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Top 3 Gap Analysis Templates

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What is a Gap Analysis Template?

A gap analysis template is used by organization leaders to help identify gaps or deficiencies between the current and desired state, and document the action steps needed to achieve the goal. It aims to answer the questions: "What do we wish to achieve?"; "Where are we now?"; "Why are we not there yet?"; and "How will we address the gap?".

Gap Analysis Template: How to Perform

A gap analysis template generally includes 4 steps:

  1. Analyze the current state.
    Describe the performance status at the moment. How is the employee performing today? Are the needs of the employee being met?
  2. Describe the desired state.
    Think about the future goal and illustrate what it should look like.
  3. Identify the gaps and risks.
    Gaps are the difference between where you are and where you want to be. Analyze the root cause of the current challenge and outline the conditions in achieving the desired outcome.
  4. Outline a detailed action plan.
    Determine the exact steps in order of priority to close the gaps. The action plan should identify the solutions, the reasons why they are appropriate, and the necessary target dates of completion.

iAuditor as a Gap Analysis Tool

Paper-based gap analysis is inefficient and time-consuming as it requires duplicate work and can increase the risk of losing gap analysis reports. Lost gap analysis reports can hinder employees and managers from addressing gaps on schedule.

iAuditor, a cloud-based template builder, can digitize and streamline your gap analysis workflows. With iAuditor, you can:

  • Save time by performing paperless gap analysis assessments online using a mobile device.
  • Create a gap analysis dashboard using iAuditor to easily track and view completion of employee commitments and their target dates.
  • Define a workflow that sends auto-generated gap analysis reports to key recipients (e.g., managers and external evaluators) and saves all data in iAuditor’s secure cloud storage.
  • Schedule periodic gap analyses to ensure continuity of plans.
  • Facilitate digital sign-offs to verify agreements between employee and evaluator.

We have prepared 3 of the best digital gap analysis templates to help you get started. Download and customize these templates and begin a streamlined gap assessment.


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