The Top IoT Monitoring Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

Used by thousands of companies in over 80 countries, SafetyCulture is designed primarily for conducting mobile inspection but works just as effectively as an IoT monitoring software thanks to its numerous features. With real-time tracking capabilities, asset management tools, full integration with IoT devices, and smart functionalities for collaboration, this platform enhances operational efficiency and drives workforce productivity.


  • Monitor the environment, facility, and individual equipment with sensors integrated into the platform to empower your employees to act immediately when necessary.
  • Create templates or download pre-built inspection checklists for equipment and machine maintenance from the Public Library.
  • Receive alerts and notifications and communicate with the rest of the team via Heads Up to stay on top of captured issues.
  • Automatically generate reports about data collected from sensors and leverage analytics to make data-driven decisions for improvements or changes.
  • Train personnel regarding the proper use and protection of IoT data.

Why use PRTG Network Monitor?

Paessler, a world-renowned monitoring expert, offers three monitoring tools that can be linked to any business’s IT infrastructure. PRTG Network Monitor, designed for small to mid-sized companies, is one of these products. This IoT remote monitoring system can be used to track various devices checking indoor air quality, building conditions, and agricultural processes.


  • Distributed monitoring of remote locations with real-time alerts
  • Centralized dashboard with custom maps
  • Customizable reporting

Why use Domotz?

This cloud-based monitoring platform has the capability of surveilling security cameras and other network devices compatible with ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) standards. With thousands of integrations available, Domotz can be used to monitor assets that you already have.


  • Full visibility and constant monitoring
  • Inventory and asset management
  • Automatic security scans

Why use ThingSpeak?

This cloud-based IoT analytics platform allows companies to collect, organize, and analyze critical data about their operations so they can resolve any issues in real time. Its most common applications are environmental monitoring, energy management, and smart farming. Licenses are available for commercial, government, academic, and even home use.


  • Data collection and sharing
  • Time control, alerts, and command queuing
  • MATLAB® analytics

Why use Ubidots?

Industrial businesses favor Ubidots IoT monitoring software to ensure that their facilities, warehouses, and work spaces are within the optimal parameters they have set. The app’s intuitive framework and functional tools drive operational efficiency, profits, and customer satisfaction.


  • Data management and visualization
  • Data transformation with analytics
  • Third-party integrations

Why use Bosch IoT Suite?

A leading global supplier of technological services, Bosch is now offering a comprehensive IoT suite that helps companies manage their IoT devices, monitor and collect the data from those gadgets, and analyze the information to further business growth. This platform has proven helpful in agriculture, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, and numerous other industries.


  • Cloud-to-device communication
  • Device inventory and management
  • User interface

Why use Losant?

Make the most of your IoT devices with Losant, a comprehensive platform that connects the data gathered to the company’s current system, making it understandable and useable so managers can take the necessary action. The software enables businesses to create specific solutions to suit their needs, and then scale it up or down when required.


  • Equipment and environment monitoring
  • Asset tracking with condition-based maintenance
  • Integration with ESG solutions

Why use AWS IoT Core?

One of tech giant Amazon’s products, AWS (Amazon Web Services) IoT Core helps businesses across industries collect, store, manage, and analyze data derived from various IoT devices. It also has a functionality that monitors the gadget’s health, allowing remote reboots and factory resets.


  • Predictive quality monitoring
  • Complete device registry
  • Device tracking

Why use Azure IoT Hub?

Created by another dominant player in the IT world, Azure IoT Hub by Microsoft is a cloud-based platform that allows companies to manage data gathered from IoT devices. This is fully integrated with the Azure Event Grid, making it a comprehensive solution for massive operations.


  • Enhanced security channels
  • Update deployments
  • Full integration with Azure Event Grid

What is IoT Monitoring Software?

Internet of Things or IoT monitoring software is a digital system linked to IoT devices for collecting and analyzing data, monitoring the infrastructure efficiently, and assisting in workforce supervision, asset management, and resource utilization. Leveraged by companies across industries, this provides managers with salient information for making data-driven decisions and automates various processes that improve their overall operations.


Investing in IoT and integrating related software into your system is the right business decision for numerous reasons.

Tools like real-time data monitoring, anomaly detection, and asset tracking help managers have comprehensive visibility into their daily operations. Built-in analytics provide them with accurate information that drives proactive decisions and immediate action. IoT monitoring software enhances security, improves risk mitigation, and strengthens collaboration among team members.

Ultimately, IoT monitoring software is an advantage to companies, revolutionizing the way people work, ascertaining that they provide the best product and service to their clients, and ensuring that they are in pace with the continuously evolving business landscape.

Key Features

The IoT monitoring system is task and device-specific. IoT gadgets like security cameras, locks, and appliances already come pre-programmed, ready to be linked to your infrastructure. Some platforms, like the ones enumerated in the list above, offer more features that streamline your work processes.

Choosing the Right IoT Monitoring Software

Take another look at the ten best IoT monitoring software below before picking the one most suited to your company’s needs:

IoT Monitoring Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
PRTG Network Monitor No $1,899 one-time license fee Yes
Domotz No €23 (≈$25) /month/site Yes
ThingSpeak Yes $79/year No
Ubidots No $49/month Yes**
Bosch IoT Suite Yes Custom quote Yes
Losant No Custom quote No
AWS IoT Core Yes Custom quote No
Azure IoT Hub Yes $10/IoT hub unit/month No
Cloud IoT Core Yes Custom quote Yes

* billed annually
** Android users only (for admin use)

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