Top 7 Supply Chain Visibility Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

Managing your supply chain can be a strenuous endeavor since it requires companies to seamlessly connect workflows, coordinate with numerous stakeholders from different locales, and deal with disruptive unpredictabilities, as recent events have shown. A top-rated safety, quality, and audit inspection platform, SafetyCulture is one of the best supply chain software solutions today as it equips organizations with the tools required to monitor the different processes in various sites and the ability to identify issues and the best possible remedy for them. 



  • Monitor the activities in various sites using reports, sensors, geo-tagging, and bar-coding to get a handle on issues that arise and promptly find the appropriate resolutions for them.
  • Gain a better understanding of assets and resources for better resource allocation, demand forecasting, and other insightful analytics.  
  • Build supply chain templates to match your unique requirements or use any of the checklists available for download from the Public Library.
  • Document the various process in real-time and use those photos and videos to generate professional reports with actionable insights to drive improvement. 
  • Establish seamless communication with employees, third-party vendors, and other service providers to ensure heightened coordination via Heads Up. 

Why use Shippeo?

Highly favored by shippers, carriers, and logistics providers, Shippeo believes that gaining full visibility into the entire operations drives value. Their wide array of solutions can accurately predict ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival), anticipate possible disruptions, and manage risks more effectively through full collaboration.   


  • Driver mobile application 
  • Shareable tracking links
  • Alerts and notifications

Why use FourKites?

Recipient of numerous awards including the Gartner Magic Quadrant for three straight years and used by world-renowned brands, FourKites allows companies to see and understand their entire supply chain so they can resolve possible issues that may arise.     


  • Predictive and dynamic ETAs
  • Order visibiltiy
  • Notifications and alerts

Why use Turvo?

An end-to-end transport management solution designed specifically for freight brokers, shippers, and carriers, Turvo provides complete visibility of the entire transport network, delivers much-needed insight into the operations, and allows seamless communication from a single dashboard. 


  • Routing guide
  • Driver app for location tracking
  • Synchronzation through the collaboration cloud

Why use Movement?

Movement is Project44’s comprehensive visibility platform specifically created for carriers, shippers, and other logistics professionals. Aside from giving companies a full view of their operations, they also benefit from automated workflows and data-driven insights, increasing their overall efficiency.   


  • Predictive tracking and ETAs
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Streamlined collaboration

Why use Sensefinity?

This is a 360-degree supply chain visibility software that allows logistics companies to track different assets and activities across various locations, analyze employee and overall operational performance, and communicate through various networks, even when cellular services are not available. 


  • Global tracking and monitoring
  • Real-time location system
  • Cloud integrated sensors

Why use Discover?

This supply chain visibility platform eliminates time-consuming surveys, obsolete databases, and other inefficient approaches, allowing businesses to uncover and map their operations in order to effectively interact with their stakeholders across several networks.  


  • Event monitoring
  • Risk prediction
  • Entity resolution 

What is Supply Chain Visibility Software?

Supply chain visibility software is a comprehensive digital platform that enables businesses to track their raw materials and produced goods, appraise inventories, and monitor employee activities. Thanks to its numerous features that provide transparency and data-driven analytics, companies can quickly spot problems such as interruptions or delays and make better decisions to deliver appropriate solutions. With enhanced end-to-end operations, customers at the end of the supply chain are satisfied.


With the sheer complexity of dealing with various stakeholders from different geographic locations and numerous uncertainties like market fluctuations and natural disasters along the way, effectively managing the supply chain is a challenging endeavor. Getting a bird’s-eye view of the entire process can help organizations stay on top of everything. All these are possible by having the best supply chain visibility software.

  • Improved inventory management – Automated materials tracking, demand forecasting, and stock optimization provides managers with salient information in real-time, allowing companies to maintain inventory levels and meet lead times across the supply chain.
  • Minimized supply chain risks – Issues are resolved immediately by monitoring the various activities in the whole process. Compliance with industry regulations is also ensured, reducing legal liabilities and the risk to the company’s reputation.
  • Enhanced collaboration – Communicating through a centralized platform allows all stakeholders, from the administrators to third-party suppliers, to share information and resolve issues together.
  • Data-driven decision-making – Advanced analytics, predictive modeling, and performance dashboards provide metrics that validate any business stance administrators may take for progress and overall sustainability.
  • Increased operational efficiency – With IoT integration, constant monitoring, and automated notifications, everyone involved in the supply chain can prevent disruption, reduce delays, and stick to delivery schedules.

Key Features

The value of software solutions depends on the features it has. The supply chain visibility software should have the following:

Selecting the Right Supply Chain Visibility Software

The lack of visibility across the supply chain hinder decision making and, subsequently, the timely response to critical issues. While the options mentioned above can provide the real-time data you need, it would still be best to look at the digital solutions in the chart below before making your final choice.

Supply Chain Visibility Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $19/user/month* Yes
Shippeo No Contact for pricing Yes
FourKites No Contact for pricing Yes
Turvo No Contact for pricing Yes
Movement by Project44 Yes €399 (≈$450) per month Yes
Sensefinity No Contact for pricing Yes
Discover by Everstream No Contact for pricing No

* billed annually

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