Top 7 Mining Software of 2024

Using a mining software inspection tool on the field

Why use SafetyCulture?

A top-rated inspection platform on the cloud, SafetyCulture is an effective software for mining companies such as Goldcorp from Canada, thanks to the numerous features offered, like comprehensive mining templates, real-time monitoring and communication, incident management, and in-depth reporting with robust analytics. With SafetyCulture, mine managers and workers can efficiently develop mining plans, track the resources and various activities across different sites, and make data-driven decisions. Ultimately, they can boost their operations and yield and ensure safety and environmental sustainability.


  • Use templates and checklists from the Public Library to collect operational data, conduct critical control audits and site safety inspections, and evaluate the environmental impact of their operations.
  • Allocate resources better and manage assets effectively.
  • Monitor employees, their activities, and the different operational sites in real-time using cameras, machine sensors, and geo-tagging.
  • Raise issues, assign appropriate actions, and document the whole process with photos and videos even when offline.
  • Ensure collaboration among different teams by sending notifications about training, toolbox meetings, and daily task assignments via Heads Up.

Why use Vulcan?

This is a comprehensive mining industry software that helps companies in streamlining various tasks during exploration and geology, planning and design, and operations and production. Maptek offers various solutions like Vulcan Explorer (3D visualization and modeling), Evolution (scheduling), Sentry (stability and convergence monitoring), and many more.


  • Drill and blast management
  • Geological modeling workflow
  • Materials tracking

Why use Deswik?

With the support of the Deswik system’s multiple modules, this digital solution automates numerous tasks, enabling mine engineers and managers to operate more efficiently. Deswik has local offices in various countries, like Australia, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, and Kazakhstan, as they also offer consulting and training.


  • Interactive scheduling
  • Advanced surveying
  • Landform and haulage

Why use RPM MinePlanner?

This full-featured mining software advances mining operations, making it safer, more efficient, and environmentally sustainable. RPM MinePlanner, available in 14 countries on six continents, also offers advisory, consulting, and training on top of the digital solution.


  • Planning and scheduling
  • Operations optimization
  • Asset management

Why use Datamine?

This digital solution involves a wide range of features that effectively handle the various operational challenges in the mining sector. Users can integrate the full suite into their current system or choose a specific module like metallurgical accounting, ore controller, or open pit drill and blast, among others.


  • Geological and geotechnical analysis
  • Resource and reserve management
  • Mine planning and scheduling

Why use Micromine?

Established in 1986, Micromine aims to innovate the mineral resources sector, ensuring that companies can operate efficiently while ensuring environmental sustainability. The comprehensive suite includes various solutions like Nexus, Geobank, and Origin, and, more importantly, training for mining engineers, managers, and mine workers.


  • Strategic mine planning
  • Real-time data validation and visualization
  • Team collaboration with automated notifications

Why use SHEQSY?

Rated as the leading lone worker safety software, SHEQSY works effectively as mining software, enabling miners to accomplish their tasks with confidence whether in an open pit site or underground. By simply having this application on the user’s mobile phone, worker safety is guaranteed, especially in high-risk conditions.


  • Real-time location tracking and activity monitoring
  • Automated check-ins
  • Duress alarm activation

Free version: Available for teams of up to 10
Pricing: Starts at $10 per user per month, billed annually (with a 30-day free trial)
Platforms supported: Web, iOS, Android

What is Mining Software?

Mining software is a digital tool used to streamline the various processes in the mining operation, including quarry exploration, mineral extraction from open pits or underground sites, processing of raw mineral ores or other mined materials, and even mine closure. With the help of highly-specialized features like geologic modeling, drill and blast optimization, and environmental impact studies, to name a few, companies can make data-driven decisions, optimize resources, enhance productivity, guarantee safety, and balance productivity and sustainability.


Mining is one of the most challenging undertakings because of the complexity of the processes, safety risks, and its sheer environmental impact. Upholding industry best practices and adhering to regulatory mandates are attainable with the help of mining software solutions. Here are some specifics:

  • Optimizes resource allocation – Mining companies have an extensive list of raw materials, machinery, and employees to track. The software manages these assets and resources, optimizing their use and reducing wastage in the process.
  • Enhances safety – While the industry has improved its operations, significantly decreasing disasters, deaths, and injuries over the years, there is still much to do to safeguard lives. Software features like hazard identification and automated reporting can help organizations achieve the goal of zero fatality.
  • Guarantees sustainability – Mining plays a vital role in providing essential resources for various industries. But there is no doubt that it has negative consequences for the environment. With the software, companies can better implement responsible mining practices to minimize their impact.
  • Improves analytics – Miners do not just dig soil and rocks. They also do office and laboratory work that requires appraising ores, visualizing benchings, calculating reserves, and collating certifications for regulatory agencies. All these can be analyzed using the platform.
  • Enhances overall mining efficiency – With technical functionalities like drill hole data analysis, blast vibration monitoring, and integrations to specialized IoT mining devices, mine workers can accomplish their tasks efficiently, even remotely, and achieve optimal results.


Key Features

Mining industry software solutions have one of the most extensive features list. Other than streamlining administrative tasks, the platform also involves industry-specific functionalities, which may depend on the type of mining carried out (e.g., surface, underground, placer, in-situ, etc.) While it would be a challenge to choose which suits your needs best, here are some essentials that the platform should have:

Selecting the Right Mining Software

Any of the prospects enumerated above will prove to be an asset to your company. Before you make your final choice, take another look at the summary of the digital solutions below:

App Name Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Vulcan No Contact for pricing No
Deswik Yes Contact for pricing Yes
RPM MinePlanner No Contact for pricing Yes
Datamine No Contact for pricing Yes
Micromine No Contact for pricing Yes
SHEQSY Yes $10/user/month* Yes

*billed annually

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