6 of the Best Teacher Evaluation Forms

Teacher evaluation forms can be used by trained evaluators or school administrators when performing classroom observations. These forms can help improve teaching practices by evaluating how the teacher engages the students and how the teacher creates a conducive learning environment. Teacher observation forms can be used to document teacher performance for annual evaluation and accreditation. Learn more about Teacher Evaluation.

With the convenience of using a mobile, tablet, iPad, or laptop, iAuditor is the perfect tool for performing paperless teacher evaluations. Capture photos and record student feedback. Use the data collected to analyze the teacher’s or the department’s overall performance using iAuditor’s Analytics. Share evaluations to district heads and administrators real time.

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1. Teacher Evaluation Form

This General Teacher Evaluation Form can be used to assess the teaching strategy used to keep the students engaged in the learning session. This template contains both ongoing class observation and after class self-evaluation. Use the template to assess if the teacher is promoting a conducive learning environment from the onset of the lesson up to the recap. Next, conduct a short self-evaluation by using the guide questions and ask the teacher about his or her class. Lastly, share your best practices by coaching the teacher and provide some recommendations to improve the educator’s teaching strategy.

2. Class Observation Form

This checklist can be used when conducting an ongoing class observation based on the 3 domains of Danielson’s framework: planning and preparation, classroom environment, and instruction. In Domain 1:Planning and Preparation, evaluate what instructional materials and supplemental student resources were used. Next, explain the classroom procedures - transitions, behavior, and non-instructional duties done both by the teacher and the students. Lastly, evaluate how the teacher communicated the instructions and engaged the students in the learning process.

3. Teacher Observation Form

This is a basic do-confirm checklist with “✔, ✖ or N/A” response. Evaluate if the teacher established an environment of respect, rapport, and learning. Check how the teacher manages classroom procedures, transitions, and student behavior. With iAuditor’s paperclip icon, you can note your observations, recommendations, and suggestions, and capture photos with your mobile device for additional evidence.

4. Teacher Evaluation Form - Post Conference

You can use this checklist when conducting a post-conference discussion with the teacher. This template contains significant questions regarding the overall teaching strategy that the educator used to facilitate the class. Rate the teacher based on Danielson’s Framework tenets and explain why you provided these scores. Recommend and suggest best teaching practices using iAuditor’s paperclip icon to help the educator develop new teaching strategies. Use iAuditor to document teacher evaluations with the convenience of using your mobile device, iPad, tablet, or laptop.

5. Teaching Practice Evaluation Form

This teacher evaluation form can be used to assess teaching practices using responses “Strongly Agree, Agree, Uncertain, Disagree, Strongly Disagree.” This checklist covers essential questions to measure the teacher’s enthusiasm, preparedness, and effectiveness in delivering the subject matter. Use iAuditor on mobile devices or tablets to conduct observations and record the teacher’s strengths and weaknesses.

6. Student Evaluation of Teacher Template

This Student Evaluation of Teacher Template can be used to help learning institutions gather feedback for teachers from students. Students can select from the responses - Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree - and complete the evaluation by providing some comments. Use iAuditor’s Analytics to observe trends in responses to better assess the educator’s interaction with the students.

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