Daycare Forms

Daycare Forms are essential tools used for running a successful daycare. Daycare forms can help educators in the documentation of child observation and aid in recording the child’s behavior, learning experience, social interactions, and participation in various activities while in the daycare.

We offer these 7+ high-quality templates collected specially for this daycare starter pack. Browse these free daycare forms - Child Observation Report, Preschool Daily Report, Daycare Incident Report, to name a few - and customize them according to the needs of your daycare. Use these templates with iAuditor on your mobile, iPad, tablet, or computer to expedite your child observation process, conveniently share daily reports with pictures to parents, and replace paper forms.

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1. Child Observation Report

This Child Observation Report template can be used to record the educator’s observations on the child’s behavior, interactions, and learnings in the daycare. Take pictures with iAuditor on your mobile to document the social, emotional, communication, cognition, or physical learnings of the child. Conveniently send your observation reports to parents via PDF or a weblink that they can click anytime anywhere on their mobile, iPad, tablet, or computer.

2. Preschool / Daycare Daily Report

This Preschool / Daycare Daily Report template can be used to record the child’s participation in daycare activities. Use this form to take photos of food served and identify the quantity eaten by the child. Select the child’s learning and describe the child’s experience and note possible struggles. Use iAuditor to capture photo(s) of activities, record child observations, and generate reports that can be easily sent to parents. Access information that is securely saved in iAuditor’s cloud-based storage (can be upgraded to unlimited storage if you get Premium subscription).

3. Daycare Attendance Sheet

Use this Daycare Attendance Sheet template to record the child’s sign in and sign out. This can help track children’s daily attendance and how many hours each child is in your care. You can use iAuditor to generate offline reports and review parents’ comments.

4. Preschool Skills Checklist

This Preschool Skills Checklist can be used to assess physical, mental, and emotional learning developments of a child. Perform preschool assessments to help identify the child’s readiness and improvement on skills needed for the next school year. This Preschool Skills Checklist covers social, motor, language, reading, comprehension, and writing skills. Moreover, subjects like math, science, arts, music, and social studies are also included in this checklist. Use iAuditor’s Analytics to keep track of frequently failed items to help identify areas for improvement.

5. Preschool Assessment Checklist

You can use this Preschool Assessment Checklist to evaluate the child’s learning development. This template can help assess the child’s approach to learning and observe the child’s social and emotional development. The teacher can take photos with iAuditor on a mobile device and generate reports to show how the child participated in daycare activities.

6. Daycare Contract Template

Use this Daycare Contract Template converted using iAuditor to document the agreement between the parent/s and the daycare. This template includes the child's personal information, daycare schedule, mode of payment, and special requests or instructions from the parents. Verify the agreement through digital signatures and send copies via PDF or weblink.

7. Daycare Incident Report

This Daycare Incident Report template can be used to gather necessary facts, photo evidence, and general information of any possible incident that may occur in the daycare. Use iAuditor to instantly generate reports and send copies to parents and school administrators. Feel free to modify this template to suit your daycare needs.

BONUS! Daycare Kitchen Checklist

Use this Daycare Kitchen Cleaning Checklist to help maintain a clean and sanitized kitchen. Evaluate if the staff wears hygienic clothing and if the food are properly handled. Check if the kitchen is cleaned and sanitized after use, and if waste materials are segregated and properly disposed of. Use iAuditor to capture photos and annotate for easy reference of spotted items.

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