Top 6 Emissions Management Software of 2024

Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture allows teams to easily track and prove their sustainability efforts through its wide array of rich features and functionalities built for operations and Environmental, Social, and  Governance (ESG) processes. You can use this platform to conduct paperless inspections and checks on different machinery, equipment, and specific tasks to ensure that emissions are kept to a minimum. It also has robust documentation features so you can keep information about your operations transparent.


  • Regularly monitor operations emissions and environmental conditions across the organization by setting up sensors and other monitoring devices.
  • Proactively benchmark your company’s general emissions using data gathering and analytics tools to help you make informed decisions
  • Maintain compliance and check workstations or facility areas for emissions through digital checklists that you can customize, standardize, and roll out across teams.
  • Keep a clear record of your emissions data by generating reports that you can use to prove compliance with different emissions laws and regulations.
  • Keep all stakeholders in the loop by sharing your reports on the cloud for easier data sharing and disseminating key information using Heads Up.

Why use ERA?

ERA is specifically designed to help organizations prove environmental compliance. This means the platform comes with a host of features you can use to track emission data, report instances of high emissions, and make informed decisions when reducing your company’s emissions.


  • Emissions Tracking and Data Validation
  • Compliance Management and Reporting Tools
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

Why use Ideagen EHS?

Ideagen EHS (formerly ProcessMAP) is a well-known EHS software that comes with various features to track and manage emissions. It provides tools for emissions tracking, reporting, environmental impact assessment, and incident management, enabling businesses to minimize their environmental footprint.


  • Regulatory Compliance Management
  • Sustainability Performance Monitoring
  • Activity and Task Management

Why use Intelex?

Intelex allows managers to focus on emissions tracking and reduction. Using this platform, organizations can effectively comply with relevant regulations while reducing their overall carbon footprint. With Intelex, you have tools for emissions reporting and analysis, enabling businesses to achieve environmental goals.


  • Emissions Factor Library
  • Climate and Carbon Data Collection
  • Audit-Friendly System

Why use Sphera?

Sphera makes it easier for organizations to comply with environmental regulations by allowing them to use it for various industries and processes for emissions management. On top of that, it offers features for streamlining data collection, enabling real-time analysis, and driving insights for better operational decisions.


  • Integrated ESG & Risk Profile
  • Environmental Impact Calculation
  • Scalability

Why use VelocityEHS?

VelocityEHS offers an emissions management solution focusing on data accuracy, compliance, and sustainability. The platform makes it easier to stay on top of all your company’s emissions. That way, you can easily make corrections when necessary and prove compliance with local emissions regulations.


  • Chemical Management
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Environmental Compliance

What is Emissions Management Software?

Emissions management software is a platform that allows organizations to manage, track, and take full control of their emissions. Using this tool, they can generate reports to prove and maintain their compliance with local regulations. On top of that, it helps businesses gauge their current carbon footprint and make informed decisions to reduce their overall environmental impact. Typically, this software also enables teams to gather other key data points to help them with their overall operations.


There are many reasons for organizations to focus on reducing carbon emissions. To start, many local governments enforce rules to keep emissions of certain industries down. To prove compliance with these regulations, organizations must collect large data sets and create comprehensive reports that show their commitment to reducing emissions. Additionally, reducing emissions also benefits the environment, which is critical considering the state of our planet.

With emissions management software, organizations will have an easier time gathering all this data and making informed decisions on their business processes. Hence, they can focus more on other critical steps they need to take in managing their emissions while leveraging the help of technological solutions.

Key Features

It’s best to choose emissions management software based on the unique needs of your organization. However, there are a few features all emissions management platforms must have, which include the following:

  • Data gathering tools
  • Report generation
  • Communication and collaboration features
  • Documentation tools
  • Recordkeeping

Choosing the Right Emissions Management Software

Any of the solutions detailed can help environmental managers, facility managers, auditors, and sustainability managers streamline crucial tasks across the organization’s sustainability efforts.

Before making your final choice, take another look at the top emissions management software in the summary below:

Emissions Management Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
ERA No Contact vendor for pricing No
Ideagen EHS No Contact vendor for pricing Yes
Intelex No Contact vendor for pricing Yes
Sphera No Contact vendor for pricing Yes
VelocityEHS No Contact vendor for pricing Yes

* billed annually

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