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What is Computer Maintenance?

Computer maintenance is the process of keeping the optimal working condition of computers. Using tools such as computer maintenance checklists, IT professionals and managers can regularly and proactively check if the hardware is in need of cleaning, repair, or replacement, and making sure that the software is updated.

Computer maintenance helps IT teams discover and address issues that can lead to latency or even information security threats that can compromise continued and secure operations.

This article features (1) the importance of regular computer maintenance; (2) a digital tool that can help IT professionals conduct regular computer maintenance; and (3) free digital checklists you can browse and download for free to help maintain optimal computer performance.

Importance of Regular Computer Maintenance

Scheduled computer maintenance, also called preventive computer maintenance, is a routine task but it is one of the most vital among the multiple responsibilities of IT professionals. It is important to conduct regular computer maintenance for the following reasons:

Lessen the occurrence of unscheduled downtime

The proactive checking of computers help IT professionals find hardware and software issues that can result in costly breakdowns and unforeseen downtimes that could have been prevented if found earlier and immediately addressed.

Meet industry standards and comply with regulations

Some industry standards (ISO 27001) and regulating bodies (HIPAA) require internal audits that help ensure the security of digital information. Vigilance in checking for threats to information security through preventive computer maintenance can help organizations catch non-compliance and meet these requirements.

Prevent penalties and damage to company reputation

Regularly updating information security measures and proactively catching non-compliance and preventable issues can save organizations in penalties and costs due to information breach.

Digital Tool for Computer Maintenance

iAuditor, the world’s most powerful mobile auditing app, can help IT professionals perform scheduled computer maintenance and proactively catch issues before they turn into costly problems. With iAuditor on mobile devices, you can: