Top 7 Training Scheduling Software of 2024

Why use SafetyCulture?

Scheduling employee training sessions, especially face-to-face technical demonstrations, can be a headache for HR teams and training managers. But with SafetyCulture, many problems associated with this particular task and related responsibilities are eradicated. The platform’s Learning Management System (LMS) capabilities and training scheduling features allow companies to create modules from scratch, assign them to teams to study, set deadlines for completion, and evaluate the learner’s progress. Users can also set specific training dates and send reminder notifications to their workers or team members to minimize disruptions to their daily work schedules. 


  • Craft carefully planned and personalized training programs and ensure that no one gets left behind in learning or skills development by scheduling meets ahead of time. 
  • Enable administrators to track attendance and engagement by generating reports complete with photos and videos.   
  • Evaluate the program’s effectiveness by reviewing the employee’s retention level, specifically how they apply their knowledge at the workplace, and comparing it with the needs analysis conducted. 
  • Ensure that all requirements for the program are available by delegating skilled personnel for the task from within the platform and letting them handle company-wide announcements about the sessions. 
  • Automate numerous administrative tasks through integrations  with other platforms for employee management, data visualization, and more for better operational efficiency and a smoother training experience for all.

Why use Trakstar Learn?

Formerly known as Mindflash, Trakstar Learn is an industry-leading LMS that enables companies to deliver high-quality training programs specific to the needs of their employees. On top of content creation for onboarding and upskilling with automated scheduling, the software also enables managers to measure the accomplishment of their participants and its impact on their daily operations.   


  • Course creation with quizzes
  • Online learning management 
  • Reports and dashboards

Why use Bookafy?

This is an online booking solution that helps your business schedule appointments, events, and other administrative tasks in real time. With its long list of features, including text reminders and notifications, integrated calendar syncing, and video-conferencing, this platform is the perfect tool for scheduling training sessions.  


  • Two-way calendar sync
  • SMS text reminders
  • Integration with Google, iCloud, and Outlook

Why use LearnWorlds?

This cloud-based enterprise-level LMS is the perfect digital tool for organizations planning to develop task and course-specific curricula for their targeted audience, including schools, training institutions, and even companies working in non-educational industries. On top of that, LearnWorlds also has an e-commerce feature that helps users market and sell their content to those interested.


  • Unlimited paid courses 
  • eBook pages builder  
  • One-on-one and group sessions

Why use YouCanBookMe?

This software solution simplifies the process of booking individuals, setting up events, and all related tasks so that users can focus on the more crucial parts of their jobs. While YouCanBookMe’s main feature is scheduling, their education module can be used by companies planning training programs and managing one-on-one talks, group seminars, and skill demonstrations for their employees. 


  • Unlimited automated workflows
  • Customized reminders and no-show management 
  • Booking form questions with accept/decline bookings

Why use BookSteam?

This easy-to-use digital platform automates any business’ entire appointment system, from crafting the booking page from scratch, integrating a calendar, and scheduling clients or events. The simplicity of its dashboard and features makes it a beneficial tool for HR and training managers who plan to hold regular sessions for classroom-type instruction or skills development at the workplace.  


  • Calendar syncing
  • Resource reservation and management 
  • Course and workshop scheduling 

Why use Academy LMS?

Another top-rated LMS today, Academy LMS is a helpful tool for creating courses, organizing them into categories, and monitoring the learning progress of the students. While this digital tool is made particularly for online educational institutions, companies can leverage its wide array of features when planning and managing their training programs in the workplace.


  • Course builder with Q&A system
  • Certificate builder
  • Analytics

What is a Training Scheduling Software?

A training scheduling software is a specialized digital tool that facilitates the management and organization of in-house training programs. On top of automating the process of scheduling the event for employees, it also aids the HR team and training managers in coordinating resources required for the project, posting announcements, sending reminders to team members, and tracking the workers’ progress. 


Workers across industries and all over the world agree that a well-planned training program positively impacts their level of engagement. While most still prefer online lessons they can access when convenient, employees would not mind joining face-to-face seminars or technical skills training as long as it suits their schedule. This is precisely why training scheduling software would be an asset to organizations.

With the right training scheduling software, business can do the following more efficiently:

  • Manage time and resources effectively – Aside from ensuring everyone involved can commit time to the program, companies should plan the content, hire or delegate trainers, and reserve the venue. The software helps in all these, from creating well-structured modules to allocating the necessary resources and ensuring every need in the checklist is available. 
  • Prevent disruption to the operations – Using a training scheduling software helps businesses avoid interrupting employees hard at work for a seminar or skills demonstrations. Additionally, with the right integrations, organizations can plan and docket modules for various teams, which workers can review on their own time. By providing easy access to information, employees can learn more and contribute further to the company, without disturbing their everyday flow.  
  • Deliver data-driven insights – Metrics like training cost per employee, number of hours spent on learning, and engagement rate help companies evaluate the effectiveness of their programs and make better decisions for changes, improvements, and expansions in the future.

Key Features

While there are numerous apps specifically designed for scheduling tasks, choosing an LMS would be better as these platforms are more apt for training and scheduling. Whichever you go for in the end, make sure it has the following:

Selecting the Right Training Scheduling Software

All options provided above will be an asset to organizations that aim to deliver consistently high-quality training programs for the entire workforce. Before making your final choice, take another look at the top-rated software solutions below: 

Training Scheduling Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Trakstar Learn No Contact for pricing Yes
Bookafy Yes $9/user/month * No
LearnWorlds No $24/month * Yes
YCBM Yes $10.80/calendar/month * No
BookSteam No $19.95/user/month Yes
Academy LMS  No $119 annually Yes

* billed annually

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