Top 7 Air Quality Monitoring Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

Considered the leading safety and operations platform today, SafetyCulture offers one of the best air quality management software thanks to its extensive features. With the help of this platform, companies across industries can remotely track and analyze ambient air quality within facilities, commercial establishments, vehicles, and similar enclosed spaces. It also automates various workflows, such as routine checks and equipment maintenance, enabling workers to accomplish all those in areas with limited to no connectivity. Consequently, managers can proactively handle incidents like poor ventilation, exposure to air contaminants and hazards, and subsequent health problems.


  • Consistently collect accurate data on air quality parameters (e.g., Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, particulate matter, humidity, etc.) by utilizing the sensors offered in the platform.
  • Streamline data transfer by integrating the company’s current system, apps, and monitoring devices into the platform.
  • Get alerts once thresholds are met and deviations are observed, enabling managers to assign corrective and preventive actions.
  • Uphold continuous improvement by reviewing and analyzing data collected during air quality monitoring and assessments and planning pollution prevention and control measures.
  • Equip workers with the skills and knowledge to use and maintain sensors and resolve air quality-related issues by providing standardized training materials.

Why use Aeroqual ?

Founded in 2001, New Zealand-based Aeroqual offers one of the best air quality software used by industrial, environmental, and research organizations. Aside from its advanced sensor technology, companies choose this because of its modular design, allowing them to acquire the monitoring system based on their specific requirements.


  • Diagnostic alerts
  • Remote monitoring and calibration
  • Service events recording

Why use Kaiterra?

Singapore-based Kaiterra specializes in indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring, focusing on actionable insights. The platform also offers hardware that reads particulate matter, Carbon dioxide, temperature, and relative humidity. With Fortune 500 companies as clients, this is a good choice for large enterprises across sectors.


  • Real-time air quality updates
  • Advanced analytics and insights
  • Integrations with building management systems

Why use Envizom by Oizom?

A well-known environmental data software, Oizom offers numerous monitoring solutions for companies in Indonesia, India, and Lagos. Envizom, its air quality monitoring software, is a favorite among large enterprises thanks to its three levels of analytics: parametric, location, and time-span comparisons. With this platform, companies can effectively lower pollution rates and comply with regulations.


  • Real-time monitoring
  • Smart alerts
  • One-click share reports

Why use Envirosuite?

A global leader in environmental management solutions, Envirosuite offers high-quality software for air quality monitoring. With its comprehensive and customizable features, this platform is the first choice for top mining, manufacturing, and transportation companies.


  • 24/7 ambient air quality monitoring
  • Operational scenarios with impact prediction
  • Incident investigation

Why use ERA Environmental?

Rated as one of the best environmental software providers, ERA Environmental hasalways had a comprehensive approach to environmental management, with advanced emissions tracking capabilities and customizable reporting functionalities. With this platform, companies can collect, analyze, and report on air quality and maintain compliance with strict government regulations.


  • Emission reporting calculations
  • Data collection and document management
  • Real-time key performance indicators

Why use ENVEA?

Backed by 45 years of experience in air quality monitoring, ENVEA provides a wide range of digital solutions, hardware, and services for industrial facilities, government agencies, and research institutions. With this platform, companies can guarantee adherence to regulations and uphold their commitment to sustainability.


  • Data acquisition, processing, and display
  • Automatic comparisons with regulatory pollutant limits
  • Advanced statistics, validation, and reporting

What is Air Quality Monitoring Software?

An air quality monitoring software is a specialized digital tool that tracks, analyzes, and manages various aspects of air quality in enclosed settings and outdoor environments. It collects data from monitoring devices such as sensors, meters, and detectors and presents it in a straightforward, easily comprehensible manner. With this software solution, users can monitor the quality of air, ensuring the health and safety of individuals within a particular space.


Monitoring air quality is a vital workflow across industries, from manufacturing factories to healthcare facilities, hence the need for an air quality monitoring software. On top of ensuring the health and comfort of occupants and the safety of products, it guarantees compliance with regulations and industry standards. Leveraging technology is a sensible approach to streamlining the processes and ascertaining accurate data gathering.

Using an air quality monitoring software also provides the following benefits:

  • Early Detection of IssuesPollutants and toxic gases can go unnoticed until they reach hazardous levels. Using a  software that can read monitoring sensor data alerts users to air quality issues in real-time, enabling prompt intervention and mitigation strategies, preventing health problems, and upholding a safe environment.
  • Aids in Data-Driven Decision-Making – By analyzing current and historical data, managers can study trends, gain actionable insights, and become more proactive in improving the work environment for their workers and customers.
  • Guarantees Regulatory Compliance – Data collected are easily converted into reports, stored for recordkeeping, and then shared with employees, customers, regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders. By driving adherence to regulations and standards, organizations can rest assured that they won’t have to spend millions on expensive fines, legal liabilities, environmental clean-ups, and reputational damage.

Key Features

Numerous environmental monitoring software includes modules that track and analyze air quality. But for those who do not require the other digital tools (e.g., water monitoring, noise tracking, biodiversity checks, etc.), a stand-alone indoor air quality software would be a more suitable alternative.

Here are some essentials to look for:

Choosing the Right Air Quality Monitoring Software

Any of the platforms described above can help users remotely access air quality data and effectively manage workflows to ascertain the health and safety of their workers and clients. Before making your final selection, take another look at the top-rated solutions in the summary below:

Air Quality Monitoring Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Aeroqual No Contact for pricing Yes
Kaiterra No Contact for pricing Yes
Envizom by Oizom No Custom quote No
Envirosuite No Contact for pricing No
ERA Environmental No $125/month Yes
ENVEA No Custom quote Yes

* billed annually

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