Top 3 Gemba Walk Checklists

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What is a Gemba Walk Checklist?

Gemba walk checklists are used by executives or managers in performing gemba walks around the workspace. The main objective of a gemba walk is to identify problematic areas in the business process and come up with a solution to improve it. It can be used in observing one or more processes as required (e.g., customer service, cost, safety, productivity, workspace efficiency, etc).

3 Elements of an Effective Gemba Walk

A gemba walk follows three fundamental elements:

  1. Go See
    Walk around the workplace and observe if processes are done according to standards and if they produce intended results.
  2. Ask Why
    Identify and resolve challenges through active communication. You can also use techniques such as 5 why’s.
  3. Show Respect
    Collaborate with the workers in understanding the challenges and determining how they could be addressed. A gemba walk should focus on the challenges and not on workers’ performance.

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