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What is a job sheet?

A job sheet is a tool used by workers to document key tasks performed onsite and obtain the required client sign-off upon completion. Job sheets are commonly used across engineering, manufacturing, and trade services businesses.

This article will briefly cover: (1) what is included in a job sheet and the business challenges of using paper-based job sheets; (2) a powerful mobile job sheet app that can be used at any site; and (3) free job sheet templates you can download and use for free!

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Job sheet templates vary by industry but generally follow this job sheet format:

  1. Customer information
  2. Description of fault and works carried out
  3. Additional works required
  4. Costing and materials used
  5. Worker and client sign-off

Challenges of using paper-based job sheets

Given the nature of the information needed following the job sheet format, filling out job sheets present the following challenges:

  • Time-consuming to complete;
  • Burdensome paperwork and difficult to recover; and
  • Difficult to analyze productivity and business KPI insights

Powerful Mobile Job Sheet App

Digitizing your job sheet reports can streamline your productivity, save significant worker hours, and help uncover actionable business insights. iAuditor is the world’s #1 cloud-based inspection platform and can be used to perform paperless job sheet reporting. Complete your job sheets while on-site, take photo evidence, capture digital client signatures and generate PDF reports instantly. Save and analyze all your business records securely online.

To help you get started we have prepared 4 digital job sheet templates you can use with iAuditor. All templates are free to download and easily customizable. No programming skills required.

The Best Digital Job Sheets

1. Job Sheet Template

Use this job sheet template to record description of work and have the option to capture photos for evidence of job completed. Record hours rendered, costing of materials used, staff who worked for the job, and describe any additional tasks required. Affix client’s digital signature to validate the work performed by the employee.

2. Engineering Job Sheet Template

Document key tasks performed onsite using this engineering job sheet template. Record description of fault and works carried out, provide other details such as completion of risk assessment, car park, expenses, etc., and capture photo evidence. Indicate if the job was completed and the number of hours rendered to perform the on-site task.

3. Job Card Template (Supplier)

This job card template can be used by suppliers to record items before delivery or transport. Detail the item description, quantity, cost, and any special instructions provided by customers. Affix the customer’s digital signature to confirm delivery of the items.

4. Automotive Services Job Sheet Template

This automotive services job sheet template is specifically intended for automotive businesses and companies. Capture vehicle details, customer instructions and mechanical parts needed for the repair. Validate the audit by providing a digital signature.

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