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A gap analysis template is used by leaders and HR teams to help identify gaps between the current and desired performance rate within an organization. It enables benchmarking across teams to identify career development opportunities and areas for improvement.

A gap analysis template helps to evaluate the action needs of an employee to be able to hit their target goals and improve quality and efficiency. For a business, it can improve customer satisfaction and profitability.

A gap analysis template generally includes 4 key components:

  1. Current state: your performance status at the moment
  2. Desired state: the goal that you want to achieve
  3. Identified gaps & risks: areas for improvement
  4. Action plan: exact steps in order of priority to close the gap including target dates

Paper-based gap analysis is inefficient and requires duplicate work such as data re-entry into spreadsheets. Paperwork can get lost and evaluated employees risk losing track of their agreed action plan and target dates.

iAuditor is a cloud-based inspection platform that can digitize and streamline your gap analysis workflows. Save time by performing paperless gap analysis assessments online or a mobile device. Easily track and view all employee commitments and target goals via the iAuditor online dashboard.

We have prepared 3 of the best digital gap analysis templates to help you get started. Download and customize these templates and begin streamlining your gap analysis processes.

3 Featured Gap Analysis Templates

1. General Gap Analysis Template

This general gap analysis template converted using iAuditor can be used to evaluate the employee's current performance and identify target goals. Assess the areas for improvement and create action plans on how to achieve these goals. With iAuditor’s action feature you can easily assign corrective actions to the evaluated employee or other team members. Set the priority level to close the gap and include target dates.

2. Skills Gap Analysis Template

This Skills Gap Analysis Template can be used to help increase employee skills level and determine if an employee is fit for a specific position. Assess the current skill of the employee and set the target skill level. Identify the gaps and risk and how to achieve the target goal. Assign action plans which include priority levels and target dates.

3. Comprehensive Gap Assessment Template

This Comprehensive Gap Assessment Template helps determine what employees need to hit their target goals. Assess if employees are aware of the type of performance expected of them and document the uncontrollable internal or external environmental factors that may influence the employee’s performance. Affix digital signatures to verify the 1:1 discussion.

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