the iAuditor 5 Whys Software:

Build a Culture of Root-cause Problem-solving

Team managers can use the time and energy they saved from correcting the same mistakes over and over again for other important matters. With the iAuditor 5 Whys Software, you can facilitate effective 5 whys analysis, foster team collaboration better, and implement solutions that solve the root of the problem.

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