The 10 Best Cold Chain Monitoring Software of 2024

a cold chain monitoring software installed on devices for industrial refrigeration

Why use SafetyCulture?

Ranked as the top operations platform today, SafetyCulture offers one of the best cold chain management software that will remove the complexities in the jobs of supply chain and logistics managers everywhere. With the help of sensors and supporting digital functionalities, companies gain complete visibility into every stage of the cold chain, from the warehouse chillers, during product transfer in reefers, and to the delivery to the consumers. With SafetyCulture, businesses can guarantee that their products are safe for consumption.


  • Get real-time data on temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors by installing sensors on cold storage units, shipping containers, and vehicles.
  • Log relevant data on digital checklists, specifically the location and temperature of the facility or transport vehicle, while monitoring or conducting inspections.
  • Alert the right people when temperatures go past the pre-defined thresholds so that they can delegate the necessary corrective or preventive action.
  • Empower employees to raise any issues observed in the cold chain process to promote a culture of quality and safety reporting.
  • Create a single source of truth for the entire refrigeration system and the cold chain by sharing reports with data-driven insights to all stakeholders, accessible through a centralized repository.

Why use ColdTrak Data Central?

Created by DeltaTrak, this end-to-end cold chain asset monitoring software enhances safety and quality assurance throughout the supply chain. Aside from providing companies with a broad outlook on the operation, the solution also facilitates compliance documentation with the USDA, FDA, and HACCP.


  • Thermometers with time and temperature indicators
  • RF wireless monitoring
  • Real-time data loggers

Why use Controlant Aurora Platform?

Designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, Controlant is a cloud-enabled visibility platform that enhances the company’s supply chain visibility to enhance its operations, minimize waste, improve compliance with regulations, and, ultimately, ensure patient safety.


  • Real-time monitoring
  • Past and active logistics information
  • Actionable insights

Why use elproCLOUD?

Also made for the pharmaceutical sector, elproCLOUD is a digital solution that helps monitor environmental parameters in the entire temperature-controlled supply chain. On top of the software, the company also provides GxP (Good x Practice) consultations, IoT installation, and equipment calibration.


  • Temperature data loggers
  • Wireless monitoring systems
  • GxP compliance assurance

Why use Roambee?

Trusted by top global enterprises, Roambee enables companies to make better decisions thanks to better visibility, automated alerts, and network insights it provides. With Roambee, the whole supply chain can be automated, from ocean freight, air cargo, and, most challenging of all, food and pharma cold chains.


  • Real-time and verifiable sensor data
  • Sensor-drive signals
  • Automated PoD (proof of delivery) and quality control

Why use SenseAware?

A world-renowned logistics company, FedEx created a software solution that extends visibility into their operations. SenseAware does not just increase tracking precision, but it also provides real-time information on pressure, light exposure, shock, and temperature. Fortunately, FedEx has made this platform available to all, especially those who need real-time data to enhance their supply chain services.


  • Environmental monitoring with time-based alerts
  • Route optimization with location tags
  • Coverage to 30+ territories and 90+ airline companies

Why use SmartSense?

This comprehensive digital solution digitizes data and automates workflows for enhanced operations and increased revenue. One of their top use cases is supply chain management, offering real-time data with the help of IoT integration, temperature monitoring, and built-in connectivity.


  • Temperature sensors
  • Asset monitoring
  • Advanced analytics

Why use Sonicu?

A leader in IoT technology, Sonicu helps companies monitor their operations remotely and eliminate manual logging, various temperature-related risks, and tedious compliance reporting. Their cold chain software is beneficial to companies across industries, including healthcare, pharmaceutical, and supply chain and logistics.


  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Room conditions
  • Integrated IoT

Why use Temp Minder?

Designed for the food industry, Integrated Control is a comprehensive suite of solutions that optimizes restaurant operations and ensures product quality and safety. One of their products, Temp Minder, is a wireless temperature monitoring tool with reporting capabilities so that users can act on issues immediately before they worsen.


  • Wireless and mobile temperature monitoring
  • Product management solutions
  • Hygiene management systems

Why use Cooltrax?

A global leader in the cold chain monitoring sector, Cooltrax offers a completely wireless temperature management system that improves product safety and quality and enhances the company’s adherence to regulations. With this digital solution, businesses have more control over their operations at any time and from any location.


  • Temperature monitoring
  • Asset, trailer, and reefer tracking
  • Product-level monitoring

What is Cold Chain Monitoring Software?

Cold chain monitoring software is a specialized digital tool used to monitor and control the environmental conditions of temperature-sensitive goods as they are stored, transported, and distributed. Because it provides real-time visibility into the entire supply chain, companies can comply with regulatory standards and, more importantly, ensure the safety and quality of their products. This digital solution benefits manufacturers, distributors, retailers, pharmaceutical companies, and food and beverage businesses.


Almost all fast-moving consumer goods are perishable. In the USA, food loss is estimated at 31%, equivalent to $161 billion. Much of this is due to spoilage in storage and transit. Leveraging technology like IoT powered by cold chain software can help businesses reduce food wastage and more.

  • Anticipates temperature fluctuations in real-time – Installing temperature sensors on warehouses, refrigerated trucks, and other equipment prevents product degradation or spoilage. The device sends real-time alerts to relevant personnel when fluctuations occur, allowing them to rectify issues promptly.
  • Enhances operational and cost efficiency – Manual temperature checks are time-consuming and prone to errors. It also impacts the ability of managers to make decisions or address pressing issues. With the help of the software’s features, problems like excess inventory, stockouts, and disruptions that result in increased operational costs are all prevented.
  • Ensures regulatory complianceFood and pharmaceutical industries are highly regulated to prevent products from getting compromised or contaminated. By using this digital tool, companies can ascertain quality and safety and, most importantly, prove that they have taken the proper steps in storage, transportation, and handling.

Key Features

As mentioned above, cold chain management software is a highly specialized digital solution designed for a particular task. However, a few supply chain solutions and ERP platforms could have this as a module. Whether you get a stand-alone app or an all-in-one system, make sure it has the following:

Selecting the Right Cold Chain Monitoring Software

Any of the cold chain monitoring software options detailed above will be able to maintain the quality and safety of your products throughout their journey in the supply chain. Before making your final decision, take another look at your choices below to see which suits your needs and budget best.

Cold Chain Monitoring Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
ColdTrak Data Central No Contact for pricing No
Controlant Aurora Platform No Not indicated No
elproCLOUD No Contact for pricing No
Roambee No Custom quote Yes
SenseAware No Contact for pricing No
SmartSense No Not indicated Yes
Sonicu No $19/month Yes
Temp Minder No Not indicated Yes
Cooltrax No Not indicated Yes

* billed annually

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