The 7 Best Environmental Monitoring Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

Collecting, measuring, and assessing ecological data in facilities and their surroundings is more efficient with this industry-leading inspection platform, thanks to digitization and automation. SafetyCulture’s environmental monitoring system enables companies to reduce their ecological impact, improve their sustainability policies, and ensure compliance with regulations by providing relevant teams with 24/7 visibility into their operations.


  • Monitor the workplace and other sites using sensors with threshold alarms and alerts to acquire real-time environmental data.
  • Automate data collection with the help of numerous templates and checklists from the Public Library and save historical data in secure, centralized storage.
  • Inform the management of issues as soon as they emerge to facilitate the immediate delegation of corrective and preventive actions.
  • Generate comprehensive environmental reports with media attachments that can help stakeholders interpret data, acquire insights, and identify trends.
  • Communicate with different teams via Heads Up to uphold collaboration.

Why use EHS Insight?

Businesses that want to adhere to environmental regulations and related industry standards or just want to make sure that their carbon footprint is maintained at a minimum will benefit from EHS Insight.This remote environmental monitoring system automates various processes like data capture, tracking, measurement, and analysis.


  • Sustainability management through data collection
  • Automated permit tracking with reminders
  • Integration with ISO 14001

Why use ERA EH&S?

With nearly three decades of service in the industry, ERA is an industry-defining software that was developed by dedicated environmental scientists, engineers, chemists, and research experts so that it can deliver accurate data and improved ecological monitoring and analytics to companies that need it.


  • Comprehensive ecological data collection and management
  • Reporting from a centralized dashboard
  • Compliance management system

Why use EnviroData Solutions?

This is a comprehensive EHS software that supports companies in their environmental and sustainability initiatives through modules for tracking and managing generated waste, air quality, and water consumption and condition. EnviroData also offers consulting and training that is tailored to the organization’s needs.


  • Centralized dashboard
  • EHS compliance management
  • Face-to-face training

Why use Cleartrace?

Decarbonization through accurate data collection, process automation, and robust analytics is possible through Cleartrace as it provides companies with a clear picture of their emissions and helps them achieve their goals.


  • Energy and carbon management
  • Energy supplier sales
  • Green certification

Why use Rotronic?

A brand of Process Sensing Technologies, Rotronic initially offered calibration instruments and monitoring tools that give companies ecological data in real-time, from humidity levels to air quality. More importantly, they have a remote environmental monitoring system that provides critical information that may be accessed through a centralized dashboard.


  • 24/7 real-time monitoring
  • Automated data collection and reporting
  • Threshold alarms

Why use Envirosuite?

It is difficult to improve the company’s environmental sustainability plans or act on issues that emerge when relevant ecological data collected is incomplete or inaccurate. Envirosuite, an environmental monitoring system, lets companies know when to maximize their capacity or when to slow down through automated alerts and notifications.


  • Threshold alerts for emissions
  • Dynamic and actionable insights
  • Environmental compliance management

What is Environmental Monitoring Software?

Environmental monitoring software is a digital tool specifically designed to track and analyze environmental data (e.g., air quality, water conditions, noise levels) so that private companies, research institutions, and government agencies can make informed decisions to effectively manage the ecology that is impacted by their operations.


Since the Industrial Revolution, human activities have had a negative influence on the environment. Companies, especially large ones, cause greenhouse gas emissions, waste generation, and a bevy of pollutants and should find ways to reduce their ecological footprint.

Developing effective solutions would not be possible without environmental audits through exhaustive monitoring. This task is easier accomplished with software since it enables the following:

  • Real-time data visibility – Environmental data is usually scattered across various sources, is difficult to collect, and is grueling to interpret. With the help of sensors and live data streaming, workers can monitor parameters remotely, get real-time updates, and assess their actual impact.
  • Data analysis and trend identification – Historical data, advanced analytics, and visualizations aid in understanding large volumes of environmental data. With these, companies can better anticipate risks and plan for potential issues that could emerge in the future.
  • Proactive risk management – The software’s predictive analytics and scenario simulations help businesses quickly respond to emergencies, incidents, and changing situations. Instant messaging applications also facilitate fast delegation of preventive and corrective actions.

Most of the challenges mentioned above are effectively dealt with when environmental monitoring software is used. Aside from ensuring compliance with regulations, companies can feel confident about their sustainable operations.

Key Features

While an environmental monitoring system is a very specific tool, this may also be present as a module in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) platforms. Whichever you go for, make sure it has these essentials:

Choosing the Right Environmental Monitoring Software

All the options named above will prove to be an asset to your company, especially in managing environmental issues and ascertaining sustainability. Check out the summary below before making your selection.

Environmental Monitoring Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
EHS Insight No $3,600 per year Yes
ERA EH&S No $125 per year Yes
EnviroData Solutions No Not indicated No
Cleartrace No Not indicated No
Rotronic No Not indicated Yes
Envirosuite No Contact for pricing No

* billed annually

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