Top 10 NDIS Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

An award-winning mobile-first platform, SafetyCulture is lauded by many caregivers, health case managers, and support workers as one of the best NDIS software today. It has revolutionized health checks, progress monitoring, risk assessment, and compliance tracking by offering workflow automation and digitized forms. On top of that, these can be accomplished even when users are in remote locations, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery. Best of all, it also safeguards caregivers, case managers, and support coordinators, empowering them to deliver a high standard of care.


  • Enhance worker safety, especially when working alone, by enabling them to check in with their supervisors, send real-time alerts in case of emergencies, and access safety resources.
  • Coordinate tasks among team members by setting up schedules ahead of time and dispatching caregivers to participants according to individualized plans.
  • Increase collaboration by providing a communication platform where primary healthcare workers, case managers, and support coordinators can disseminate vital information, share updates, and seek assistance.
  • Facilitate real-time data collection, add photos and videos to provide the full context of events, and make data-driven decisions and necessary improvements with the help of built-in analytics.
  • Equip workers with knowledge and skills, allowing them to provide the needs of their clients more effectively.

Why use Flowlogic Lite?

Created by Datanova, Flowlogic Lite is an NDIS software for providers, specifically designed to assist them in managing NDIS participant information, care delivery, communication, funding, and compliance requirements. It has won the Australian Enterprise Awards for three straight years, making this one of the best digital solutions for NDIS.


  • Client Case, Goals, and Outcomes Tracking
  • Integrated Finance and Payroll APIs
  • Funds and Expense Tracking

Why use HPA PLUS?

Established in 1992, HPA PLUS has been helping caregivers provide a high standard of care for disabled Australians. With its comprehensive features, facilities and support services can effectively streamline processes and save time and money on repetitive administrative tasks, enabling them to focus on their clients.


  • Client and Staff Management
  • Employee KPI Tracking
  • Security and Compliance

Why use ShiftCare?

Founded in 2015, ShiftCare is an Australia-based software provider specializing in healthcare management for different kinds and sizes of facilities. Their NDIS software is tailored to help case managers and support coordinators accomplish routine tasks, such as shift management, client data organization, and billing, so they all align with the regulations.


  • Care Management
  • Team Rostering and Scheduler
  • ShiftCare App (Support On-the-Go)

Why use iinsight?

Internationally known as a high-quality case management software for allied health services, iinsight helps facilities and caregivers work smarter so they can provide the care their clients deserve. On top of being an easy-to-use NDIS software, it ensures compliance with various standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 27001, PIPEDA, HIPAA, and GDPR.


  • Auto-Populate Data Templates
  • Automated Workflows
  • Appointment Setting and SMS Notifications

Why use SupportAbility?

Specifically designed for managing NDIS participants and cases, SupportAbility is a good option for support and care coordinators who want to address the specific needs of their clients, streamline finance-related tasks, and generate compliance reports. Facilities managing teams can also ensure their workers’ safety, thanks to numerous mobile functionalities.


  • Goal and Outcome Tracking
  • Staff Mobile Check-In and Out
  • NDIS Payment Requests

Why use Brevity Care Software?

This NDIS support coordination software has been offering tailored management services to numerous caregivers all over Australia since 2011. With Brevity Care, facilities, and their staff can effectively empower their staff to deliver the best service, build better relationships with NDIS participants, and allocate resources in their operations.


  • Client Record Management
  • Funds Tracking and Reporting
  • Staff Communication with Proactive Alerts

Why use Caretaskr?

Made specifically for small to medium-sized care facilities and teams, Caretaskr supports allied healthcare providers with its comprehensive feature lists, customizable functionalities, and intuitive interface. With this software solution, caregivers and support coordinators can create better connections with their clients and serve them better based on NDIS standards.


  • Client Management Module with Care Plans
  • Appointment and Shift Scheduling
  • Invoicing and Finance Management

Why use Foxtrot?

With positive reviews from its current clients, Foxtrot by Stepsoft ensures that care providers are well-equipped to handle the daily processes when working with NDIS participants. With this platform, facilities and teams can streamline organizational workflows, maximize revenues while reducing costs, and increase the quality of care they deliver.


  • Participant Information with Support and File Notes
  • Financial Management
  • Supported Accommodations

Why use Vertex 360?

A care management platform for healthcare facilities, case managers, and support coordinators, Vertex 360 offers highly specialized NDIS software that helps service providers of persons with disabilities fulfill their responsibilities efficiently. With its full-featured suite, NDIS participants experience an outstanding standard of care and focus on getting better.


  • Human Resource Management with Rostering
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Data Security with Legal Protection

What is NDIS Software?

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) software is a digital solution designed to support an Australian government initiative that provides support and services to people with disabilities. This software for NDIS aids organizations involved in providing disability support services, facilitating the management of participant information, service delivery, funding, reporting, and compliance.


Managing healthcare facilities that cater specifically to disabled individuals is a challenge. Accomplishing that while complying with NDIS standards makes the endeavor even more formidable. NDIS provider software can help considerably, ensuring patients get the care they need.

  • Centralized Information Management – The platform provides a centralized database for storing and accessing the records of participants. It eliminates the need for manual record-keeping, reducing the risk of errors and data security issues.
  • Efficient Service Planning and Delivery – Developing and implementing an individualized care plan is necessary since there are several kinds of disabilities (e.g., visual impediments, hard of hearing, speech difficulties, mental health conditions, etc.) With digitization, case managers can customize workflows according to the specific needs of the NDIS participant.
  • Comprehensive Reporting CapabilitiesReport generation is crucial as it provides insights into the progress of care, incidents, quality of service, and overall organizational performance. By streamlining the process, caregivers can focus on their patients because another administrative burden is lifted.
  • Automated Funding Tracking – Although NDIS does not finance facilities directly and provides the grant to the participants instead, service providers still need to track the funds to utilize the budget appropriately. Thanks to the software, the caregiver and the beneficiary can ensure financial accountability.
  • Enhanced Compliance Management – Because this is a government initiative, service providers should be able to show that they are adhering to relevant regulations (e.g., creation of fire safety plans, fall prevention programs, and emergency procedures). NDIS software guarantees compliance with its built-in compliance checks, alerts, and reminders.

Key Features

Although a comprehensive healthcare solution has numerous functionalities that can help streamline workflows, NDIS software solutions have very particular features. Unfortunately, many of those may not be found in an integrated platform. Here are what to look for:

  • Checklists for Daily Workflows
  • Document Management
  • Service Planning and Delivery
  • Participant Management
  • Funding Allocation and Tracking
  • Goal Tracking and Progress Monitoring
  • Support Coordination Tools
  • Communication Tools (Messaging, Notifications)
  • NDIS Pricing Calculator
  • Compliance Management
  • Audit Trail and Version Control
  • Data Security with Role-based Access Control
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Integrations (e.g., NDIS Portal, HR Systems, Payment Gateways, etc.)
  • Mobile Accessibility with Offline Capabilities

Choosing the Right NDIS Software

Disability service providers, support coordinators, case managers, disability support workers, and caregivers can greatly benefit from any of the options discussed above. Before making your final pick, take another look at the top 10 NDIS software in this chart:

NDIS Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Flowlogic No Contact for pricing Yes
HPA PLUS No $100/month* Yes
ShiftCare No $8/staff/month* Yes
iinsight No $59.99/user/month Yes
SupportAbility No Contact for pricing Yes
Brevity Care No $4.49/client/month Yes
Caretaskr Yes Contact for pricing Yes
Foxtrot No $129/month Yes
Vertex 360 No Contact for pricing Yes

* billed annually

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