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What is a Pest Control Inspection?

A pest control inspection is a procedure carried on by licensed individuals to perform inspections on building structures to determine pest activity and identify causes of infestation. This procedure also aims to foresee areas that are most likely to be root causes of pests. Performing regular pest inspections and maintenance effectively keeps out unwanted guests such as termites, ants, cockroaches, and more.

Best Practices in Conducting Pest Inspections

Performing pest inspections entail checking numerous areas of a property (e.g., perimeter, basement, indoor areas etc). It is important not to miss any spot to avoid re-inspections. Complete and accurate inspection reports are vital for pest inspections, to be able to provide the right solution. Below are some best practices you can apply to help ensure property owners good pest inspection reports:

  • Have tools ready
    To perform a pest inspection you’ll need a few tools. Items such as flashlights, flushing agents or aerosols, magnifying glass and a pen and paper to record your findings during the inspection.
  • Get down low
    In doing inspections especially indoors, it is helpful to get down low on your hands and knees with a flashlight to get a better look at the area for damages that could be a sign of pest activity.
  • Take photo evidences
    Photos are a great way to illustrate issues or problem areas in reports. Take or attach photos during inspection and attach it to your reports. Inspectors will then take a look and examine and come up with recommendations to help solve the issue depicted in the photo.
  • Use a digital checklist
    A digital pest control checklist can serve as a guide when performing inspections. It helps you keep track of areas or items you need to check. Using a digital checklist gives you the efficiency of using your mobile or phone device in performing inspections for faster completion of inspection and collation of data; avoid losing paper reports.

What is iAuditor and how can it help with my Pest Control Inspection Checklist?

Pest control inspections often become cumbersome especially if you’re covering a bigger property. Boost your inspection procedure with a mobile tool like iAuditor, a tool that leverages workers to perform amazing visual inspections and record accurate data with smart and automated digital templates. Never miss an area to inspect and keep track of procedures to do with a mobile inspection app like iAuditor. Use iAuditor for your pest control inspections and be able to:

  • Convert your paper forms into digital checklists
  • Conveniently perform your pest inspections on your mobile or tablet device
  • Take or attach photos and add notations during inspection
  • Automatically generate comprehensive reports and share with team members. Preview sample report.
  • Use for free with small teams. Unlimited reports and storage, integrations, and real-time analytics for premium accounts.


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