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A SIRE (Ship Inspection Report Programme) inspection is a standard assessment done by tanker owners and operators to identify operational deficiencies in their shipping vessels. It is used to determine whether a vessel or barge follows SIRE programme standards set by the OICMF. Performing regular SIRE Inspections can help your business promote ship safety and ensure consistent quality of service in the business.

This article discusses: 1) What a SIRE Inspection; 2) 4 Crucial Areas of a SIRE Inspection; and 4) a digital SIRE inspection checklist you can customize and download for free.

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A SIRE Inspection is performed using the SIRE Vessel Inspection Questionnaires (VIQs), a set of detailed questionnaires which addresses issues associated with safety and pollution prevention. The questionnaire contains 12 chapters highlighting the following crucial areas:

  • Certification & Documentation
  • Check and evaluate whether your business has all the required documents and certification (e.g., Certificate of ). Operating a vessel without these required certifications and documentation can cause legal ramifications that negatively impact operation and business.

  • Crew Management
  • In this section, both officers and crew members are evaluated to check if they follow the principles of safe manning and operator’s policy. Personnel are also evaluated on their communication competencies and reviewed if they have adequate training and experience. Consistent evaluation of ship personnel reduces the likelihood of worker accidents or even equipment damage.

  • Safety Management
  • “This section examines the application of safety provisions derived from SOLAS safety standards to ensure maritime safety. This entails assessing if safety systems are in place like the use of PPE’s and having procedures for investigation and reporting of accidents, incidents, non-conformities and more. The availability of lifesaving and fire-fighting equipment is also checked in this section to prepare for life-threatening situations.

  • Vessel System Management
  • This section encompasses most of the SIRE programme chapters for visual inspection. Items relating to the general appearance and condition of the vessel fall under this category (e.g., Vessel structure, engine, machinery, mooring, cargo, ballast, etc.). Performing regular checks of vessel systems lowers the chances of ship malfunction and unexpected costly repairs and allows you to immediately act on problem areas that could cause grave repercussions in the long run.

Inspection and reporting are two vital elements of a SIRE programme, which could both be performed efficiently using a digital solution.

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SIRE Inspection Checklist

1. SIRE Inspection Checklist

A SIRE Inspection checklist is a tool introduced by the OCIMF to help maritime industries promote ship safety in their vessels. This checklist is converted using iAuditor and contains 12 chapters from the VIQ questionnaire from the SIRE Program.