7 Best Inventory Templates

Inventory templates are excellent tools which can be used by businesses to itemize stocks of merchandise, goods, properties, or building materials. We compiled 7 of the best inventory templates you can use to perform more efficient inventory checks when receiving supplies, storing merchandise, and replenishing stocks.

iAuditor is the world’s #1 cloud-based mobile inspection app that can be used to replace tons of paper inventory forms. Record product SKUs, item quantity, and total costs. Evaluate the quality of goods. Capture photos of defective items. Generate real time audits anytime, anywhere. Download and customize these free templates based on your stock list or create your own inventory list with iAuditor!

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1. General Inventory Template

This General Inventory Audit can be used to create a basic list of your stocks. Add items by using iAuditor’s Dynamic Fields which allows you to ask recurring questions. Record the labels or product numbers. Capture photos of the products. List the quantity and net value. Complete the list by confirming the total number of inventory items and value. Affix a digital signature to validate your list. Save your reports via iAuditor’s cloud-based storage (unlimited photos and memory via Premium subscription) and generate reports anytime with the touch of a button.

2. Raw Materials Inventory Form

This checklist can be used to record raw stocks or items that have not yet been used. List the items and determine whether these are directly or indirectly incorporated into the final product. Record the total number of items and check if there are degraded or broken items. Get the total number of acceptable items for use in production. You can take advantage of iAuditor’s API Integration and incorporate iAuditor with your other systems when you subscribe to Premium.

3. Work-in-process Inventory Template

This Work-in-process Inventory Template can be used to help auditors and inventory clerks determine which items should be prioritized and completed. Unfinished goods should be recorded to report the total cost of items that are still on the factory or manufacturing floor. Maximize iAuditor’s features by using Action via the paperclip icon and assign tasks to appropriate persons or departments.

4. Finished Goods Inventory Template

One of the final steps before displaying the finished goods to your customers is to conduct a final quality check. You can use this Finished Goods Inventory Template to list the manufactured items, evaluate the condition of each item, and record the total quantity, cost per item, and the total cost. Use iAuditor’s Analytics feature to track how many finished goods did not pass quality standards, identify underlying factors, and help develop manufacturing processes that can improve quality.

5. Food Inventory Checklist

This Food Inventory Checklist can be used to record food stocks in your pantry. It contains preset responses which you can customize according to your usual food stock list. Use iAuditor’s scheduled audits feature to assign templates to inventory clerks when conducting daily, weekly or monthly food inventory checks. This hassle-free scheduling of audits with iAuditor will save admins the effort of constantly remembering which inspections to do and which checklists to use.

6. Property Inventory Audit

You can use this Property Inventory Template when creating a list of real estate property items. Indicate item costs, date of purchase, and the current market value for each item from all areas of the property. Evaluate the quality of each item and take a photo using a mobile device, iPad, or tablet. Share your audits to your managers or supervisors and generate real time reports while on-site.

7. Warehouse Stock Audit

Warehouses receive a lot of incoming stocks for manufacturing, production, or logistics storage. Use this Warehouse Stock Audit checklist to itemize supplies by stock keeping unit (SKU), bin number, quantity and cost. Enter the total inventory value, total bin count, and number of inventory items in the confirmation section.

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