Top 11 Daycare Form Templates

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A daycare form is a tool used by educators and daycare providers to ensure that daycare operations are up to standard and child data are gathered in an organized manner. Information gathered from forms such as daily reports, attendance sheets, and observation reports can serve as supporting information in the documentation of a child observation report.

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Top 11 Daycare Forms Templates

1. Infant Daily Report Form Checklist

An infant daily report form is used by daycare staff to keep track of meals, diaper changes, bottle feeding, and sleeping patterns. An infant daily report helps parents gain insight into their children’s behavior during the children’s time at the daycare. With this form, you can:

  1. Record child information and instructions/ notes from parents upon child’s arrival
  2. Record child’s meals, bottle feeding, diaper changes, and sleep
  3. Take photo evidence for accurate reporting
  4. Add notes or recommendations for parents
  5. Sign off by providing digital signature from teacher/ educator

2. Daycare Daily Report Form

This daycare daily report form is used to record children’s overall behavior in the facility. Use this template to take note of a child’s eating habits and attitude towards learning activities. Conducting daily reports can help assure parents that their child’s well being is given the utmost care.

3. Preschool Daily Report Form

A preschool daily report form is used to record a child’s participation in daycare activities. Use this template to rate the child’s overall behavior and note possible struggles during learning activities (if any).

4. Daycare Incident Report Form

A daycare incident report form is used to gather necessary facts in the event of an accident occurring within the facility. Use this template for data gathering, take photo evidence of incident and generate comprehensive reports to share with parents and administrators.

5. Daycare Attendance Sheet

A daycare attendance sheet is a tool used to keep track of children’s daily attendance. Daycare providers can use this attendance sheet to record the sign in and sign out of child to keep track of how many hours a child spends in your care.

6. Toddler Daily Sheet

A toddler daily sheet is used by daycare providers to record food intake, naps, and diaper changes. Use this checklist to track a child’s progress and share observations with parents.

7. Daycare Kitchen Checklist

This daycare kitchen checklist is used to evaluate kitchen cleanliness and staff hygiene. You can also use this checklist to ensure that waste materials are properly disposed of.

8. Child Observation Report

This Child Observation Report template can be used to record the educator’s observations on the child’s behavior, interactions, and learnings in the daycare. Take pictures with iAuditor on your mobile to document the social, emotional, communication, cognition, or physical learnings of the child. Conveniently send your observation reports to parents via PDF or a weblink that they can click anytime anywhere on their mobile, iPad, tablet, or computer.

9. Preschool Skills Checklist

This Preschool Skills Checklist can be used to assess the physical, mental, and emotional learning developments of a child. Perform preschool assessments to help identify the child’s readiness and improvement on skills needed for the next school year. This Preschool Skills Checklist covers social, motor, language, reading, comprehension, and writing skills. Moreover, subjects like math, science, arts, music, and social studies are also included in this checklist.

10. Preschool Assessment Checklist

You can use this Preschool Assessment Checklist to evaluate the child’s learning development. This template can help assess the child’s approach to learning and observe the child’s social and emotional development. The teacher can take photos with iAuditor on a mobile device and generate reports to show how the child participated in daycare activities.

11. Daycare Contract Template

Use this Daycare Contract Template converted using iAuditor to document the agreement between the parent/s and the daycare. This template includes the child's personal information, daycare schedule, mode of payment, and special requests or instructions from the parents. Verify the agreement through digital signatures and send copies via PDF or weblink.