9 Essential Retail Store Audit Checklists

Retail store audit checklists are tools that can be used to effectively control and monitor the status, branding, processes, and standardization of retail outlets. Retail store audit checklists can be used by store managers or auditors to evaluate the effectiveness of store displays, keep track of product inventory, observe store employees, and ensure the cleanliness and safety of the retail store.

Get started by browsing our collection of 8+ retail audit templates and modify them according to your retail needs. Use iAuditor on your mobile, tablet, or iPad to perform real-time data collection, assign corrective actions for non-compliance, and help manage your daily retail operations. Take photos of merchandise, highlight defects by annotating on the images, and generate comprehensive reports on your mobile. Schedule your retail audits and use iAuditor's Analytics to watch out for trends and frequently failed items.

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1. Store Audit

You can use this General Store Audit Checklist to evaluate the store, employees, and store processes. Begin by inspecting the product and store layout, promotional materials, and window displays - check if they are up to date, appropriate, and appealing to your customers. Assess all employees’ adherence to company protocols, safety and emergency procedures, and check if they demonstrate product knowledge. Check if storage materials and electrical systems are in good working condition. Conclude the inspection by providing comments and affix a digital signature to validate the inspection. You can also cascade this template to other store managers and collaborate to check if brand standards are met. Use iAuditor’s scheduling feature to make sure you never miss conducting another store audit and use Analytics to watch for trends and identify frequently failed items.

2. Retail Store Operations Checklist

This Retail Store Operations Checklist can be used to evaluate the following: employees’ product knowledge, facility cleanliness, merchandise and window display’s appeal to customers, and safety of item storage. You can download this template and customize it to meet your store’s standards.

3. Retail Store Daily Checklist - Opening

Use this Retail Store Daily Checklist to confirm retail opening tasks which may include conducting toolbox talk meetings, ensuring all merchandise on display are clean, undamaged, and up to date, and checking if electronic devices like the POS system, cash registers, printers, and phones are functioning properly before the commencement of operations. Use iAuditor with your mobile to take photos of defective items and generate reports on the spot.

4. Retail Store Daily Checklist - Closing

Before locking the doors after the hours of operation, it is important to ensure that all items are secured and inspected. You can use this Retail Store Daily Closing Checklist to confirm if store facilities are clean and in good working condition, product inventory was updated, store equipment were shut down, and surveillance cameras and alarm systems are working. Use iAuditor to perform your inspections using any mobile device and automatically save all reports via cloud-based storage.

5. Retail Store Checklist Template

Use this Retail Store Checklist Template converted using iAuditor to conduct regular retail audit, quality assurance, and safety inspections. With iAuditor the world’s #1 mobile inspection app you can evaluate external, front of the house, and back of the house of your retail store. Conveniently identify the areas for improvement by using Analytics to look for frequently failed items.

6. Retail Store Inventory Checklists

This Retail Store Inventory Checklists can be used to check if there are enough merchandise and stocks needed for your retail store. You can use this template while you itemize stocks, replenish display products, and perform efficient inventory checks when receiving and preparing items for selling. Use iAuditor to record items, capture photos of defects, and evaluate if the items passed good quality standards.

7. Retail 6S Lean Safety Checklist

This Retail 6S Lean Safety Checklist includes safety in addition to the existing 5S program (sort out, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain). Use this template to identify hazards or potential risks while performing tasks in the retail store and provide risk rating and hazard control measures to be implemented. Use iAuditor to generate on-site reports and capture photos of red tagged items.

8. Retail Customer Satisfaction Survey

This Retail Customer Satisfaction Survey can be used to collect feedback from customers who visit your retail shop. This survey will ask the customers about the shop’s appearance, products and services offered, pricing, staff, and the overall customer purchasing experience. Set up this satisfaction survey via kiosk and use iAuditor to gather data and determine what areas need to be improved using Analytics.

Bonus! Retail Mystery Shopper Checklist

This Retail Mystery Shopper Checklist can be used to ensure that retail staff follows the standard processes of the company. Use iAuditor the world’s most powerful digital inspection app to assess staff’s attitude and behavior when assisting and acknowledging a customer. Record your observations and recommendations and generate reports on areas for improvement.

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