Top 10 Network Inventory Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

Managing network assets, especially during crucial digital transformations, would not be such a headache for IT teams, cybersecurity professionals, and network administrators with SafetyCulture. This highly versatile and scalable platform helps efficiently track devices, configurations, and changes across various environments. Best of all, documenting hardware specifications, recording software installations, and monitoring network connectivity can all be done with a mobile device, even in offline or remote settings. In light of the impending 3G shutdown, SafetyCulture’s adaptability ensures a seamless transition to newer networks while maintaining asset visibility and compliance.


  • Identify devices requiring upgrades or replacements and other relevant information by compiling crucial asset information and organizing them per department, site, or region.
  • Streamline various tasks, including inspections and maintenance work, by deploying digital checklists with QR codes.
  • Enhance network monitoring activities by enabling the seamless flow of information from various devices and applications to the platform.
  • Carefully monitor the status, condition, and movement of assets to better prepare for future improvements with the help of built-in analytics.
  • Streamline workflows like equipment repair, software reconfigurations, and even resource allocation for planned transitions by delegating tasks within the platform and sending notifications and reminders to the personnel assigned.

Why use Total Network Inventory?

A desktop-based network inventory management solution, Softinventive Lab’s Total Network Inventory provides network administrators with the necessary tools for monitoring and tracking related assets. It assists companies in identifying legacy devices, planning for future upgrades, and deploying new technology.


  • Network Scanning, Mapping, and Visualization
  • Remote Device Management
  • Customizable Software Reports

Why use Lansweeper?

Recognized for its scalability and comprehensive features set, Lansweeper helps companies optimize IT, OT, and IoT processes by providing actionable insights into their tech estate. With its extensive risk management tools, relevant personnel can reduce problems and overhead costs while transitioning to new infrastructure.


  • Agentless Network Scanning
  • Patch Management
  • Active Directory Integration

Why use Snipe-IT?

Known for its simplicity and affordability, Snipe-IT is lauded as one of the best network inventory software. With its powerful interface and incredible security functionalities, this digital tool enables companies to shift from spreadsheets and effectively track all software and hardware devices. Best of all, it is open-source and has a free-to-use option.


  • Web-based Asset Management
  • Barcode and QR Code Asset Tagging
  • Role-based Access Control

Why use Pulseway?

This software solution is highly favored network asset inventory software among MSPs (managed service providers) and IT teams, not just for its remote monitoring and management software capabilities but also because of its top-notch automation and mobile-first capabilities. Pulseway is also easy to use and deploy, making it the perfect tool for non-IT experts.


  • Real-time Asset Discovery and Inventory Tracking
  • Remote Device Management
  • Mobile App for On-the-go Management

Why use Ivanti NAC?

Trusted by thousands of small start-ups and large enterprises worldwide, Ivanti NAC proves that it is one of the best network inventory management software. With their full-featured suite that includes asset discovery and outstanding data security offerings, organizations can navigate digital transformations better, worrying very little about disruptions.


  • Asset Discovery, Inventory, and Optimization
  • Configuration Management
  • Remote Control and Support

Why use Network Inventory Advisor?

Despite the simplicity of its website, Network Inventory Advisor is a powerful digital platform that helps companies manage their software and hardware assets, especially when preparing for digital transitions or revamps. This desktop-based tool is one of the most affordable, perfect for small to medium-sized businesses.


  • Hardware and Software Inventory Tracking
  • Custom Nodes Inventory
  • Change Management and Control

Why use SolarWinds NCM?

A full-featured suite, SolarWinds NCM is considered one of the best network inventory platforms, trusted by other IT companies. Aside from providing 360-degree visibility, it facilitates the efficient management of networks, systems, databases, and applications, preparing organizations across industries for challenging digital transformations.


  • Configuration Backup
  • Application and Network Performance Monitoring
  • Integration with Network Performance Monitor

Why use Miradore?

Known for its unique innovation, Miradore is a cloud-based asset management solution designed specifically to track mobile network assets. This platform is incredibly helpful with the nearing 3G sunsetting, as most Android, Apple, and Windows-powered devices may need reconfiguration or replacement soon.


  • Device Inventory and Configuration Management
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

Why use OrbusInfinity?

A highly-awarded platform, OrbusInfinity is the perfect tool for managing IT infrastructures, especially when the company is about to start complex digital transformations. This all-inclusive software solution aids in identifying legacy devices, optimizing asset utilization, and enhancing visibility. On top of all those, it also ensures compliance with data security regulations.


  • Enterprise Architecture Management
  • IT and Application Portfolio Management
  • Cloud Integration and Migration Planning

What is Network Inventory Software?

Network inventory software is a highly specialized digital tool that catalogs, manages, and monitors the company’s hardware, software, and network assets. A crucial component of any IT infrastructure, it provides detailed information about every device, configuration, and connection to the network, helping businesses maintain up-to-date records and capture changes seamlessly.


Tracking and managing network inventory is a complex task and often a persistent problem among IT personnel across industries. Filling out and checking spreadsheets, even when done regularly, is still prone to errors. On top of that, sharing and updating these listings with frontline operations departments is also laborious and taxing. Turning to network inventory management software or systems (NIMS) can help in numerous ways:

  • Enhances Visibility and Control – The software solution provides a comprehensive view of all network assets, from industrial IoT devices to applications utilized, making it easier for personnel to inspect and update them when needed. This also enables top operations managers to monitor them as well.
  • Improves Security Measures – Identifying and addressing cyber-related vulnerabilities and risks won’t be a problem as the system provides valuable insights into device configurations, patch levels, and software versions. With this, teams can proactively perform preventive maintenance, minimizing network downtime as they do so.
  • Enables Efficient Planning for Upgrades – Because technology moves incredibly fast, upgrading is a necessity. With the visibility provided by the software, IT personnel can identify old or underutilized assets, plan to allocate adequate resources, and better execute modernization plans.

Key Features

Software full-featured platforms that help track company assets may help businesses manage their network inventory. However, the complexity of this particular IT assignment requires dedicated digital tools like computer inventory software or NIMS since it has more capabilities, including the following:

Choosing the Right Network Inventory Software

All ten software solutions described above can help companies streamline IT asset management processes, enhance network visibility, and optimize resource utilization. Before choosing one that suits your needs best, take another look at the options in the summary below:

Network Inventory Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Total Network Inventory No $90 (with free updates for a year) No
Lansweeper Yes €199 (≈$215) /month* Yes
Snipe-IT Yes $399 per year Yes
Pulseway No $27 per month** Yes
Ivanti NAC No Custom quote Yes
Network Inventory Advisor No $3.56 per node
(for up to 25 nodes)
SolarWinds NCM No $39/technician/month Yes
Miradore Yes $2.75/device/month* Yes
OrbusInfinity No Contact for pricing No

* billed annually
** 3-year subscription

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